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List of lögsögumenn
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List of lögsögumenn

The lögsögumaður (pl. lögsögumenn, Old Norse lǫgsǫgumaðr, -menn) was the sole government official of the mediaeval Icelandic Republic. He was elected for a term of three years and was supposed to declaim the law at Alþingi;, a third of it each summer. In fact, Grímur Svertingsson's term was cut short, not because of incompetence or illness, but because his voice was too weak for the job. Apart from his function as a lawsayer and chairman of the court, the lögsögumaður had no formal power, but he would often be appointed as an arbitrator in the frequently arising disputes. The office lingered on for a few years in the transitional period after 1262, after which it was replaced with a lögmaður. The traditional date for the founding of Alþingi is 930 with Úlfljótur appearing as a founding figure and the original author of the laws. Scholars are understandably suspicious of the fact, that his first two successors have been assigned a period in office of exactly 20 summers each, but from Þorkell máni on, the chronology is probably correct. Names are given in their modern Icelandic form.

LögsögumaðurTerm in office
Úlfljóturca. 930
Hrafn Hængsson930-949
Þórarinn Ragabróðir Óleifsson950-969
Þorkell máni Þorsteinsson970-984
Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði Þorkelsson985-1001
Grímur Svertingsson1002-1003
Skafti Þóroddsson1004-1030
Steinn Þorgestsson1031-1033
Þorkell Tjörvason1043-1053
Gellir Bölverksson1054-1062
Gunnar hinn spaki Þorgrímsson1063-1065
Kolbeinn Flosason1066-1071
Gellir Bölverksson1072-1074
Gunnar hinn spaki Þorgrímsson1075
Sighvatur Surtsson1076-1083
Markús Skeggjason1084-1107
Úlfhéðinn Gunnarsson1108-1116
Bergþór Hrafnsson1117-1122
Guðmundur Þorgeirsson1123-1124
Hrafn Úlfhéðinsson1135-1138
Finnur Hallsson1139-1145
Gunnar Úlfhéðinsson1146-1155
Snorri Húnbogason1156-1170
Styrkár Oddason1171-1180
Gissur Hallsson1181-1202
Hallur Gissurarson1203-1209
Styrmir hinn fróði Kárason1210-1214
Snorri Sturluson1215-1218
Teitur Þorvaldsson1219-1221
Snorri Sturluson1222-1231
Styrmir hinn fróði Kárason1232-1235
Teitur Þorvaldsson1236-1247
Ólafur hvítaskáld Þórðarson1248-1250
Sturla Þórðarson1251
Ólafur hvítaskáld Þórðarson1252
Teitur Einarsson1253-1258
Ketill Þorláksson1259-1262
Þorleifur hreimur Ketilsson1263-1265
Sigurður Þorvaldsson1266
Jón Einarsson1267
Þorleifur hreimur Ketilsson1268
Jón Einarsson1269-1270
Þorleifur hreimur Ketilsson1271