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List of lost United States submarines
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List of lost United States submarines

These United States submarines were lost either to enemy action or to "storm or perils of the sea."

See also the list of submarines of the United States Navy.

Table of contents
1 Before World War II
2 During World War II
3 After World War II

Before World War II

During World War II

Fifty-two submarines of the United States Navy were lost during World War II. Two of them -- Dorado (SS-248) and Seawolf (SS-197) -- were lost to friendly fire. Some 16,000 submariners served during the war, of whom 375 officers and 3131 enlisted men were killed, which is the lowest casualty rate of any combatant submarine service involved in the war.

The Submarine Veterans of World War II suggested that each of the fifty states of the United States "adopt" one submarine, except California and New York, which should adopt two.

By Name

By State

After World War II