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List of Lisbon metro stations
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List of Lisbon metro stations

This is a list of the stations of the metro system in Lisbon, Portugal (see Lisbon metro).

The stations are named after near places or streets. Links are provided when the name refers to some Wikipedia-worthy concept.

Table of contents
1 Blue Line
2 Yellow Line
3 Green Line
4 Red Line

Blue Line

Amadora Este - Baixa/Chiado, listed NW-SE

Yellow Line

Odivelas - Rato, listed N-S

Green Line

Telheiras - Cais do Sodré, listed N-S

Red Line

Alameda - Oriente, listed W-E

In the official site references can be found to the extensions of the system:

* Extensions under construction (2004): Baixa/Chiado - Terreiro do Paço - Santa Apolónia (2005?), on the blue line; São Sebastião; - Saldanha - Alameda (2006) on the red line.

* Projects are under study for extending the yellow line: Rato - Estrela - Infante Santo - Alcântara; the green line: Telheiras - Horta Nova - Pontinha; and the red line: Oriente - Moscavide - Encarnação - Aeroporto and Moscavide - Portela - Sacavém on the eastern Y-shaped branch, while expanding in the west side to ''São Sebastião; - Campolide - Amoreiras - Campo de Ourique.