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List of Life Peerages
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List of Life Peerages

This is a list of Life Peerages in the Peerage of the United Kingdom created under the Life Peerages Act 1958.

Date of CreationTitleTerritorial QualificationNameDate of Extinction (if applicable)
1 August 1958Baron Fraser of Lonsdaleof Regent's Park in the County of LondonWilliam Jocelyn Ian Fraser19 December 1974
2 August 1958Baron Stonhamof Earl Stonham in the County of SuffolkVictor John Collins22 December 1971
4 August 1958Baron Geddes of Epsomof Epsom in the County of SurreyCharles John Geddes2 May 1983
5 August 1958Baron Stopford of Fallowfieldof Hindley Green in the County Palatine of LancasterJohn Sebastian Bach Stopford6 March 1961
6 August 1958Baron Granville-Westof Pontypool in the County of MonmouthDaniel Granville West23 September 1984
7 August 1958Baron Taylorof Harlow in the County of EssexStephen James Lake Taylor1 February 1988
8 August 1958Baroness Wootton of Abingerof Abinger Common in the County of SurreyBarbara Frances Wright11 July 1988
11 August 1958Baron Shackletonof Burley in the County of SouthamptonEdward Arthur Alexander Shackleton22 September 1994
18 August 1958Baron Twiningof Tanganyika and of Godalming in the County of SurreyEdward Francis Twining21 July 1967
22 August 1958Baron Boothbyof Buchan and Rattray Head in the County of AberdeenRobert John Graham Boothby16 July 1986
22 September 1958Baroness Swanboroughof Swanborough in the County of SussexStella Isaacs, Marchioness of Reading22 May 1971
24 September 1958Baron Ferrierof Culter in the County of LanarkVictor Ferrier Noel-Paton4 June 1992
26 September 1958Baroness Elliot of Harwoodof Rulewater in the County of RoxburghKatharine Elliot3 January 1994
30 September 1958Baron Parker of Waddingtonof Lincoln's Inn in the Borough of HolbornHubert Lister Parker15 September 1972
6 October 1958Baroness Ravensdale of Kedlestonof Kedleston in the County of DerbyMary Irene Curzon, 2nd Baroness Ravensdale9 February 1966
14 February 1959Baron Shawcrossof Friston in the County of SussexWilliam Hartley Shawcross10 July 2003
17 February 1959Baron Plowdenof Plowden in the County of SalopEdwin Noel Plowden15 February 2001
19 February 1959Baron James of Rusholmeof Fallowfield in the County Palatine of LancasterEric John Francis James16 May 1992
16 June 1959Baron Robbinsof Clare Market in the City of WestminsterLionel Charles Robbins15 May 1984
2 November 1959Baron Morrison of Lambethof Lambeth in the County of LondonHerbert Stanley Morrison6 March 1965
3 November 1959Baron Craigtonof Renfield in the County of the City of GlasgowJack Nixon Browne28 July 1993
16 December 1959Baroness Horsbrughof Horsbrugh in the County of PeeblesFlorence Gertrude Horsbrugh6 December 1969
28 January 1960Baron Daltonof Forest and Frith in the County Palatine of DurhamEdward Hugh John Neale Dalton13 February 1962
30 January 1960Baron Bossomof Maidstone in the County of KentAlfred Charles Bossom4 September 1965
16 May 1960Baron Caseyof Berwick in the State of Victoria and Commonwealth of Australia and of the City of WestminsterRichard Gardiner Casey17 June 1976
2 February 1961Baron Williams of Barnburghof Barnburgh in the West Riding of the County of YorkThomas Williams29 March 1967
4 February 1961Baroness Summerskillof Ken Wood in the County of LondonEdith Clara Summerskill4 February 1980
7 February 1961Baron Hughesof Hawkhill in the County of the City of DundeeWilliam Hughes31 December 1999
8 February 1961Baron Peddieof the City and County of Kingston upon HullJames Mortimer Peddie13 April 1978
9 February 1961Baron Lindgrenof Welwyn Garden City in the County of HertfordGeorge Samuel Lindgren8 September 1971
10 February 1961Baron Walstonof Newton in the County of CambridgeHenry David Leonard George Walston29 May 1991
16 February 1961Baron Alportof Colchester in the County of EssexCuthbert James McCall Alport28 October 1998
21 February 1961Baron Molsonof High Peak in the County of DerbyArthur Hugh Elsdale Molson13 October 1991
2 June 1961Baron Fisher of Lambethof Lambeth in the County of LondonGeoffrey Francis Fisher15 September 1972
28 June 1961Baron Robens of Woldinghamof Woldingham in the County of SurreyAlfred Robens27 June 1999
11 July 1961Baron Coutancheof Saint Brelade in the Island of JerseyAlexander Moncrieff Coutanche18 December 1973
12 April 1962Baroness Burton of Coventryof Coventry in the County of WarwickElaine Frances Burton6 October 1991
13 April 1962Baron Francis-Williamsof Abinger in the County of SurreyEdward Francis Williams5 June 1970
16 April 1962Baron Toddof Trumpington in the County of CambridgeAlexander Robertus Todd10 January 1997
3 May 1962Baron Sainsburyof Drury Lane in the Borough of HolbornAlan John Sainsbury21 October 1998
10 May 1962Baron Franksof Headington in the County of OxfordOliver Shewell Franks15 October 1992
11 May 1962Baron Championof Pontypridd in the County of GlamorganArthur Joseph Champion2 March 1985
14 May 1962Baron Ilfordof Bury in the County Palatine of LancasterGeoffrey Clegg Hutchinson20 August 1974
15 May 1962Baron Williamsonof Eccleston in the Borough of Saint HelensThomas Williamson27 February 1983
31 January 1963Baron Chelmerof Margaretting in the County of EssexEric Cyril Boyd Edwards3 March 1997
13 June 1963Baron Hill of Lutonof Harpenden in the County of HertfordCharles Hill22 August 1989
9 July 1963Baron Balernoof Currie in the County of MidlothianAlick Drummond Buchanan-Smith28 July 1984
13 January 1964Baroness Northchurchof Chiswick in the County of MiddlesexFrances Joan Davidson, Viscountess Davidson25 November 1985
15 January 1964Baron Gardinerof Kittisford in the County of SomersetGerald Austin Gardiner7 January 1990
16 January 1964Baron Llewelyn-Daviesof Hastoe in the County of HertfordRichard Llewelyn-Davies27 October 1981
18 January 1964Baron Bowdenof Chesterfield in the County of DerbyBertram Vivian Bowden31 July 1989
20 January 1964Baron Hobsonof Brent in the County of MiddlesexCharles Rider Hobson17 February 1966
21 January 1964Baron Willisof Chislehurst in the County of KentEdward Henry Willis22 December 1992
22 January 1964Baron Tangleyof Blackheath in the County of SurreyEdwin Savory Herbert5 June 1973
23 January 1964Baroness Gaitskellof Egremont in the County of CumberlandAnna Dora Gaitskell1 July 1989
20 April 1964Baron Runcornof Heswall in the County Palatine of ChesterDennis Forwood Vosper20 January 1968
21 August 1964Baron Oakshottof Bebington in the County Palatine of ChesterHendrie Dudley Oakshott1 February 1975
22 August 1964Baron Bourneof Atherstone in the County of WarwickGeoffrey Kemp Bourne26 June 1982
24 August 1964Baron Hurdof Newbury in the Royal County of BerksAnthony Richard Hurd12 February 1966
25 August 1964Baron Royleof Pendleton in the City of SalfordCharles Royle30 September 1975
14 September 1964Baron Rhodesof Saddleworth in the West Riding of the County of YorkHervey Rhodes11 September 1987
17 September 1964Baron Murray of Newhavenof Newhaven in the County of the City of EdinburghKeith Anderson Hope Murray10 October 1993
5 October 1964Baron Mitchisonof Carradale in the County of ArgyllGilbert Richard Mitchison14 February 1970
27 October 1964Baron Caradonof St Cleer in the County of CornwallHugh Mackintosh Foot5 September 1990
29 October 1964Baron Snowof the City of LeicesterCharles Percy Snow1 July 1980
11 November 1964Baron Chalfontof Llantarnam in the County of MonmouthArthur Gwynne Jones 
7 December 1964Baroness Brooke of Ystradfellteof Ystradfellte in the County of BrecknockBarbara Muriel Brooke1 September 2000
8 December 1964Baroness Emmet of Amberleyof Amberley in the County of SussexEvelyn Violet Elizabeth Emmet10 October 1980
12 December 1964Baron Bowlesof Nuneaton in the County of WarwickFrancis George Bowles29 December 1970
14 December 1964Baron Collisonof Cheshunt in the County of HertfordHarold Francis Collison29 December 1995
15 December 1964Baron Sorensenof Leyton in the County of EssexReginald William Sorensen8 October 1971
16 December 1964 (a.m.)Baron Leatherlandof Dunton in the County of EssexCharles Edward Leatherland18 December 1992
16 December 1964 (p.m.)Baron Blytonof South Shields in the County of DurhamWilliam Reid Blyton25 October 1987
17 December 1964 (a.m.)Baron Brockwayof Eton and of Slough in the County of BuckinghamArchibald Fenner Brockway28 April 1988
17 December 1964 (p.m.)Baron Wynne-Jonesof Abergele in the County of DenbighWilliam Francis Kenrick Wynne-Jones8 November 1982
18 December 1964 (a.m.)Baron Beswickof Hucknall in the County of NottinghamFrank Beswick17 August 1987
18 December 1964 (p.m.)Baron Segalof Wytham in the Royal County of BerksSamuel Segal4 June 1985
21 December 1964 (a.m.)Baroness Phillipsof Fulham in the County of LondonNorah Phillips14 August 1992
21 December 1964 (p.m.)Baroness Asquith of Yarnburyof Yarnbury in the County of WiltsHelen Violet Bonham Carter19 February 1969
22 December 1964 (a.m.)Baron Brownof Machrihanish in the County of ArgyllWilfred Banks Duncan Brown17 March 1985
22 December 1964 (p.m.)Baron Byersof Lingfield in the County of SurreyCharles Frank Byers6 February 1984
28 December 1964Baron Wadeof Huddersfield in the West Riding of the County of YorkDonald William Wade6 November 1988
29 December 1964Baron Arwynof Glais in the County of GlamorganArwyn Randall Davies23 February 1978
1 January 1965 (p.m.)Baron Chuter-Edeof Epsom in the County of SurreyJames Chuter Ede11 November 1965
28 January 1965Baron Hinton of Banksideof Dulwich in the County of LondonChristopher Hinton22 June 1983
29 January 1965Baron Holfordof Kemp Town in the County of SussexWilliam Graham Holford17 October 1975
4 February 1965Baron Floreyof Adelaide in the Commonwealth of Australia and of Marston in the County of OxfordHoward Walter Florey21 February 1968
19 February 1965Baron Butler of Saffron Waldenof Halstead in the County of EssexRichard Austen Butler8 March 1982
24 March 1965Baron Coleof Blackfriars in the County of LondonGeorge James Cole29 November 1979
10 May 1965 (a.m.)Baroness Plummerof Toppesfield in the County of EssexBeatrice Plummer13 June 1972
10 May 1965 (p.m.)Baron Wells-Pestellof Combs in the County of SuffolkReginald Alfred Wells-Pestell17 January 1991
11 May 1965 (a.m.)Baron Cacciaof Abernant in the County of BrecknockHarold Anthony Caccia31 October 1990
11 May 1965 (p.m.)Baron Hilton of Uptonof Swaffham in the County of NorfolkAlbert Victor Hilton3 May 1977
12 May 1965 (a.m.)Baron Soperof Kingsway in the London Borough of CamdenDonald Oliver Soper22 December 1998
12 May 1965 (p.m.)Baron Simeyof Toxteth in the County Palatine of LancasterThomas Spensley Simey27 December 1969
13 May 1965 (a.m.)Baron Haire of Whiteabbeyof Newtown Abbey in the County of AntrimJohn Edwin Haire7 October 1966
13 May 1965 (p.m.)Baron Cohen of Brightonof Brighton in the County of SussexLewis Coleman Cohen21 October 1966
14 May 1965 (a.m.)Baron Winterbottomof Clopton in the County of NorthamptonIan Winterbottom4 July 1992
14 May 1965 (p.m.)Baron Lloyd of Hampsteadof Hampstead in the London Borough of CamdenDennis Lloyd31 December 1992
17 May 1965Baroness Spencer-Churchillof Chartwell in the County of KentClementine Ogilvy Spencer-Churchill12 December 1977
22 June 1965Baron Kings Nortonof Wotton Underwood in the County of BuckinghamHarold Roxbee Cox21 December 1997
5 July 1965Baron Brockof Wimbledon in the London Borough of MertonRussell Claude Brock3 September 1980
6 July 1965Baron Kahnof Hampstead in the London Borough of CamdenRichard Ferdinand Kahn6 June 1989
7 July 1965Baron Beechingof East Grinstead in the County of SussexRichard Beeching23 March 1985
16 July 1965Baron Annanof the Royal Burgh of Annan in the County of DumfriesNoel Gilroy Annan21 February 2000
20 July 1965Baron Goodmanof the City of WestminsterArnold Abraham Goodman12 May 1995
7 December 1965Baroness Hylton-Fosterof the City of WestminsterAudrey Pellew Hylton-Foster31 October 2002
14 January 1966Baron Campbell of Eskanof Camis Eskan in the County of DumbartonJohn Middleton Campbell26 December 1994
15 January 1966Baron King-Hallof Headley in the County of SouthamptonWilliam Stephen Richard King-Hall2 June 1966
17 January 1966Baroness Stocksof the Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaMary Danvers Stocks6 July 1975
18 January 1966Baron Sieffof Brimpton in the Royal County of BerksIsrael Moses Sieff14 February 1972
19 January 1966Baron Fultonof Falmer in the County of SussexJohn Scott Fulton14 March 1986
27 May 1966Baron Rowleyof Rowley Regis in the County of StaffordArthur Henderson28 August 1968
31 May 1966Baron Nugent of Guildfordof Dunsfold in the County of SurreyGeorge Richard Hodges Nugent16 March 1994
1 June 1966Baron Taylor of Mansfieldof Mansfield in the County of NottinghamHarry Bernard Taylor11 April 1991
2 June 1966Baron Kilmanyof Kilmany in the County of FifeWilliam John St. Clair Anstruther-Gray6 August 1985
6 June 1966Baron Popplewellof Sherburn-in-Elmet in the West Riding of the County of YorkErnest Popplewell11 August 1977
7 June 1966Baron Stow Hillof Newport in the County of MonmouthFrank Soskice1 January 1979
9 June 1966Baron Pargiterof Southall in the London Borough of EalingGeorge Albert Pargiter16 January 1982
10 June 1966Baron Redmayneof Rushcliffe in the County of NottinghamMartin Redmayne28 April 1983
13 June 1966Baron Maelorof Rhosllanerchrugog in the County of DenbighThomas William Jones18 November 1984
15 June 1966Baron Monslowof Barrow-in-Furness in the County Palatine of LancasterWalter Monslow12 October 1966
16 June 1966Baron Bucktonof Settrington in the East Riding of the County of YorkSamuel Storey17 January 1978
23 June 1966Baron Moyleof Llanidloes in the County of MontgomeryArthur Moyle23 December 1974
24 June 1966Baron McFadzeanof Woldingham in the County of SurreyWilliam Hunter McFadzean14 January 1996
4 July 1966Baron Huntof Llanvair Waterdine in the County of SalopHenry Cecil John Hunt8 November 1998
5 July 1966Baron Ritchie-Calderof Balmashannar in the Royal Burgh of ForfarPeter Ritchie Calder31 January 1982
11 July 1966Baron Cooper of Stockton Heathof Stockton Heath in the County Palatine of ChesterJohn Cooper2 September 1988
20 July 1966Baron Brooke of Cumnorof Cumnor in the Royal County of BerksHenry Brooke29 March 1984
19 September 1966Baroness Sharpof Hornsey in Greater LondonEvelyn Adelaide Sharp1 September 1985
16 January 1967Baron Plattof Grindleford in the County of DerbyRobert Platt30 June 1978
17 January 1967Baron Morris of Grasmereof Grasmere in the County of WestmorlandCharles Richard Morris30 May 1990
18 January 1967Baron Woolleyof Hatton in the County Palatine of ChesterHarold Woolley31 July 1986
19 January 1967Baron Jackson of Burnleyof Burnley in the County Palatine of LancasterWillis Jackson17 February 1970
20 January 1967Baroness Serotaof Hampstead in Greater LondonBeatrice Serota21 October 2002
6 February 1967Baron MacLeod of Fuinaryof Fuinary in Morven in the County of ArgyllGeorge Fielden MacLeod27 June 1991
6 July 1967Baron Redcliffe-Maudof the City and County of BristolJohn Primatt Redcliffe Redcliffe-Maud20 November 1982
7 July 1967Baron Penneyof East Hendred in the Royal County of BerksWilliam George Penney3 March 1991
10 July 1967Baron Heycockof Taibach in the Borough of Port TalbotLlewellyn Heycock13 March 1990
11 July 1967Baron Carronof the City and County of Kingston upon HullWilliam John Carron3 December 1969
25 August 1967Baron Evans of Hungershallof the Borough of Royal Tunbridge WellsBenjamin Ifor Evans28 August 1982
26 August 1967Baron Maisof Walbrook in the City of LondonAlan Raymond Mais28 November 1993
29 August 1967Baroness Llewelyn-Davies of Hastoeof Hastoe in the County of HertfordAnnie Patricia Llewelyn-Davies6 November 1997
30 August 1967Baron Hirshfieldof Holborn in Greater LondonDesmond Barel Hirshfield6 December 1993
11 September 1967Baron McLeavyof the City of BradfordFrank McLeavy1 October 1976
12 September 1967Baron Granville of Eyeof Eye in the County of SuffolkEdgar Louis Granville14 February 1998
14 September 1967Baron Taysideof Queens Well in the Royal Burgh of Forfar and County of AngusDavid Lauchlan Urquhart12 March 1975
15 September 1967Baroness Birkof Regent's Park in Greater LondonAlma Birk29 December 1996
18 September 1967Baron Fiskeof Brent in Greater LondonWilliam Geoffrey Fiske13 January 1975
19 September 1967Baron Garnsworthyof Reigate in the County of SurreyCharles James Garnsworthy5 September 1974
20 September 1967Baron Aylestoneof Aylestone in the City of LeicesterHerbert William Bowden30 April 1994
21 September 1967Baron Hill of Wivenhoeof Wivenhoe in the County of EssexEdward James Hill14 December 1969
22 September 1967Baron Douglassof Cleveland of Cleveland in the County of YorkHarry Douglass5 April 1978
13 October 1967Baron Delacourt-Smithof New Windsor in the Royal County of BerksCharles George Percy Smith2 August 1972
20 November 1967Baron Donaldson of Kingsbridgeof Kingsbridge in the County of BuckinghamJohn George Stuart Donaldson8 March 1998
27 November 1967Baron Wiggof the Borough of DudleyGeorge Edward Cecil Wigg11 August 1983
29 November 1967Baron Footof Buckland Monachorum in the County of DevonJohn Mackintosh Foot11 October 1999
4 December 1967Baron Thorneycroftof Dunston in the County of StaffordGeorge Edward Peter Thorneycroft4 June 1994
5 December 1967Baron Bannerman of Kildonanof Kildonan in the County of SutherlandJohn MacDonald Bannerman10 May 1969
6 December 1967Baron Beaumont of Whitleyof Child's Hill in Greater LondonTimothy Wentworth Beaumont 
18 January 1968Baron Pilkingtonof St Helens in the County Palatine of LancasterWilliam Henry Pilkington22 December 1983
19 January 1968Baron Hartwellof Peterborough Court in the City of LondonWilliam Michael Berry3 April 2001
22 January 1968Baron Wright of Ashton under Lyneof Ashton under Lyne in the County Palatine of LancasterLewis Tatham Wright15 September 1974
29 January 1968Baron Taylor of Gryfeof BridgeThomas Johnston Taylor13 July 2001
12 February 1968Baron Trevelyanof Saint Veep in the County of CornwallHumphrey Trevelyan8 February 1985
21 May 1968Baron Helsbyof Logmore in the County of SurreyLaurence Norman Helsby5 December 1978
20 June 1968Baron Baloghof Hampstead in Greater LondonThomas Balogh20 January 1985
21 June 1968Baron Blackof Barrow in Furness in the County Palatine of LancasterWilliam Rushton Black27 December 1984
28 June 1968Baron Crowtherof Headingley in the West Riding of the County of YorkGeoffrey Crowther5 February 1972
10 July 1968Baron Energlynof Caerphilly in the County of GlamorganWilliam David Evans27 June 1985
11 July 1968Baron Jacquesof Portsea Island in the County of SouthamptonJohn Henry Jacques20 December 1995
17 September 1968Baron Grey of Nauntonof Naunton in the County of GloucesterRalph Francis Alnwick Grey17 October 1999
9 January 1969Baron Stokesof Leyland in the County Palatine of LancasterDonald Gresham Stokes 
27 January 1969Baron Blackettof Chelsea in Greater LondonPatrick Maynard Stuart Blackett13 July 1974
21 February 1969Baron Garnerof Chiddingly in the County of SussexJoseph John Saville Garner10 December 1983
3 March 1969Baron Wilson of Langsideof Broughton in the County and City of EdinburghHenry Stephen Wilson23 November 1997
24 March 1969Baron Constantineof Maraval in Trinidad and Tobago and of Nelson in the County Palatine of LancasterLearie Nicholas Constantine1 July 1971
2 July 1969Baron Gore-Boothof Maltby in the West Riding of the County of YorkPaul Henry Gore-Booth29 June 1984
3 July 1969Baron Bernsteinof Leigh in the County of KentSidney Lewis Bernstein5 February 1993
24 July 1969Baron Clarkof Saltwood in the County of KentKenneth Mackenzie Clark21 May 1983
28 October 1969Baron Roberthallof Silverspur in the State of Queensland and Commonwealth of Australia and of Trenance in the County of CornwallRobert Lowe Hall17 September 1988
16 January 1970Baron Ardwickof Barnes in the London Borough of Richmond upon ThamesJohn Cowburn Beavan18 August 1994
23 January 1970Baron O'Neill of the Maineof Ahoghill in the County of AntrimTerence Marne O'Neill12 June 1990
5 February 1970Baron Keartonof Whitchurch in the County of BuckinghamChristopher Frank Kearton2 July 1992
12 February 1970Baroness Masham of Iltonof Masham in the North Riding of the County of YorkSusan Lilian Primrose Cunliffe-Lister, Baroness Masham 
19 June 1970Baron Shinwellof Easington in the County of DurhamEmanuel Shinwell8 May 1986
20 June 1970Baron Jannerof the City of LeicesterBarnett Janner4 May 1982
30 June 1970Baron Hailsham of Saint Maryleboneof Herstmonceux in the County of SussexQuintin McGarel Hogg12 October 2001
1 July 1970Baroness Tweedsmuir of Belhelvieof Potterton in the County of AberdeenPriscilla Jean Fortescue Buchan, Baroness Tweedsmuir11 March 1978
2 July 1970Baron Reigateof Outwood in the County of SurreyJohn Kenyon Vaughan-Morgan26 January 1995
3 July 1970Baron Boyle of Handsworthof Salehurst in the County of SussexEdward Charles Gurney Boyle28 September 1981
4 July 1970Baron Hoyof Leith in the County of the City of EdinburghJames Hutchison Hoy7 August 1976
6 July 1970Baron Hamnettof Warrington in the County Palatine of LancasterCyril Hamnett17 March 1980
7 July 1970Baron Rhylof Holywell in the parish of Swanmore in the County of SouthamptonEvelyn Nigel Chetwode Birch8 March 1981
8 July 1970Baron Slaterof Ferryhill in the County of DurhamJoseph Slater21 April 1977
9 July 1970Baron Fletcherof Islington in Greater LondonEric George Molyneux Fletcher9 June 1990
28 July 1970Baron Wheatleyof Shettleston in the County of the City of GlasgowJohn Wheatley28 July 1988
31 July 1970Baron Rosenheimof the London Borough of CamdenMax Leonard Rosenheim2 December 1972
21 September 1970Baron Burntwoodof Burntwood in the County of StaffordJulian Ward Snow24 January 1982
22 September 1970Baron Greenwood of Rossendaleof East Mersea in the County of EssexArthur William James Greenwood12 April 1982
25 September 1970Baron Diamondof the City of GloucesterJohn Diamond3 April 2004
28 September 1970Baron Davies of Leekof Leek in the County of StaffordHarold Davies28 October 1985
12 October 1970Baroness Whiteof Rhymney in the County of MonmouthEirene Lloyd White23 December 1999
14 October 1970Baroness Baconof the City of Leeds and of Normanton in the West Riding of the County of YorkAlice Martha Bacon24 March 1993
5 November 1970Baroness Lee of Asheridgeof the City of WestminsterJanet Bevan16 November 1988
6 November 1970Baron George-Brownof Jevington in the County of SussexGeorge Alfred Brown2 June 1985
29 January 1971Baron Thomasof Remenham in the Royal County of BerkshireWilliam Miles Webster Thomas8 February 1980
5 February 1971Baron Simon of Glaisdaleof Glaisdale in the North Riding of the County of YorkJocelyn Edward Salis Simon 
9 February 1971Baron Macleanof Duart and Morven in the County of ArgyllCharles Hector Fitzroy Maclean8 February 1990
2 March 1971Baron Maybray-Kingof the City of SouthamptonHorace Maybray Maybray-King3 September 1986
5 March 1971Baron Olivierof Brighton in the County of SussexLaurence Kerr Olivier11 July 1989
20 April 1971Baron Widgeryof South Molton in the County of DevonJohn Passmore Widgery26 July 1981
30 April 1971Baron Orr-Ewingof Little Berkhamsted in the County of HertfordCharles Ian Orr-Ewing19 August 1999
1 May 1971Baron Harvey of Prestburyof Prestbury in the County Palatine of ChesterArthur Vere Harvey5 April 1994
17 May 1971Baron Blakeof Braydeston in the County of NorfolkRobert Norman William Blake20 September 2003
18 May 1971Baroness Seearof Paddington in the City of WestminsterBeatrice Nancy Seear23 April 1997
21 May 1971Baron Tanlawof Tanlawhill in the County of DumfriesSimon Brooke Mackay 
24 May 1971Baroness Youngof Farnworth in the County Palatine of LancasterJanet Mary Young6 September 2002
4 June 1971Baroness Macleod of Borveof Borve in the Isle of LewisEvelyn Hester Macleod17 November 1999
18 June 1971Baron Zuckermanof Burnham Thorpe in the County of NorfolkSolly Zuckerman1 April 1993
20 July 1971Baron Moyolaof Castledawson in the County of LondonderryJames Dawson Chichester-Clark17 May 2002
20 April 1972Baron Adeaneof Stamfordham in the County of NorthumberlandMichael Edward Adeane30 April 1984
24 April 1972Baron Haleof Oldham in the County Palatine of LancasterCharles Leslie Hale9 May 1985
26 April 1972Baron Hewlettof Swettenham in the County of ChesterThomas Clyde Hewlett2 July 1979
28 April 1972Baron Seebohmof Hertford in the County of HertfordFrederic Seebohm15 December 1990
1 May 1972Baron Boyd-Carpenterof Crux Easton in the County of SouthamptonJohn Archibald Boyd-Carpenter11 July 1998
2 May 1972Baroness Ellesof the City of WestminsterDiana Louie Elles 
9 May 1972Baron Elworthyof Timaru in New Zealand and of Elworthy in the County of SomersetSamuel Charles Elworthy4 April 1993
10 May 1972Baron Watkinsof Glyntawe in the County of BrecknockTudor Elwyn Watkins2 November 1983
3 July 1972Baron Samuel of Wych Crossof Wych Cross in the County of SussexHarold Samuel28 August 1987
10 July 1972Baron Ballantraeof Auchairne in the County of Ayr and of the Bay of Islands in New ZealandBernard Edward Fergusson28 November 1980
5 February 1973Baron Porrittof Wanganui in New Zealand and of Hampstead in Greater LondonArthur Espie Porritt1 January 1994
14 March 1973Baron O'Brien of Lothburyof the City of LondonLeslie Kenneth O'Brien24 November 1995
18 June 1973Baroness Sharplesof Chawton in HampshirePamela Sharples 
22 June 1973Baron Brayleyof the City of Cardiff in the County of GlamorganJohn Desmond Brayley16 March 1977
25 June 1973Baron Hunt of Fawleyof Fawley in the County of BuckinghamJohn Henderson Hunt28 December 1987
29 June 1973Baron Lloyd of Kilgerranof Llanwenog in the County of CardiganRhys Gerran Lloyd30 January 1991
6 July 1973Baron Ashbyof Brandon in the County of SuffolkEric Ashby22 October 1992
9 July 1973Baron Crowther-Huntof Eccleshill in the West Riding of the County of YorkNorman Crowther Hunt16 February 1987
16 July 1973Baron Allan of Kilmahewof Cardross in the County of DunbartonRobert Alexander Allan4 April 1979
31 January 1974Baron Greenhill of Harrowof the Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaDenis Arthur Greenhill8 November 2000
6 March 1974Baron Featherof the City of BradfordVictor Grayson Hardie Feather28 July 1976
7 March 1974Baron Trendof Greenwich in Greater LondonBurke St. John Trend21 July 1987
11 March 1974Baron Elwyn-Jonesof Llanelli in the County of Carmarthen and of Newham in Greater LondonFrederick Elwyn Jones4 December 1989
25 March 1974Baron Goronwy-Robertsof Caernarvon and of Ogwen in the County of CaernarvonGoronwy Owen Goronwy-Roberts22 July 1981
26 March 1974Baron Harris of Greenwichof Greenwich in Greater LondonJohn Henry Harris11 April 2001
2 May 1974Baron Duncan-Sandysof the City of WestminsterDuncan Edwin Sandys26 November 1987
3 May 1974Baron Glenkinglasof Cairndow in the County of ArgyllMichael Antony Cristobal Noble15 May 1984
6 May 1974Baron Geoffrey-Lloydof Broomfield in the County of KentGeoffrey William Lloyd12 September 1984
7 May 1974Baron Chelwoodof Lewes in the County of East SussexTufton Victor Hamilton Beamish6 April 1989
8 May 1974Baron Marplesof Wallasey in the County of MerseysideAlfred Ernest Marples6 July 1978
9 May 1974Baron Tranmireof Upsall in the County of North YorkshireRobert Hugh Turton17 January 1994
10 May 1974Baron Mackie of Benshieof Kirriemuir in the County of AngusGeorge Yull Mackie 
13 May 1974Baroness Hornsby-Smithof Chislehurst in Greater LondonMargaret Patricia Hornsby-Smith3 July 1985
14 May 1974Baroness Robson of Kiddingtonof Kiddington in OxfordshireInga-Stina Robson9 February 1999
15 May 1974Baroness Pikeof Melton in LeicestershireIrene Mervyn Parnicott Pike11 January 2004
16 May 1974Baron Wigoderof Cheetham in the City of ManchesterBasil Thomas Wigoder 
11 June 1974Baron Fraser of Kilmorackof Rubislaw in the County of the City of AberdeenRichard Michael Fraser1 July 1996
18 June 1974Baron Castleof Islington in Greater LondonEdward Cyril Castle26 December 1979
19 June 1974Baron Fisher of Camdenof Camden in Greater LondonSamuel Fisher12 October 1979
20 June 1974Baron Houghton of Sowerbyof Sowerby in the County of West YorkshireArthur Leslie Noel Douglas Houghton2 May 1996
21 June 1974Baron Pannellof the City of LeedsThomas Charles Pannell23 March 1980
24 June 1974Baron Harvingtonof Nantwich in CheshireRobert Grant Grant-Ferris1 January 1997
25 June 1974Baroness Stedmanof Longthorpe in the City of PeterboroughPhyllis Stedman8 June 1996
26 June 1974Baron Lovell-Davisof Highgate in Greater LondonPeter Lovell Davis6 January 2001
27 June 1974Baron Kissinof Camden in Greater LondonHarry Kissin22 November 1997
28 June 1974Baron Wallace of Campsieof Newlands in the County of the City of GlasgowGeorge Wallace23 December 1997
1 July 1974Baron Lee of Newtonof Newton in the County of MerseysideFrederick Lee4 February 1984
2 July 1974Baroness Fisher of Rednalof Rednal in the City of BirminghamDoris Mary Gertrude Fisher 
3 July 1974Baron Darling of Hillsboroughof Crewe in CheshireGeorge Darling18 October 1985
4 July 1974Baron Gordon-Walkerof Leyton in Greater LondonPatrick Chrestien Gordon-Walker2 December 1980
5 July 1974Baroness Delacourt-Smith of Alterynof Alteryn in the County of GwentMargaret Rosalind Delacourt-Smith, Baroness Delacourt-Smith 
8 July 1974Baron Davies of Penrhysof Rhondda in the County of Mid GlamorganGwilym Elfed Davies28 April 1992
9 July 1974Baron Kaldorof Newnham in the City of CambridgeNicholas Kaldor30 September 1986
10 July 1974Baron Allen of Fallowfieldof Fallowfield in Greater ManchesterAlfred Walter Henry Allen14 January 1985
11 July 1974Baroness Falkenderof West Haddon in NorthamptonshireMarcia Matilda Williams 
12 July 1974Baron Wolfendenof Westcott in the County of SurreyJohn Frederick Wolfenden18 January 1985
2 September 1974Baron Alexander of Potterhillof Paisley in the County of RenfrewWilliam Picken Alexander8 September 1993
18 November 1974Baron Ramsey of Canterburyof Canterbury in the County of KentArthur Michael Ramsey23 April 1988
19 December 1974Baron Home of the Hirselof Coldstream in the County of BerwickAlexander Frederick Douglas-Home9 October 1995
2 January 1975Baron Paget of Northamptonof Lubenham in LeicestershireReginald Thomas Paget2 January 1990
3 January 1975Baron Ashdownof Chelwood in the County of East SussexArnold Silverstone23 July 1977
6 January 1975Baron Barberof Wentbridge in West YorkshireAnthony Perrinott Lysberg Barber 
7 January 1975Baron Banksof Kenton in Greater LondonDesmond Anderson Harvie Banks15 June 1997
8 January 1975Baron Cudlippof Aldingbourne in the County of West SussexHugh Kinsman Cudlipp17 May 1998
9 January 1975Baron Campbell of Croyof Croy in the County of NairnGordon Thomas Calthrop Campbell 
10 January 1975Baron Harmar-Nichollsof Peterborough in CambridgeshireHarmar Nicholls15 September 2000
14 January 1975Baron Wilson of Radcliffeof Radcliffe in LancashireAlfred Wilson25 January 1983
15 January 1975Baroness Stewart of Alvechurchof Fulham in Greater LondonMary Elizabeth Henderson Stewart28 December 1984
16 January 1975Baron Briginshawof Southwark in Greater LondonRichard William Briginshaw27 March 1992
17 January 1975Baron Wallace of Coslanyof Coslany in the City of NorwichGeorge Douglas Wallace11 November 2003
20 January 1975Baron Bruce of Doningtonof Rickmansworth in HertfordshireDonald William Trevor Bruce 
21 January 1975Baron Greene of Harrow Wealdof Harrow in Greater LondonSidney Francis Greene26 July 2004
22 January 1975Baron Lyons of Brightonof Brighton in the County of East SussexBraham Jack Dennis Lyons18 January 1978
23 January 1975Baroness Ward of North Tynesideof North Tyneside in the County of Tyne and WearIrene Mary Bewick Ward26 April 1980
24 January 1975Baron Balnielof Pitcorthie in the County of FifeRobert Alexander Lindsay, Lord Balniel 
27 January 1975Baroness Vickersof Devonport in the County of DevonJoan Helen Vickers23 May 1994
28 January 1975Baron Plurendenof Plurenden Manor in the County of KentRudy Sternberg5 January 1978
29 January 1975Baron Armstrong of Sandersteadof the City of WestminsterWilliam Armstrong12 July 1980
30 January 1975Baron Pritchardof West Haddon in NorthamptonshireDerek Wilbraham Pritchard16 October 1995
31 January 1975Baron Gibsonof Penn's Rocks in the County of East SussexRichard Patrick Tallentyre Gibson20 April 2004
3 February 1975Baron Pitt of Hampsteadof Hampstead in Greater London and of Hampstead in GrenadaDavid Thomas Pitt18 December 1994
10 July 1975Baron Leverof Ardwick in the City of ManchesterLeslie Maurice Lever26 July 1977
11 July 1975Baron Gregsonof Stockport in Greater ManchesterJohn Gregson 
14 July 1975Baron Barnetsonof Crowborough in the County of East SussexWilliam Denholm Barnetson12 March 1981
15 July 1975Baron Ryder of Eaton Hastingsof Eaton Hastings in the County of OxfordshireSydney Thomas Franklin Ryder12 May 2003
16 July 1975Baron Jacobsonof St Albans in HertfordshireSydney Jacobson13 August 1988
17 July 1975Baron Kirkhillof Kirkhill in the District of the City of AberdeenJohn Farquharson Smith 
14 January 1976Baron Brookesof West Bromwich in the County of West MidlandsRaymond Percival Brookes31 July 2002
15 January 1976Baron Carr of Hadleyof Monken Hadley in Greater LondonLeonard Robert Carr 
16 January 1976Baron Bradwellof Bradwell juxta Mare in the County of EssexThomas Edward Neil Driberg12 August 1976
19 January 1976Baron McCarthyof Headington in the City of OxfordWilliam Edward John McCarthy 
20 January 1976Baron Northfieldof Telford in the County of SalopWilliam Donald Chapman 
21 January 1976Baron Parryof Neyland in the County of DyfedGordon Samuel David Parry 
22 January 1976Baron Oramof Brighton in the County of East SussexAlbert Edward Oram4 September 1999
23 January 1976Baron Winstanleyof Urmston in Greater ManchesterMichael Platt Winstanley18 July 1993
26 January 1976Baroness Faithfullof Wolvercote in the County of OxfordshireLucy Faithfull13 March 1996
27 January 1976Baron Schonof Whitehaven in the County of CumbriaFrank Schon7 January 1995
29 January 1976Baron Brimelowof Tyldesley in the County of LancashireThomas Brimelow2 August 1995
30 January 1976Baron Bullockof Leafield in the County of OxfordshireAlan Louis Charles Bullock2 February 2004
3 February 1976Baron Wilson of High Wrayof Kendal in the County of CumbriaPaul Norman Wilson24 February 1980
5 February 1976Baron Wallof Coombe in Greater LondonJohn Edward Wall29 December 1980
8 March 1976Baron Selwyn-Lloydof Wirral in the County of MerseysideJohn Selwyn Brooke Lloyd17 May 1978
22 June 1976Baron Gradeof Elstree in the County of HertfordshireLew Grade13 December 1998
23 June 1976Baron Vaizeyof Greenwich in Greater LondonJohn Ernest Vaizey19 July 1984
24 June 1976Baron Stoneof Hendon in Greater LondonJoseph Ellis Stone17 July 1986
25 June 1976Baron Weidenfeldof Chelsea in Greater LondonArthur George Weidenfeld 
28 June 1976Baron Murray of Gravesendof Gravesend in the County of KentAlbert James Murray10 February 1980
29 June 1976Baron Delfontof Stepney in Greater LondonBernard Delfont28 July 1994
30 June 1976Baron Kaganof Elland in the County of West YorkshireJoseph Kagan17 January 1995
1 July 1976Baron Boston of Favershamof Faversham in the County of KentTerence George Boston 
2 July 1976Baron Brittenof Aldeburgh in the County of SuffolkEdward Benjamin Britten4 December 1976
12 July 1976Baron Allen of Abbeydaleof the City of SheffieldPhilip Allen 
19 July 1976Baron Briggsof Lewes in the County of East SussexAsa Briggs 
2 August 1976Baron Rayneof Prince's Meadow in Greater LondonMax Rayne10 October 2003
23 September 1976Baron Peartof Workington in the County of CumbriaThomas Frederick Peart26 August 1988
29 September 1976Baron McCluskeyof Churchhill in the District of the City of EdinburghJohn Herbert McCluskey 
18 October 1976Baroness Jackson of Lodsworthof Lodsworth in the County of West SussexBarbara Mary Jackson31 May 1981
28 January 1977Baron Glenamaraof Glenridding in the County of CumbriaEdward Watson Short 
1 February 1977Baron Bakerof Windrush in the County of GloucestershireJohn Fleetwood Baker9 September 1985
7 February 1977Baron Faulkner of Downpatrickof Downpatrick in the County of DownArthur Brian Deane Faulkner3 March 1977
8 February 1977Baron Saint Bridesof Hasguard in the County of DyfedMorrice James26 November 1989
23 March 1977Baron Thomson of Monifiethof Monifieth in the District of the City of DundeeGeorge Morgan Thomson 
15 July 1977Baron Carverof Shackleford in the County of SurreyRichard Michael Power Carver9 December 2001
18 July 1977Baron Chitnisof Ryedale in the County of North YorkshirePratap Chidamber Chitnis 
19 July 1977Baron Roll of Ipsdenof Ipsden in the County of OxfordshireEric Roll 
20 July 1977Baron Wedderburn of Charltonof Highgate in Greater LondonKenneth William Wedderburn 
22 July 1977Baron Noel-Bakerof the City of DerbyPhilip John Noel-Baker8 October 1982
7 February 1978Baron Charteris of Amisfieldof Amisfield in the District of East LothianMartin Michael Charles Charteris23 December 1999
8 February 1978Baron Crohamof the London Borough of CroydonDouglas Albert Vivian Allen 
9 February 1978Baron McGregor of Durrisof Hampstead in Greater LondonOliver Ross McGregor10 November 1997
27 February 1978Baroness Lockwoodof Dewsbury in the County of West YorkshireBetty Lockwood 
20 March 1978Baron Young of Dartingtonof Dartington in the County of DevonMichael Young14 January 2002
14 April 1978Baron Cockfieldof Dover in the County of KentFrancis Arthur Cockfield 
17 April 1978Baron Rawlinson of Ewellof Ewell in the County of SurreyPeter Anthony Grayson Rawlinson 
19 April 1978Baron Soamesof Fletching in the County of East SussexArthur Christopher John Soames16 September 1987
21 April 1978Baron Howie of Troonof Troon in the District of Kyle and CarrickWilliam Howie 
24 April 1978Baron Evans of Claughtonof Claughton in the County of MerseysideDavid Thomas Gruffydd Evans22 March 1992
26 April 1978Baron Whaddonof Whaddon in the County of CambridgeshireJohn Derek Page 
28 April 1978Baroness Davidof Romsey in the City of CambridgeNora Ratcliff David 
2 May 1978Baron Leonardof the City of Cardiff in the County of South GlamorganJohn Denis Leonard17 July 1983
3 May 1978Baron Sefton of Garstonof Garston in the County of MerseysideWilliam Henry Sefton9 September 2001
4 May 1978Baron Taylor of Blackburnof Blackburn in the County of LancashireThomas Taylor 
5 May 1978Baron Hatch of Lusbyof Oldfield in the County of West YorkshireJohn Charles Hatch11 October 1992
9 May 1978Baron Plantof Benenden in the County of KentCyril Thomas Howe Plant9 August 1986
10 May 1978Baron Mishconof Lambeth in Greater LondonVictor Mishcon 
11 May 1978Baron Buxton of Alsaof Stiffkey in the County of NorfolkAubrey Leland Oakes Buxton 
16 May 1978Baron Hutchinson of Lullingtonof Lullington in the County of East SussexJeremy Nicolas Hutchinson 
19 May 1978Baron Donnet of Balgayof Balgay in the District of the City of DundeeAlexander Mitchell Donnet15 May 1985
10 July 1978Baroness Deningtonof Stevenage in the County of HertfordshireEvelyn Joyce Denington22 August 1998
13 July 1978Baron Smithof Marlow in the County of BuckinghamshireEdwin Rodney Smith1 July 1998
17 July 1978Baron Hunter of Newingtonof Newington in the District of the City of EdinburghRobert Brockie Hunter24 March 1994
18 July 1978Baron Reillyof Brompton in the Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaPaul Reilly11 October 1990
21 July 1978Baron Bleaseof Cromac in the City of BelfastWilliam John Blease 
31 January 1979Baroness Ryder of Warsawof Warsaw in Poland and of Cavendish in the County of SuffolkMargaret Susan Ryder2 November 2000
2 February 1979Baron Richardsonof Lee in the County of DevonJohn Samuel Richardson 
5 February 1979Baron Hill-Nortonof South Nutfield in the County of SurreyPeter John Hill-Norton16 May 2004
7 February 1979Baron Milesof Blackfriars in the City of LondonBernard James Miles14 June 1991
9 February 1979Baron Perry of Waltonof Walton in the County of BuckinghamshireWalter Laing Macdonald Perry17 July 2003
19 February 1979Baron Scanlonof Davyhulme in the County of Greater ManchesterHugh Parr Scanlon27 January 2004
20 February 1979Baron Flowersof Queen's Gate in the City of WestminsterBrian Hilton Flowers 
21 May 1979Baron Bellwinof the City of LeedsIrwin Norman Bellow11 February 2001
3 July 1979Baron Lever of Manchesterof Cheetham in the City of ManchesterNorman Harold Lever6 August 1995
5 July 1979Baron Stewart of Fulhamof Fulham in Greater LondonRobert Michael Maitland Stewart10 March 1990
6 July 1979Baron Mackay of Clashfernof Eddrachillis in the District of SutherlandJames Peter Hymers Mackay 
9 July 1979Baron Straussof Vauxhall in the London Borough of LambethGeorge Russell Strauss5 June 1993
10 July 1979 (a.m.)Baron Irving of Dartfordof Dartford in the County of KentSydney Irving18 December 1989
10 July 1979 (p.m.)Baron Galpernof Shettleston in the District of the City of GlasgowMyer Galpern23 September 1993
11 July 1979 (a.m.)Baroness Jegerof St Pancras in Greater LondonLena May Jeger 
11 July 1979 (p.m.)Baron Rentonof Huntingdon in the County of CambridgeshireDavid Lockhart-Mure Renton 
12 July 1979 (a.m.)Baron Godber of Willingtonof Willington in the County of BedfordshireJoseph Bradshaw Godber25 August 1980
12 July 1979 (p.m.)Baron Underhillof Leyton in Greater LondonHenry Reginall Underhill12 March 1993
16 July 1979Baron Cledwyn of Penrhosof Holyhead in the Isle of AngleseyCledwyn Hughes22 February 2001
17 July 1979Baron Brooks of Tremorfaof Tremorfa in the County of South GlamorganJohn Edward Brooks 
18 July 1979Baron Lowryof Crossgar in the County of DownRobert Lynd Erskine Lowry15 January 1999
19 July 1979Baron Harris of High Crossof Tottenham in Greater LondonRalph Harris 
24 July 1979Baron Ross of Marnockof Kilmarnock in the District of Kilmarnock and LoudounWilliam Ross10 June 1988
25 July 1979Baron Murton of Lindisfarneof Hexham in the County of NorthumberlandHenry Oscar Murton 
26 July 1979Baron Hoosonof Montgomery in the County of Powys and of Colomendy in the County of ClwydHugh Emlyn Hooson 
30 July 1979Baroness McFarlane of Llandaffof Llandaff in the County of South GlamorganJean Kennedy McFarlane 
6 August 1979Baroness Airey of Abingdonof Abingdon in the County of OxfordDiana Josceline Barbara Neave27 November 1992
7 August 1979Baron Holdernessof Bishop Wilton in the County of HumbersideRichard Frederick Wood11 August 2002
7 September 1979Baron Gibson-Wattof the Wye District of RadnorJames David Gibson-Watt7 February 2002
27 September 1979Baron Dacre of Glantonof Glanton in the County of NorthumberlandHugh Redwald Trevor-Roper26 January 2003
2 October 1979Baroness Skrimshire of Quarterof Dunipace in the District of FalkirkMargaret Betty Harvie Anderson7 November 1979
28 January 1980Baron Cogganof Canterbury and of Sissinghurst in the County of KentFrederick Donald Coggan17 May 2000
4 February 1980Baroness Trumpingtonof Sandwich in the County of KentJean Alys Barker 
6 February 1980Baron Keith of Castleacreof Swaffham in the County of NorfolkKenneth Alexander Keith 
8 February 1980Baron Hunt of Tanworthof Stratford-upon-Avon in the County of WarwickshireJohn Joseph Benedict Hunt 
11 February 1980Baron Emslieof Potterton in the District of GordonGeorge Carlyle Emslie20 November 2002
14 February 1980Baron Sieff of Brimptonof Brimpton in the Royal County of BerkshireMarcus Joseph Sieff23 February 2001
21 February 1980Baron McAlpine of Moffatof Medmenham in the County of BuckinghamshireRobert Edwin McAlpine7 January 1990
10 July 1980Baron Boardmanof Welford in the County of NorthamptonshireThomas Gray Boardman10 March 2003
11 July 1980Baron Marshall of Leedsof Shadwell in the City of LeedsFrank Shaw Marshall1 November 1990
17 July 1980Baron Weinstockof Bowden in the County of WiltshireArnold Weinstock23 July 2002
22 July 1980Baron Matthewsof Southgate in the London Borough of EnfieldVictor Collin Matthews5 December 1995
1 September 1980Baron McFadzean of Kelvinsideof Kelvinside in the District of the City of GlasgowFrancis Scott McFadzean23 May 1992
2 February 1981Baron Bensonof Drovers in the County of West SussexHenry Alexander Benson5 March 1995
16 February 1981Baron Swannof Coln St Denys in the County of GloucestershireMichael Meredith Swann22 September 1990
11 May 1981Baron Tordoffof Knutsford in the County of CheshireGeoffrey Johnson Tordoff 
12 May 1981Baron Molloyof Ealing in Greater LondonWilliam John Molloy26 May 2001
14 May 1981Baron Jenkins of Putneyof Wandsworth in Greater LondonHugh Gater Jenkins26 January 2004
18 May 1981Baron John-Mackieof Nazeing in the County of EssexJohn John-Mackie26 May 1994
19 May 1981Baroness Lane-Foxof Bramham in the County of West YorkshireFelicity Lane-Fox17 April 1988
21 May 1981Baron Bishopstonof Newark in the County of NottinghamshireEdward Stanley Bishop19 April 1984
22 May 1981Baroness Ewart-Biggsof Ellis Green in the County of EssexFelicity Jane Ewart-Biggs8 October 1992
26 May 1981Baron Beloffof Wolvercote in the County of OxfordshireMax Beloff22 March 1999
27 May 1981Baron Elystan-Morganof Aberteifi in the County of DyfedDafydd Elystan Morgan 
28 May 1981Baroness Platt of Writtleof Writtle in the County of EssexBeryl Catherine Platt 
29 May 1981Baron Plummer of St. Maryleboneof the City of WestminsterArthur Desmond Herne Plummer 
1 June 1981Baron Stodart of Leastonof Humbie in the District of East LothianJames Anthony Stodart31 May 2003
2 June 1981Baron Campbell of Allowayof Ayr in the District of Kyle and CarrickAlan Robertson Campbell 
16 June 1981Baron Thomas of Swynnertonof Notting Hill in Greater LondonHugh Swynnerton Thomas 
19 June 1981Baroness Gardner of Parkesof Southgate in Greater London and of Parkes in the State of New South Wales and Commonwealth of AustraliaRachel Trixie Anne Gardner 
6 July 1981Baron Mayhewof Wimbledon in Greater LondonChristopher Paget Mayhew7 January 1997
15 July 1981Baron Marshof Mannington in the County of WiltshireRichard William Marsh 
21 July 1981Baron Constantine of Stanmoreof Stanmore in Greater LondonTheodore Constantine13 February 2004
22 September 1981Baron Kadoorieof Kowloon in Kong Kong and of the City of WestminsterLawrence Kadoorie25 August 1993
2 February 1982Baron Forteof Ripley in the County of SurreyCharles Forte 
8 February 1982Baron Cayzerof St Mary Axe in the City of LondonWilliam Nicholas Cayzer16 April 1999
10 February 1982Baron Bancroftof Coatham in the County of ClevelandIan Powell Bancroft19 November 1996
21 May 1982Baron MacLehose of Beochof Maybole in the District of Kyle and Carrick and of Victoria in Hong KongCrawford Murray MacLehose27 May 2000
14 July 1982Baroness Carnegy of Lourof Lour in the District of AngusElizabeth Patricia Carnegy 
16 July 1982Baron Pennockof Norton in the County of ClevelandRaymond William Pennock23 February 1993
20 July 1982Baron Gormleyof Ashton-in-Makerfield in Greater ManchesterJoseph Gormley27 May 1993
19 November 1982Baron Lewinof Greenwich in Greater LondonTerence Thornton Lewin23 January 1999
17 January 1983Baron McIntosh of Haringeyof Haringey in Greater LondonAndrew Robert McIntosh 
20 January 1983Baroness Nicolof Newnham in the County of CambridgeshireOlive Mary Wendy Nicol 
24 January 1983Baroness Coxof Queensbury in Greater LondonCaroline Anne Cox 
27 January 1983Baron Taylor of Hadfieldof Hadfield in the County of DerbyshireFrancis Taylor15 February 1995
31 January 1983Baron Ingrowof Keighley in the County of West YorkshireJohn Aked Taylor7 February 2002
2 February 1983Baron Ezraof Horsham in the County of West SussexDerek Ezra 
3 February 1983Baron Raynerof Crowborough in the County of East SussexDerek George Rayner26 June 1998
7 February 1983Baron Quintonof Holywell in the City of Oxford and County of OxfordshireAnthony Meredith Quinton 
9 February 1983Baron Prys-Daviesof Llanegryn in the County of GwyneddGwilym Prys Davies 
10 February 1983Baron Bauerof Market Ward in the City of CambridgePeter Thomas Bauer3 May 2002
11 February 1983Baron Richardson of Duntisbourneof Duntisbourne in the County of GloucestershireGordon William Humphreys Richardson 
14 March 1983Baron Cameron of Balhousieof Balhousie in the District of Perth and KinrossNeil Cameron29 January 1985
28 March 1983Baron Gallacherof Enfield in Greater LondonJohn Gallacher4 January 2004
30 June 1983Baron Hansonof Edgerton in the County of West YorkshireJames Edward Hanson 
1 July 1983Baron Howard of Henderskelfeof Henderskelfe in the County of North YorkshireGeorge Anthony Geoffrey Howard27 November 1984
4 July 1983Baron Gray of Continof Contin in the District of Ross and CromartyJames Hector Northey (Hamish) Gray 
15 July 1983Baron King of Wartnabyof Wartnaby in the County of LeicestershireJohn Leonard King 
5 September 1983Baron Blanchof Bishopthorpe in the County of North YorkshireStuart Yarworth Blanch3 June 1994
7 September 1983Baron Stallardof St Pancras in the London Borough of CamdenAlbert William Stallard 
9 September 1983Baron Ennalsof Norwich in the County of NorfolkDavid Hedley Ennals17 June 1995
12 September 1983Baron Graham of Edmontonof Edmonton in Greater LondonThomas Edward Graham 
14 September 1983Baron Stoddart of Swindonof Reading in the Royal County of BerkshireDavid Leonard Stoddart 
16 September 1983Baron Wilson of Rievaulxof Kirklees in the County of West YorkshireJames Harold Wilson24 May 1995
19 September 1983Baron Maude of Stratford-upon-Avonof Stratford-upon-Avon in the County of WarwickshireAngus Edmund Upton Maude9 November 1993
21 September 1983Baron Broxbourneof Broxbourne in the County of HertfordshireDerek Colclough Walker-Smith22 January 1992
23 September 1983Baron Kaberry of Adelof Adel in the City of LeedsDonald Kaberry13 March 1991
27 September 1983Baron Fanshawe of Richmondof South Cerney in the County of GloucestershireAnthony Henry Fanshawe Royle28 December 2001
28 September 1983Baron Dean of Beswickof West Leeds in the County of West YorkshireJoseph Jabez Dean26 February 1999
30 September 1983Baron Barnettof Heywood and Royton in Greater ManchesterJoel Barnett 
3 October 1983Baron Eden of Wintonof Rushyford in the County of DurhamJohn Benedict Eden 
5 October 1983Baron Peyton of Yeovilof Yeovil in the County of SomersetJohn Wynne William Peyton 
7 October 1983Baron Bruce-Gardyneof Kirkden in the District of AngusJohn Bruce-Gardyne15 April 1990
10 October 1983Baron Carmichael of Kelvingroveof Camlachie in the District of the City of GlasgowNeil George Carmichael19 July 2001
12 October 1983Baron Grimondof Firth in the County of OrkneyJoseph Grimond24 October 1993
14 October 1983Baron Fittof Bell's Hill in the County of DownGerard Fitt 
30 January 1984Baron Mulleyof Manor Park in the City of SheffieldFrederick William Mulley15 March 1995
31 January 1984Baron Bottomleyof Middlesbrough in the County of ClevelandArthur George Bottomley3 November 1995
1 February 1984Baron Henderson of Bromptonof Brompton in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and of Brough in the County of CumbriaPeter Gordon Henderson13 January 2000
2 February 1984Baron McAlpine of West Greenof West Green in the County of HampshireRobert Alistair McAlpine 
8 June 1984Baron Cameron of Lochbroomof Lochbroom in the District of Ross and CromartyKenneth John Cameron 
10 October 1984Baron Young of Graffhamof Graffham in the County of West SussexDavid Ivor Young 
4 February 1985Baron Chappleof Hoxton in Greater LondonFrancis Joseph Chapple 
6 February 1985Baroness Warnockof Weeke in the City of WinchesterHelen Mary Warnock 
7 February 1985Baron Vinsonof Roddam Dene in the County of NorthumberlandNigel Vinson 
14 February 1985Baron Murray of Epping Forestof Telford in the County of ShropshireLionel Murray20 May 2004
9 May 1985Baron Kimballof Easton in the County of LeicestershireMarcus Richard Kimball 
13 May 1985Baron Silkin of Dulwichof North Leigh in the County of OxfordshireSamuel Charles Silkin17 August 1988
15 May 1985Baron Butterworthof Warwick in the County of WarwickshireJohn Blackstock Butterworth19 June 2003
16 May 1985Baron Elliott of Morpethof Morpeth in the County of Northumberland and of the City of Newcastle upon TyneRobert William Elliott 
17 May 1985Baron Crawshaw of Aintreeof Salford in the County of Greater ManchesterRichard Crawshaw16 July 1986
21 May 1985Baron Donoughueof Ashton in the County of NorthamptonshireBernard Donoughue 
22 May 1985Baron Williams of Elvelof Llansantffraed in Elvel in the County of PowysCharles Cuthbert Powell Williams 
29 May 1985Baroness Turner of Camdenof Camden in Greater LondonMuriel Winifred Turner 
30 May 1985Baron Morton of Shunaof Stockbridge in the District of the City of EdinburghHugh Drennan Baird Morton26 April 1995
5 June 1985Baron Sanderson of Bowdenof Melrose in the District of Ettrick and LauderdaleCharles Russell Sanderson 
10 June 1985Baroness Hooperof Liverpool and of St James's in the City of WestminsterGloria Hooper 
13 June 1985Baron Wolfsonof Marylebone in the City of WestminsterLeonard Gordon Wolfson 
12 July 1985Baron Mellishof Bermondsey in Greater LondonRobert Joseph Mellish9 May 1998
22 July 1985Baron Marshall of Goringof South Stoke in the County of OxfordshireWalter Charles Marshall20 February 1996
14 February 1986Baron Daintonof Hallam Moors in South YorkshireFrederick Sydney Dainton5 December 1997
21 July 1986Baron Bonham-Carterof Yarnbury in the County of WiltshireMark Raymond Bonham Carter4 September 1994
22 July 1986Baron Moore of Wolvercoteof Wolvercote in the City of OxfordPhilip Brian Cecil Moore 
23 September 1986Baron Deedesof Aldington in the County of KentWilliam Francis Deedes 
3 February 1987Baron Wyatt of Weefordof Weeford in the County of StaffordshireWoodrow Lyle Wyatt7 December 1997
9 February 1987Baron Bramallof Bushfield in the County of HampshireEdwin Noel Westby Bramall 
18 March 1987Baroness Blackstoneof Stoke Newington in Greater LondonTessa Ann Vosper Blackstone 
23 March 1987Baron Carterof Devizes in the County of WiltshireDenis Victor Carter 
24 March 1987Baron Pestonof Mile End in Greater LondonMaurice Harry Peston 
25 March 1987Baron Irvine of Lairgof Lairg in the District of SutherlandAlexander Andrew Mackay Irvine 
27 March 1987Baron Stevens of Ludgateof Ludgate in the City of LondonDavid Robert Stevens 
30 March 1987Baron Johnston of Rockportof Caversham in the Royal County of BerkshireCharles Collier Johnston30 April 2002
31 March 1987Baron Basnettof Leatherhead in the County of SurreyDavid Basnett25 January 1989
3 April 1987Baron Traffordof Falmer in the County of East SussexJoseph Anthony Porteous Trafford16 September 1989
6 April 1987Baron Plumbof Coleshill in the County of WarwickshireCharles Henry Plumb 
7 April 1987Baroness Blatchof Hinchingbrooke in the County of CambridgeshireEmily May Blatch 
8 April 1987Baron Gooldof Waterfoot in the District of EastwoodJames Duncan Goold27 July 1997
22 June 1987Baron Haversof St Edmundsbury in the County of SuffolkRobert Michael Oldfield Havers1 April 1992
14 July 1987Baron Chilverof Cranfield in the County of BedfordshireAmos Henry Chilver 
22 July 1987Baron Knightsof Edgbaston in the County of West MidlandsPhilip Douglas Knights 
5 October 1987Baron Rippon of Hexhamof Hesleyside in the County of NorthumberlandAubrey Geoffrey Frederick Rippon28 January 1997
6 October 1987Baron Cocks of Hartcliffeof Chinnor in the County of OxfordshireMichael Francis Lovell Cocks26 March 2001
7 October 1987Baron Thomas of Gwydirof Llanrwst in the County of GwyneddPeter John Mitchell Thomas 
8 October 1987Baron Jayof Battersea in Greater LondonDouglas Patrick Thomas Jay6 March 1996
9 October 1987Baron Pymof Sandy in the County of BedfordshireFrancis Leslie Pym 
12 October 1987Baron Josephof Portsoken in the City of LondonKeith Sinjohn Joseph10 December 1994
13 October 1987Baron Dormand of Easingtonof Easington in the County of DurhamJohn Donkin Dormand18 December 2003
14 October 1987Baron Priorof Brampton in the County of SuffolkJames Michael Leathes Prior 
15 October 1987Baron Crickhowellof Pont Esgob in the Black Mountains and the County of PowysRoger Nicholas Edwards 
16 October 1987Baron Colnbrookof Waltham St Lawrence in the Royal County of BerkshireHumphrey Edward Gregory Atkins4 October 1996
19 October 1987Baron St John of Fawsleyof Preston Capes in the County of NorthamptonshireNorman Antony Francis St John-Stevas 
20 October 1987Baron Mason of Barnsleyof Barnsley in South YorkshireRoy Mason 
2 November 1987Baron Carlisle of Bucklowof Mobberley in the County of CheshireMark Carlisle 
3 November 1987Baron Jenkin of Rodingof Wanstead and Woodford in Greater LondonCharles Patrick Fleeming Jenkin 
4 November 1987Baron Ross of Newportof Newport in the County of the Isle of WightStephen Sherlock Ross10 May 1993
5 November 1987Baron Callaghan of Cardiffof the City of Cardiff in the County of South GlamorganLeonard James Callaghan 
16 November 1987Baron Reesof Goytre in the County of GwentPeter Wynford Innes Rees 
20 November 1987Baron Jenkins of Hillheadof Pontypool in the County of GwentRoy Harris Jenkins5 January 2003
5 February 1988Baron Jakobovitsof Regent's Park in Greater LondonImmanuel Jakobovits31 October 1999
8 February 1988Baroness Hart of South Lanarkof Lanark in the County of LanarkJudith Constance Mary Hart8 December 1991
15 February 1988Baron Donaldson of Lymingtonof Lymington in the County of HampshireJohn Francis Donaldson 
26 February 1988Baron Armstrong of Ilminsterof Ashill in the County of SomersetRobert Temple Armstrong 
11 July 1988Baron Alexander of Weedonof Newcastle-under-Lyme in the County of StaffordshireRobert Scott Alexander 
8 August 1988Baron Rees-Moggof Hinton Blewitt in the County of AvonWilliam Rees-Mogg 
10 August 1988Baron Butterfieldof Stechford in the County of West MidlandsWilliam John Hughes Butterfield22 July 2000
18 October 1988Baron Mackenzie-Stuartof Dean in the District of the City of EdinburghAlexander John Mackenzie Stuart1 April 2000
9 January 1989Baron Macaulay of Bragarof Bragar in the County of Ross and CromartyDonald Macaulay 
31 January 1989Baron Sainsbury of Preston Candoverof Preston Candover in the County of HampshireJohn Davan Sainsbury 
8 February 1989Baron Lewis of Newnhamof Newnham in the County of CambridgeshireJack Lewis 
9 February 1989Baroness Oppenheim-Barnesof Gloucester in the County of GloucestershireSally Oppenheim-Barnes 
10 February 1989Baron Fraser of Carmyllieof Carmyllie in the District of AngusPeter Lovat Fraser 
21 July 1989Baron Sharp of Grimsdykeof Stanmore in the London Borough of HarrowEric Sharp2 May 1994
24 July 1989Baron Walton of Detchantof Detchant in the County of NorthumberlandJohn Nicholas Walton 
25 July 1989Baron McColl of Dulwichof Bermondsey in the London Borough of SouthwarkIan McColl 
26 February 1990Baron Fieldhouseof Gosport in the County of HampshireJohn David Elliott Fieldhouse17 February 1992
27 February 1990Baroness Park of Monmouthof Broadway in the County of Hereford and WorcesterDaphne Margaret Sybil Dsire Park 
28 February 1990Baron Tombsof Brailes in the County of WarwickshireFrancis Leonard Tombs 
8 May 1990Baron Clinton-Davisof Hackney in the London Borough of HackneyStanley Clinton Clinton-Davis 
9 May 1990Baron Morris of Castle Morrisof St Dogmaels in the County of DyfedBrian Robert Morris30 April 2001
10 May 1990Baroness Eccles of Moultonof Moulton in the County of North YorkshireDiana Catherine Eccles 
14 May 1990Baron Richardof Ammanford in the County of DyfedIvor Seward Richard 
16 May 1990Baron Wade of Chorltonof Chester in the County of CheshireWilliam Oulton Wade 
17 May 1990Baron Cavendish of Furnessof Cartmel in the County of CumbriaRichard Hugh Cavendish 
18 May 1990Baroness Cumberlegeof Newick in the County of East SussexJulia Frances Cumberlege 
21 May 1990Baroness Brigstockeof Kensington in the Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaHeather Renwick Brigstocke 
22 May 1990Baron Soulsby of Swaffham Priorof Swaffham Prior in the County of CambridgeshireErnest Jackson Lawson Soulsby 
29 May 1990Baron Holme of Cheltenhamof Cheltenham in the County of GloucestershireRichard Gordon Holme 
30 May 1990Baron Varleyof Chesterfield in the County of DerbyshireEric Graham Varley 
1 June 1990Baroness Hollis of Heighamof Heigham in the City of NorwichPatricia Lesley Hollis 
11 June 1990Baroness Flatherof Windsor and Maidenhead in the Royal County of BerkshireShreela Flather 
18 June 1990Baron Pearson of Rannochof BridgeMalcolm Everard MacLaren Pearson 
16 July 1990 (a.m.)Baron Porter of Luddenhamof Luddenham in the County of KentGeorge Porter31 August 2002
16 July 1990 (p.m.)Baroness Castle of Blackburnof Ibstone in the County of BuckinghamshireBarbara Anne Castle3 May 2002
17 July 1990Baron Lane of Horsellof Woking in the County of SurreyPeter Stewart Lane 
13 August 1990Baron Haslamof Bolton in the County of Greater ManchesterRobert Haslam2 November 2002
24 August 1990Baroness Dunnof Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong and of Knightsbridge in the Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaLydia Selina Dunn 
4 December 1990Baron Waddingtonof Read in the County of LancashireDavid Charles Waddington 
17 January 1991Baron Sterling of Plaistowof Pall Mall in the City of WestminsterJeffrey Maurice Sterling 
25 January 1991Baron White of Hullof Hull in the County of HumbersideVincent Gordon Lindsay White23 August 1995
1 February 1991Baron Runcieof Cuddesdon in the County of OxfordshireRobert Alexander Kennedy Runcie11 July 2000
4 February 1991Baron Palumboof Walbrook in the City of LondonPeter Garth Palumbo 
5 February 1991Baron Griffiths of Fforestfachof Fforestfach in the County of West GlamorganBrian Griffiths 
7 February 1991Baroness James of Holland Parkof Southwold in the County of SuffolkPhyllis Dorothy James 
8 February 1991Baron Laing of Dunphailof Dunphail in the District of MorayHector Laing 
14 February 1991Baroness Seccombeof Kineton in the County of WarwickshireJoan Anna Dalziel Seccombe 
26 March 1991Baron Wolfson of Sunningdaleof Trevose in the County of CornwallDavid Wolfson 
5 June 1991Baron Desaiof St Clement Danes in the City of WestminsterMeghnad Jagdishchandra Desai 
6 June 1991Baroness Hamweeof Richmond upon Thames in the London Borough of Richmond upon ThamesSally Rachel Hamwee 
7 June 1991Baron Marlesfordof Marlesford in the County of SuffolkMark Shuldham Schreiber 
10 June 1991Baron Juddof Portsea in the County of HampshireFrank Ashcroft Judd 
11 June 1991Baroness Denton of Wakefieldof Wakefield in the County of West YorkshireJean Denton5 February 2001
14 June 1991Baroness Hilton of Eggardonof Eggardon in the County of DorsetJennifer Hilton 
19 June 1991Baroness Mallalieuof Studdridge in the County of BuckinghamshireAnn Mallalieu 
20 June 1991Baron Hollickof Notting Hill in the Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaClive Richard Hollick 
21 June 1991Baroness O'Cathainof The Barbican in the City of LondonDetta O'Cathain 
24 June 1991Baron Renfrew of Kaimsthornof Hurlet in the District of RenfrewAndrew Colin Renfrew 
26 June 1991Baron Mackay of Ardbrecknishof Tayvallich in the District of Argyll and ButeJohn Jackson Mackay21 February 2001
15 July 1991Baron Skidelskyof Tilton in the County of East SussexRobert Jacob Alexander Skidelsky 
16 July 1991Baroness Perry of Southwarkof Charlbury in the County of OxfordshirePauline Perry 
17 July 1991Baron Cheshireof Woodhall in the County of LincolnshireGeoffrey Leonard Cheshire31 July 1992
29 July 1991Baron Macfarlane of Bearsdenof Bearsden in the District of Bearsden and MilngavieNorman Somerville Macfarlane 
30 July 1991Baron Craig of Radleyof Helhoughton in the County of NorfolkDavid Brownrigg Craig 
27 January 1992Baron Rixof Whitehall in the City of Westminster and of Hornsea in YorkshireBrian Norman Roger Rix 
30 January 1992Baron Prenticeof Daventry in the County of NorthamptonshireReginald Ernest Prentice18 January 2001
12 February 1992Baron Rodgers of Quarry Bankof Kentish Town in the London Borough of CamdenWilliam Thomas Rodgers 
14 February 1992Baron Wilson of Tillyornof Finzean in the District of Kincardine and Deeside and of Fanling in Hong KongDavid Clive Wilson 
24 April 1992 (a.m.)Baron Wakehamof Maldon in the County of EssexJohn Wakeham 
24 April 1992 (p.m.)Baroness Chalker of Wallaseyof Leigh-on-Sea in the County of EssexLynda Chalker 
27 April 1992 (a.m.)Baron Taylor of Gosforthof Embleton in the County of NorthumberlandPeter Murray Taylor28 April 1997
29 April 1992Baron Rodger of Earlsferryof Earlsferry in the District of North East FifeAlan Ferguson Rodger 
26 June 1992Baroness Thatcherof Kesteven in the County of LincolnshireMargaret Hilda Thatcher 
27 June 1992Baron Finsbergof Hampstead in the London Borough of CamdenGeoffrey Finsberg7 October 1996
29 June 1992 (a.m.)Baron Parkinsonof Carnforth in the County of LancashireCecil Edward Parkinson 
29 June 1992 (p.m.)Baron Healeyof Riddlesden in the County of West YorkshireDenis Winston Healey 
30 June 1992 (a.m.)Baron Owenof the City of PlymouthDavid Anthony Llewellyn Owen 
30 June 1992 (p.m.)Baron Howe of Aberavonof Tandridge in the County of SurreyRichard Edward Geoffrey Howe 
1 July 1992 (a.m.)Baron Lawson of Blabyof Newnham in the County of NorthamptonshireNigel Lawson 
1 July 1992 (p.m.)Baron Merlyn-Reesof Morley and South Leeds in the County of West Yorkshire and of Cilfynydd in the County of Mid GlamorganMerlyn Merlyn-Rees 
2 July 1992Baron Howellof Aston Manor in the City of BirminghamDenis Herbert Howell19 April 1998
3 July 1992Baron Moore of Lower Marshof Lower Marsh in the London Borough of LambethJohn Edward Michael Moore 
6 July 1992Baron Tebbitof Chingford in the London Borough of Waltham ForestNorman Beresford Tebbit 
7 July 1992Baron Younger of Prestwickof Ayr in the District of Kyle and CarrickGeorge Kenneth Hotson Younger26 January 2003
8 July 1992 (a.m.)Baron Amery of Lustleighof Preston in the County of Lancashire and of Brighton in the County of East SussexJulian Amery3 September 1996
8 July 1992 (p.m.)Baron Walker of Worcesterof Abbots Morton in the County of Hereford and WorcesterPeter Edward Walker 
9 July 1992Baron Archer of Sandwellof Sandwell in the County of West MidlandsPeter Kingsley Archer 
10 July 1992Baron Ashley of Stokeof Widnes in the County of CheshireJack Ashley 
14 July 1992Baron Eatwellof Stratton St Margaret in the County of WiltshireJohn Leonard Eatwell 
15 July 1992Baron Weatherillof North East Croydon in the London Borough of CroydonBruce Bernard Weatherill 
17 July 1992Baron Ewing of Kirkfordof Cowdenbeath in the District of DunfermlineHarry Ewing 
18 July 1992Baron Geraintof Ponterwyd in the County of DyfedGeraint Wyn Howells17 April 2004
20 July 1992Baron Stewartbyof Portmoak in the District of Perth and KinrossBernard Harold Ian Halley Stewart 
21 July 1992Baron Clark of Kempstonof Kempston in the County of BedfordshireWilliam Gibson Haig Clark 
24 July 1992Baron Plant of Highfieldof Weelsby in the County of HumbersideRaymond Plant 
27 July 1992Baron Archer of Weston-Super-Mareof Mark in the County of SomersetJeffrey Howard Archer 
28 July 1992Baron Ridley of Liddesdaleof Willimontswick in the County of NorthumberlandNicholas Ridley4 March 1993
29 July 1992Baroness Jay of Paddingtonof Paddington in the City of WestminsterMargaret Ann Jay 
30 July 1992Baron Williams of Mostynof Great Tew in the County of OxfordshireGareth Wyn Williams20 September 2003
10 August 1992Baron Braine of Wheatleyof Rayleigh in the County of EssexBernard Richard Braine5 January 2000
11 August 1992Baron Cooke of Islandreaghof Islandreagh in the County of AntrimVictor Alexander Cooke 
12 August 1992Baron Barber of Tewkesburyof Gotherington in the County of GloucestershireDerek Coates Barber 
21 August 1992Baron Hayhoeof Isleworth in the London Borough of HounslowBernard John Hayhoe 
25 August 1992Baron Gilmour of Craigmillarof Craigmillar in the District of the City of EdinburghIan Hedworth John Little Gilmour 
18 September 1992Baron Elis-Thomasof Nant Conwy in the County of GwyneddDafydd Elis Elis-Thomas 
1 February 1993Baroness Williams of Crosbyof Stevenage in the County of HertfordshireShirley Vivien Teresa Brittain Williams 
14 July 1993Baron Kingsdownof Pemberton in the County of LancashireRobert Leigh-Pemberton 
15 July 1993Baron Dahrendorfof Clare Market in the City of WestminsterRalf Dahrendorf 
19 July 1993Baron Menuhinof Stoke d'Abernon in the County of SurreyYehudi Menuhin12 March 1999
30 July 1993Baron Attenboroughof Richmond upon Thames in the London Borough of Richmond upon ThamesRichard Samuel Attenborough 
4 October 1993Baron Haskelof Higher Broughton in the County of Greater ManchesterSimon Haskel 
5 October 1993Baron Dean of Harptreeof Wedmore in the County of SomersetArthur Paul Dean 
6 October 1993Baroness Gould of Potternewtonof Leeds in the County of West YorkshireJoyce Brenda Gould 
11 October 1993Baron Dixon-Smithof Bocking in the County of EssexRobert William Dixon-Smith 
12 October 1993Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-Fyldeof Eccles in the County of Greater ManchesterBrenda Dean 
13 October 1993Baron Lester of Herne Hillof Herne Hill in the London Borough of SouthwarkAnthony Paul Lester 
14 October 1993Baroness Miller of Hendonof Gore in the London Borough of BarnetDoreen Miller 
15 October 1993Baron Tugendhatof Widdington in the County of EssexChristopher Samuel Tugendhat 
10 February 1994Baron Wright of Richmondof Richmond upon Thames in the London Borough of Richmond upon ThamesPatrick Richard Henry Wright 
22 March 1994Baron Nicksonof Renagour in the District of StirlingDavid Wigley Nickson 
12 July 1994Baron Quirkof Bloomsbury in the London Borough of CamdenCharles Randolph Quirk 
14 July 1994Baron Phillips of Ellesmereof Ellesmere in the County of ShropshireDavid Chilton Phillips23 February 1999
6 September 1994Baron Sheppard of Didgemereof Roydon in the County of EssexAllen John George Sheppard 
26 September 1994Baron Hambroof Dixton and Dumbleton in the County of GloucestershireCharles Eric Alexander Hambro7 November 2002
27 September 1994Baron Dubsof Battersea in the London Borough of WandsworthAlfred Dubs 
28 September 1994Baron Gladwin of Cleeof Great Grimsby in the County of HumbersideDerek Oliver Gladwin10 April 2003
29 September 1994Baroness Farrington of Ribbletonof Fulwood in the County of LancashireJosephine Farrington 
30 September 1994Baron Shaw of Northsteadof Liversedge in the County of West YorkshireMichael Norman Shaw 
4 October 1994Baron Topeof Sutton in the London Borough of SuttonGraham Norman Tope 
5 October 1994Baroness Rawlingsof Burnham Westgate in the County of NorfolkPatricia Elizabeth Rawlings 
6 October 1994Baroness Thomas of Walliswoodof Dorking in the County of SurreySusan Petronella Thomas 
7 October 1994Baron Kingslandof Shrewsbury in the County of ShropshireChristopher James Prout 
10 October 1994Baron Blakerof Blackpool in the County of Lancashire and of Lindfield in the County of West SussexPeter Allan Renshaw Blaker 
3 February 1995Baroness Hoggof Kettlethorpe in the County of LincolnshireSarah Elizabeth Mary Hogg 
10 February 1995Baron McConnellof Lisburn in the County of AntrimRobert William Brian McConnell25 October 2000
17 February 1995Baroness Smith of Gilmorehillof Gilmorehill in the District of the City of GlasgowElizabeth Margaret Smith 
28 February 1995Baron Hope of Craigheadof Bamff in the District of Perth and KinrossJames Arthur David Hope 
24 July 1995Baron Blyth of Rowingtonof Rowington in the County of WarwickshireJames Blyth 
25 July 1995Baron Cuckneyof Millbank in the City of WestminsterJohn Graham Cuckney 
25 August 1995Baron Eamesof Armagh in the County of ArmaghRobert Henry Alexander Eames 
8 September 1995Baron Habgoodof Calverton in the County of BuckinghamshireJohn Stapylton Habgood 
13 December 1995Baron Mackay of Drumadoonof Blackwaterfoot in the District of CunninghameDonald Sage Mackay 
18 December 1995Baron Winstonof Hammersmith in the London Borough of Hammersmith and FulhamRobert Maurice Lipson Winston 
19 December 1995Baron Wallace of Saltaireof Shipley in the County of West YorkshireWilliam John Lawrence Wallace 
20 December 1995Baron McNallyof Blackpool in the County of LancashireTom McNally 
21 December 1995Baron Borrieof Abbots Morton in the County of Hereford and WorcesterGordon Johnson Borrie 
2 January 1996Baroness Haymanof Dartmouth Park in the London Borough of CamdenHelene Valerie Hayman 
10 January 1996Baron Sewelof Gilcomstoun in the District of the City of AberdeenJohn Buttifant Sewel 
11 January 1996Baron Harris of Peckhamof Peckham in the London Borough of SouthwarkPhilip Charles Harris 
12 January 1996Baron Pilkington of Oxenfordof West Dowlish in the County of SomersetPeter Pilkington 
15 January 1996Baron Feldmanof Frognal in the London Borough of CamdenBasil Feldman 
16 January 1996Baroness Wilcoxof Plymouth in the County of DevonJudith Ann Wilcox 
17 January 1996Baron Bownessof Warlingham in the County of Surrey and of Croydon in the London Borough of CroydonPeter Spencer Bowness 
5 February 1996Baron Taverneof Pimlico in the City of WestminsterDick Taverne 
16 February 1996Baron Kilpatrick of Kincraigof Dysart in the District of KirkcaldyRobert Kilpatrick 
21 February 1996Baron Gillmore of Thamesfieldof Putney in the London Borough of WandsworthDavid Howe Gillmore20 March 1999
3 April 1996Baron Cooke of Thorndonof Wellington in New Zealand and of Cambridge in the County of CambridgeshireRobin Brunskill Cooke 
4 June 1996Baron Bingham of Cornhillof Boughrood in the County of PowysThomas Henry Bingham 
19 August 1996Baroness Lloyd of Highburyof Highbury in the London Borough of IslingtonJune Kathleen Lloyd 
3 September 1996Baron Vincent of Coleshillof Shrivenham in the County of OxfordshireRichard Frederick Vincent 
11 September 1996Baron Hussey of North Bradleyof North Bradley in the County of WiltshireMarmaduke James Hussey 
30 September 1996Baron Thomas of Gresfordof Gresford in the County Borough of WrexhamDonald Martin Thomas
1 October 1996 (p.m.)Baron Currie of Maryleboneof Marylebone in the City of WestminsterDavid Anthony Currie
2 October 1996Baron Taylor of Warwickof Warwick in the County of WarwickshireJohn David Beckett Taylor
4 October 1996Baron Saatchiof Staplefield in the County of West SussexMaurice Saatchi
7 October 1996Baroness Symons of Vernham Deanof Vernham Dean in the County of HampshireElizabeth Conway Symons
8 October 1996Baron Alderdiceof Knock in the City of BelfastJohn Alderdice
9 October 1996Baron Paulof Marylebone in the City of WestminsterSwraj Paul
11 October 1996Baroness Ramsay of Cartvaleof Langside in the City of GlasgowMeta Ramsay
14 October 1996Baroness Anelay of St Johnsof St Johns in the County of SurreyJoyce Anne Anelay
15 October 1996Baroness Byfordof Rothley in the County of LeicestershireHazel Byford
16 October 1996Baron Chadlingtonof Dean in the County of OxfordshirePeter Selwyn Gummer
17 October 1996Baron Rogers of Riversideof Chelsea in the Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaRichard George Rogers
18 October 1996Baron MacLaurin of Knebworthof Knebworth in the County of HertfordshireIan Charter MacLaurin
21 October 1996Baron Whittyof Camberwell in the London Borough of SouthwarkJohn Lawrence Whitty
14 February 1997Baron Bagriof Regent's Park in the City of WestminsterRaj Kumar Bagri
17 February 1997Baroness Emertonof Tunbridge Wells in the County of Kent and of Clerkenwell in the London Borough of IslingtonAudrey Caroline Emerton
18 February 1997Baron Lloyd-Webberof Sydmonton in the County of HampshireAndrew Lloyd Webber 
14 May 1997 (a.m.)Baron Hoyleof Warrington in the County of CheshireEric Douglas Harvey Hoyle 
14 May 1997 (p.m.)Baron Falconer of Thorotonof Thoroton in the County of NottinghamshireCharles Leslie Falconer 
16 May 1997 (a.m.)Baron Simon of Highburyof Canonbury in the London Borough of IslingtonDavid Alec Gwyn Simon 
16 May 1997 (p.m.)Baron Gilbertof Dudley in the County of West MidlandsJohn William Gilbert 
21 May 1997Baron Hardieof Blackford in the City of EdinburghAndrew Rutherford Hardie 
3 June 1997Baron Biffenof Tanat in the County of ShropshireWilliam John Biffen 
4 June 1997Baroness Lestor of Ecclesof Tooting Bec in the London Borough of WandsworthJoan Lestor27 March 1998
5 June 1997 (a.m.)Baron Joplingof Ainderby Quernhow in the County of North YorkshireThomas Michael Jopling 
5 June 1997 (p.m.)Baron Shore of Stepneyof Stepney in the London Borough of Tower HamletsPeter David Shore24 September 2001
6 June 1997 (a.m.)Baron Howell of Guildfordof Penton Mewsey in the County of HampshireDavid Arthur Russell Howell 
6 June 1997 (p.m.)Baron Steel of Aikwoodof Ettrick Forest in The Scottish BordersDavid Martin Scott Steel 
9 June 1997 (a.m.)Baron Dixonof Jarrow in the County of Tyne and WearDonald Dixon 
9 June 1997 (p.m.)Baron Renton of Mount Harryof Offham in the County of East SussexRonald Timothy Renton 
10 June 1997 (a.m.)Baron Evans of Parksideof St Helens in the County of MerseysideJohn Evans 
10 June 1997 (p.m.)Baron Molyneaux of Killeadof Killead in the County of AntrimJames Henry Molyneaux 
11 June 1997 (a.m.)Baron Lofthouse of Pontefractof Pontefract in the County of West YorkshireGeoffrey Lofthouse 
11 June 1997 (p.m.)Baron Kelvedonof Ongar in the County of EssexHenry Paul Guinness Channon 
12 June 1997 (a.m.)Baron Alton of Liverpoolof Mossley Hill in the County of MerseysideDavid Patrick Paul Alton 
12 June 1997 (p.m.)Baron Mayhew of Twysdenof Kilndown in the County of KentPatrick Barnabas Burke Mayhew 
13 June 1997 (a.m.)Baron Hurd of Westwellof Westwell in the County of OxfordshireDouglas Richard Hurd 
16 June 1997Baron Baker of Dorkingof Iford in the County of East SussexKenneth Wilfred Baker 
17 June 1997Baron Pattenof Wincanton in the County of SomersetJohn Haggitt Charles Patten 
18 July 1997Baron Cowdrey of Tonbridgeof Tonbridge in the County of KentMichael Colin Cowdrey4 December 2000
21 July 1997 (a.m.)Baron Ingeof Richmond in the County of North YorkshirePeter Anthony Inge 
21 July 1997 (p.m.)Baron Russell-Johnstonof Minginish in HighlandDavid Russell Russell-Johnston 
22 July 1997Baron Levene of Portsokenof Portsoken in the City of LondonPeter Keith Levene 
23 September 1997 (a.m.)Baron Levyof Mill Hill in the London Borough of BarnetMichael Abraham Levy 
23 September 1997 (p.m.)Baroness Knight of Collingtreeof Collingtree in the County of NorthamptonshireJoan Christabel Jill Knight 
24 September 1997 (a.m.)Baroness Amosof Brondesbury in the London Borough of BrentValerie Ann Amos 
24 September 1997 (p.m.)Baron Hogg of Cumbernauldof Cumbernauld in North LanarkshireNorman Hogg 
25 September 1997 (a.m.)Baron Newbyof Rothwell in the County of West YorkshireRichard Mark Newby 
25 September 1997 (p.m.)Baron Randall of St Budeauxof St Budeaux in the County of DevonStuart Jeffrey Randall 
26 September 1997 (a.m.)Baron Renwick of Cliftonof Chelsea in the Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaRobin William Renwick 
26 September 1997 (p.m.)Baron Walker of Doncasterof Audenshaw in the County of Greater ManchesterHarold Walker11 November 2003
27 September 1997 (a.m.)Baron Hardy of Wathof Wath upon Dearne in the County of South YorkshirePeter Hardy16 December 2003
27 September 1997 (p.m.)Baron Hughes of Woodsideof Woodside in the City of AberdeenRobert Hughes 
29 September 1997 (a.m.)Baron Selkirk of Douglasof Cramond in the City of EdinburghJames Alexander Douglas-Hamilton 
29 September 1997 (p.m.)Baron Lang of Monktonof Merrick and the RhinnsIan Bruce Lang 
30 September 1997 (a.m.)Baroness Ludfordof Clerkenwell in the London Borough of IslingtonSarah Ann Ludford 
30 September 1997 (p.m.)Baroness Fookesof Plymouth in the County of DevonJanet Evelyn Fookes 
1 October 1997 (a.m.)Baron Davies of Coityof Penybont in the County of Mid GlamorganDavid Garfield Davies 
1 October 1997 (p.m.)Baron Roberts of Conwyof Talyfan in the County of GwyneddIeuan Wyn Pritchard Roberts 
2 October 1997 (a.m.)Baron Sandbergof Passfield in the County of HampshireMichael Graham Ruddock Sandberg 
2 October 1997 (p.m.)Baron Blackwellof Woodcote in the County of SurreyNorman Roy Blackwell 
3 October 1997 (a.m.)Baron Sainsbury of Turvilleof Turville in the County of BuckinghamshireDavid John Sainsbury 
3 October 1997 (p.m.)Baron Davies of Oldhamof Broxbourne in the County of HertfordshireBryan Davies 
4 October 1997 (a.m.)Baron Gordon of Strathblaneof Deil's Craig in StirlingJames Stuart Gordon 
4 October 1997 (p.m.)Baron Cope of Berkeleyof Berkeley in the County of GloucestershireJohn Ambrose Cope 
6 October 1997 (a.m.)Baroness Pitkeathleyof Caversham in the Royal County of BerkshireJill Elizabeth Pitkeathley 
6 October 1997 (p.m.)Baron Morris of Manchesterof Manchester in the County of Greater ManchesterAlfred Morris 
18 October 1997Baron Jacobsof Belgravia in the City of WestminsterDavid Anthony Jacobs 
20 October 1997 (a.m.)Baron Hunt of Kings Heathof Birmingham in the County of West MidlandsPhilip Alexander Hunt 
20 October 1997 (p.m.)Baron Hunt of Wirralof Wirral in the County of MerseysideDavid James Fletcher Hunt 
21 October 1997 (a.m.)Baron Ormeof Salford in the County of Greater ManchesterStanley Orme 
21 October 1997 (p.m.)Baron Burlisonof Rowlands Gill in the County of Tyne and WearThomas Henry Burlison 
22 October 1997 (a.m.)Baron Razzallof Mortlake in the London Borough of RichmondEdward Timothy Razzall 
22 October 1997 (p.m.)Baron Garel-Jonesof Watford in the County of HertfordshireWilliam Armand Thomas Tristan Garel-Jones 
23 October 1997 (a.m.)Baron Goodhartof Youlbury in the County of OxfordshireWilliam Howard Goodhart 
23 October 1997 (p.m.)Baron Brooke of Alverthorpeof Alverthorpe in the County of West YorkshireClive Brooke 
24 October 1997 (a.m.)Baroness Rendell of Baberghof Aldeburgh in the County of SuffolkRuth Barbara Rendell 
24 October 1997 (p.m.)Baron Dholakiaof Waltham Brooks in the County of West SussexNavnit Dholakia 
25 October 1997 (a.m.)Baron Janner of Braunstoneof Leicester in the County of LeicestershireGreville Ewan Janner 
25 October 1997 (p.m.)Baron Islwynof Casnewydd in the County of GwentRoyston John Hughes19 December 2003
27 October 1997 (a.m.)Baron Puttnamof Queensgate in the Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaDavid Terence Puttnam 
27 October 1997 (p.m.)Baroness Kennedy of The Shawsof Cathcart in the City of GlasgowHelena Ann Kennedy 
28 October 1997 (a.m.)Baron Nasebyof Sandy in the County of BedfordshireMichael Wolfgang Laurence Morris 
28 October 1997 (p.m.)Baron Higginsof Worthing in the County of West SussexTerence Langley Higgins 
29 October 1997 (a.m.)Baron Stone of Blackheathof Blackheath in the London Borough of GreenwichAndrew Zelig Stone 
29 October 1997 (p.m.)Baron Freemanof Dingley in the County of NorthamptonshireRoger Norman Freeman 
30 October 1997 (a.m.)Baroness Maddockof Christchurch in the County of DorsetDiana Margaret Maddock 
30 October 1997 (p.m.)Baroness Scotland of Asthalof Asthal in the County of OxfordshirePatricia Janet Scotland 
31 October 1997 (a.m.)Baron Onslow of Wokingof Woking in the County of SurreyCranley Gordon Douglas Onslow13 March 2001
31 October 1997 (p.m.)Baron Newton of Braintreeof Coggeshall in the County of EssexAntony Harold Newton 
1 November 1997 (a.m.)Baron Montague of Oxfordof Oxford in the County of OxfordshireMichael Jacob Montague5 November 1999
1 November 1997 (p.m.)Baroness Linklater of Butterstoneof Riemore in Perth and KinrossVeronica Linklater 
3 November 1997 (a.m.)Baron Bassam of Brightonof Brighton in the County of East SussexJohn Steven Bassam 
3 November 1997 (p.m.)Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourneof Winterbourne in the Royal County of BerkshireEmma Harriet Nicholson 
4 November 1997 (a.m.)Baroness Young of Old Sconeof Old Scone in Perth and KinrossBarbara Scott Young 
4 November 1997 (p.m.)Baron Smith of Cliftonof Mountsandel in the County of LondonderryTrevor Arthur Smith 
5 November 1997 (a.m.)Baron Thomas of Macclesfieldof Prestbury in the County of CheshireTerence James Thomas 
5 November 1997 (p.m.)Baron Simpson of Dunkeldof Dunkeld in Perth and KinrossGeorge Simpson 
6 November 1997 (a.m.)Baron Monro of Langholmof Westerkirk in Dumfries and GallowayHector Seymour Peter Monro 
6 November 1997 (p.m.)Baron Watson of Invergowrieof Invergowrie in Perth and KinrossMichael Goodall Watson 
22 November 1997Baron Ryder of Wensumof Wensum in the County of NorfolkRichard Andrew Ryder 
24 November 1997Baron Hattersleyof Sparkbrook in the County of West MidlandsRoy Sydney George Hattersley 
28 November 1997Baron Neill of Bladenof Briantspuddle in the County of DorsetFrancis Patrick Neill 
12 February 1998Baron Butler of Brockwellof Herne Hill in the London Borough of LambethFrederick Edward Robin Butler 
13 February 1998Baron Dearingof Kingston upon Hull in the County of the East Riding of YorkshireRonald Ernest Dearing 
14 February 1998Baron Sheppard of Liverpoolof West Kirby in the County of MerseysideDavid Stuart Sheppard 
23 February 1998Baron Hamlynof Edgeworth in the County of GloucestershirePaul Bertrand Hamlyn31 August 2001
17 July 1998 (a.m.)Baron Mackenzie of Framwellgateof Durham in the County of DurhamBrian Mackenzie 
17 July 1998 (p.m.)Baron Clement-Jonesof Clapham in the London Borough of LambethTimothy Francis Clement-Jones 
18 July 1998 (a.m.)Baron Alliof Norbury in the London Borough of CroydonWaheed Alli 
18 July 1998 (p.m.)Baroness Uddinof Bethnal Green in the London Borough of Tower HamletsManzila Pola Uddin 
20 July 1998 (a.m.)Baron Marshall of Knightsbridgeof Knightsbridge in the City of WestminsterColin Marsh Marshall 
20 July 1998 (p.m.)Baron Burnsof Pitshanger in the London Borough of EalingTerence Burns
21 July 1998 (a.m.)Baroness Goudieof Roundwood in the London Borough of BrentMary Teresa Goudie
21 July 1998 (p.m.)Baron Tomlinsonof Walsall in the County of West MidlandsJohn Edward Tomlinson
23 July 1998 (a.m.)Baroness Buscombeof Goring in the County of OxfordshirePeta Jane Buscombe
23 July 1998 (p.m.)Baroness Thorntonof Manningham in the County of West YorkshireDorothea Glenys Thornton
24 July 1998 (a.m.)Baron Lamont of Lerwickof Lerwick in the Shetland IslandsNorman Stewart Hughson Lamont
24 July 1998 (p.m.)Baroness Crawleyof Edgbaston in the County of West MidlandsChristine Mary Crawley
25 July 1998 (a.m.)Baron Phillips of Sudburyof Sudbury in the County of SuffolkAndrew Wyndham Phillips
25 July 1998 (p.m.)Baron Haskinsof Skidby in the County of the East Riding of YorkshireChristopher Robin Haskins
27 July 1998 (a.m.)Baron Lamingof Tewin in the County of HertfordshireWilliam Herbert Laming
27 July 1998 (p.m.)Baron Bachof Lutterworth in the County of LeicestershireWilliam Stephen Goulden Bach
28 July 1998 (a.m.)Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domerof Chilthorne Domer in the County of SomersetSusan Elizabeth Miller
28 July 1998 (p.m.)Baron Evans of Watfordof Chipperfield in the County of HertfordshireDavid Charles Evans
29 July 1998 (a.m.)Baron Warnerof Brockley in the London Borough of LewishamNorman Reginald Warner
29 July 1998 (p.m.)Baron Clarke of Hampsteadof Hampstead in the London Borough of CamdenAnthony James Clarke
30 July 1998 (a.m.)Baron Christopherof Leckhampton in the County of GloucestershireAnthony Martin Grosvenor Christopher
30 July 1998 (p.m.)Baron Brookmanof Ebbw Vale in the County of GwentDavid Keith Brookman
31 July 1998 (a.m.)Baron Hanningfieldof Chelmsford in the County of EssexPaul Edward Winston White
31 July 1998 (p.m.)Baron Bellof Belgravia in the City of WestminsterTimothy John Leigh Bell
1 August 1998 (a.m.)Baron Norton of Louthof Louth in the County of LincolnshirePhilip Norton
1 August 1998 (p.m.)Baroness Sharp of Guildfordof Guildford in the County of SurreyMargaret Lucy Sharp
3 August 1998 (a.m.)Baroness Richardson of Calowof Calow in the County of DerbyshireKathleen Margaret Richardson
3 August 1998 (p.m.)Baron Ahmedof Rotherham in the County of South YorkshireNazir Ahmed
4 August 1998 (a.m.)Baron Braggof Wigton in the County of CumbriaMelvyn Bragg
4 August 1998 (p.m.)Baron Sawyerof Darlington in the County of DurhamLawrence Sawyer
5 August 1998Baron Harris of Haringeyof Hornsey in the London Borough of HaringeyJonathan Toby Harris
2 October 1998Baron Macdonald of Tradestonof Tradeston in the City of GlasgowAngus John Macdonald
5 February 1999Baron Williamson of Hortonof Horton in the County of SomersetDavid Francis Williamson
10 February 1999Baron Imbertof New Romney in the County of KentPeter Michael Imbert
25 February 1999Baroness O'Neill of Bengarveof The Braid in the County of AntrimOnora Sylvia O'Neill
1 March 1999Baron Patelof Dunkeld in Perth and KinrossNarendra Babubhai Patel
2 March 1999Baron Trotmanof Osmotherley in the County of North YorkshireAlexander James Trotman
10 July 1999Baroness Warwick of Undercliffeof Undercliffe in the County of West YorkshireDiana Mary Warwick
12 July 1999Baron Fellowesof Shotesham in the County of NorfolkRobert Fellowes
13 July 1999 (a.m.)Baron Stevenson of Coddenhamof Coddenham in the County of SuffolkHenry Dennistoun Stevenson
13 July 1999 (p.m.)Baroness Sternof Vauxhall in the London Borough of LambethVivien Helen Stern
14 July 1999 (a.m.)Baron Forsyth of Drumleanof Drumlean in StirlingMichael Bruce Forsyth
14 July 1999 (p.m.)Baron Faulkner of Worcesterof Wimbledon in the London Borough of MertonRichard Oliver Faulkner
15 July 1999 (a.m.)Baroness Prasharof Runnymede in the County of SurreyUsha Kumari Prashar
15 July 1999 (p.m.)Baroness Hanhamof Kensington in the Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaJoan Brownlow Hanham
16 July 1999 (a.m.)Baron Lairdof Artigarvan in the County of TyroneJohn Dunn Laird
16 July 1999 (p.m.)Baron Roganof Lower Iveagh in the County of DownDennis Robert David Rogan
19 July 1999 (a.m.)Baron Foster of Thames Bankof Reddish in the County of Greater ManchesterNorman Robert Foster
19 July 1999 (p.m.)Baron Elderof Kirkcaldy in FifeThomas Murray Elder
20 July 1999 (a.m.)Baron Lea of Crondallof Crondall in the County of HampshireDavid Edward Lea
20 July 1999 (p.m.)Baron Brettof Lydd in the County of KentWilliam Henry Brett
21 July 1999 (a.m.)Baron Rennardof Wavertree in the County of MerseysideChristopher John Rennard
21 July 1999 (p.m.)Baroness Howells of St Davidsof Charlton in the London Borough of GreenwichRosalind Patricia-Anne Howells
22 July 1999 (a.m.)Baron Bradshawof Wallingford in the County of OxfordshireWilliam Peter Bradshaw
22 July 1999 (p.m.)Baron King of West Bromwichof West Bromwich in the County of West MidlandsTarsem King
23 July 1999 (a.m.)Baron Watson of Richmondof Richmond in the London Borough of Richmond upon ThamesAlan John Watson
23 July 1999 (p.m.)Baron Kirkhamof Old Cantley in the County of South YorkshireGraham Kirkham
26 July 1999 (a.m.)Baron Grabinerof Aldwych in the City of WestminsterAnthony Stephen Grabiner
26 July 1999 (p.m.)Baroness Massey of Darwenof Darwen in the County of LancashireDoreen Elizabeth Massey
27 July 1999 (a.m.)Baron Carlile of Berriewof Berriew in the County of PowysAlexander Charles Carlile
27 July 1999 (p.m.)Baron Oxburghof Liverpool in the County of MerseysideErnest Ronald Oxburgh
28 July 1999 (a.m.)Baron Harrisonof Chester in the County of CheshireLyndon Henry Arthur Harrison
28 July 1999 (p.m.)Baron Waldegrave of North Hillof Chewton Mendip in the County of SomersetWilliam Arthur Waldegrave
29 July 1999 (a.m.)Baron Goldsmithof Allerton in the County of MerseysidePeter Henry Goldsmith
29 July 1999 (p.m.)Baron Filkinof Pimlico in the City of WestminsterDavid Geoffrey Nigel Filkin
30 July 1999 (a.m.)Baron Lipseyof Tooting in the London Borough of WandsworthDavid Lawrence Lipsey
30 July 1999 (p.m.)Baroness Wilkinsof Chesham Bois in the County of BuckinghamshireRosalie Catherine Wilkins
31 July 1999 (a.m.)Baroness Bloodof Blackwatertown in the County of ArmaghMay Blood
31 July 1999 (p.m.)Baroness Barkerof Anagach in HighlandElizabeth Jean Barker
2 August 1999 (a.m.)Baron Sharmanof Redlynch in the County of WiltshireColin Morven Sharman 
2 August 1999 (p.m.)Baroness Ashtonof Upholland of St Albans in the County of HertfordshireCatherine Margaret Ashton 
3 August 1999 (a.m.)Baroness McIntosh of Hudnallof Hampstead in the London Borough of CamdenGenista Mary McIntosh 
3 August 1999 (p.m.)Baron Woolmer of Leedsof Leeds in the County of West YorkshireKenneth John Woolmer 
4 August 1999 (a.m.)Baroness Galeof Blaenrhondda in the County of Mid GlamorganAnita Gale 
4 August 1999 (p.m.)Baron MacKenzie of Culkeinof Assynt in HighlandHector Uisdean MacKenzie 
5 August 1999 (a.m.)Baron Smith of Leighof Wigan in the County of Greater ManchesterPeter Richard Charles Smith 
5 August 1999 (p.m.)Baroness Whitakerof Beeston in the County of NottinghamshireJanet Alison Whitaker 
6 August 1999 (a.m.)Baron Gavronof Highgate in the London Borough of CamdenRobert Gavron 
6 August 1999 (p.m.)Baroness Harris of Richmondof Richmond in the County of North YorkshireAngela Felicity Harris 
24 August 1999Baron Robertson of Port Ellenof Islay in Argyll and ButeGeorge Islay MacNeill Robertson 
16 November 1999 (9 a.m.)Baron Lowof Bispham in the County of LancashireAustin Richard William Low, 1st Baron Aldington7 December 2000
16 November 1999 (noon)Baron Erroll of Kilmunof Kilmun in Argyll and ButeFrederick James Erroll, 1st Baron Erroll of Hale14 September 2000
16 November 1999 (3 p.m.)Baron Armstrong-Jonesof Nymans in the County of West SussexAntony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon 
16 November 1999 (6 p.m.)Baron Pakenham of Cowleyof Cowley in the County of OxfordshireFrancis Aungier Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford3 August 2001
16 November 1999 (9 p.m.)Baron Shepherd of Spaldingof Spalding in the County of LincolnshireMalcolm Newton Shepherd, 2nd Baron Shepherd5 April 2001
16 November 1999 (11 p.m.)Baron Hennessyof Windlesham in the County of SurreyDavid James George Hennessy, 3rd Baron Windlesham 
17 November 1999 (6 a.m.)Baron Jellicoe of Southamptonof Southampton in the County of HampshireGeorge Patrick John Rushworth Jellicoe, 2nd Earl Jellicoe 
17 November 1999 (9 a.m.)Baron Ganzoniof Ipswich in the County of SuffolkJohn Julian Ganzoni, 2nd Baron Belstead 
17 November 1999 (noon)Baron Gascoyne-Cecilof Essendon in the County of RutlandRobert Michael James Gascoyne-Cecil, Baron Cecil 
17 November 1999 (3 p.m.)Baron Carington of Uptonof Upton in the County of NottinghamshirePeter Alexander Rupert Carington, 6th Baron Carrington 
9 February 2000Baron Brittan of Spennithorneof Spennithorne in the County of North YorkshireLeon Brittan 
10 February 2000Baroness Greengrossof Notting Hill in the Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaSally Ralea Greengross 
11 February 2000Baron Birtof Liverpool in the County of MerseysideJohn Birt 
14 February 2000Baron Patel of Blackburnof Langho in the County of LancashireAdam Hafejee Patel 
15 February 2000Baron Powell of Bayswaterof Canterbury in the County of KentCharles David Powell 
16 February 2000Baron Joffeof Liddington in the County of WiltshireJoel Goodman Joffe 
17 April 2000 (a.m.)Baron Acton of Bridgnorthof Aldenham in the County of ShropshireRichard Gerald Lyon-Dalberg-Acton, 4th Baron Acton 
17 April 2000 (p.m.)Baron Grenfell of Kilveyof Kilvey in the County of SwanseaJulian Pascoe Francis St Leger Grenfell, 3rd Baron Grenfell 
18 April 2000 (p.m.)Baron Gueterbockof Cranford in the London Borough of HilllingdonAnthony Fitzhardinge Gueterbock, 18th Baron Berkeley 
18 April 2000 (p.m.)Baron Mitfordof Redesdale in the County of NorthumberlandRupert Bertram Mitford, 6th Baron Redesdale 
19 April 2000 (6 a.m.)Baron Lyttelton of Aldershotof Aldershot in the County of HampshireThomas Orlando Lyttelton, 3rd Viscount Chandos 
19 April 2000 (9 a.m.)Baron Erskine of Alloa Towerof Alloa in ClackmannanshireJames Thorne Erskine, 14th Earl of Mar and Kellie 
19 April 2000 (noon)Baron Ponsonby of Roehamptonof Shulbrede in the County of West SussexFrederick Matthew Thomas Ponsonby, 4th Baron Ponsonby of Shulbrede 
1 May 2000 (a.m.)Baroness Northoverof Cissbury in the County of West SussexLindsay Patricia Granshaw 
1 May 2000 (p.m.)Baron Oakeshott of Seagrove Bayof Seagrove Bay in the County of Isle of WightMatthew Alan Oakeshott 
2 May 2000 (a.m.)Baroness Billinghamof Banbury in the County of OxfordshireAngela Theodora Billingham 
2 May 2000 (p.m.)Baron Brennanof Bibury in the County of GloucestershireDaniel Joseph Brennan 
3 May 2000 (a.m.)Baroness Cohen of Pimlicoof Pimlico in the City of WestminsterJanet Cohen 
3 May 2000 (p.m.)Baron Layardof Highgate in the London Borough of HaringeyPeter Richard Grenville Layard 
4 May 2000 (a.m.)Baron Greavesof Pendle in the County of LancashireAnthony Robert Greaves 
4 May 2000 (p.m.)Baron Turnbergof Cheadle in the County of CheshireLeslie Arnold Turnberg 
5 May 2000 (a.m.)Baron Hunt of Chestertonof Chesterton in the County of CambridgeshireJulian Charles Roland Hunt 
9 May 2000 (a.m.)Baroness Gibson of Market Rasenof Market Rasen in the County of LincolnshireAnne Gibson 
9 May 2000 (p.m.)Baroness Andrewsof Southover in the County of East SussexElizabeth Kay Andrews 
10 May 2000 (a.m.)Baron Mitchellof Hampstead in the London Borough of CamdenParry Andrew Mitchell 
10 May 2000 (p.m.)Baron Parekhof Kingston upon Hull in the East Riding of YorkshireBhikhu Chotalal Parekh 
11 May 2000 (a.m.)Baroness Scott of Needham Marketof Needham Market in the County of SuffolkRosalind Carol Scott 
11 May 2000 (p.m.)Baron Evans of Temple Guitingof Temple Guiting in the County of GloucestershireMatthew Evans 
12 May 2000 (a.m.)Baron Shuttof Greetland of Greetland and Stainland in the County of West YorkshireDavid Trevor Shutt 
12 May 2000 (p.m.)Baron Roperof Thorney Island in the City of WestminsterJohn Francis Hodgess Roper 
15 May 2000 (a.m.)Baroness Walmsleyof West Derby in the County of MerseysideJoan Margaret Walmsley 
15 May 2000 (p.m.)Baron Bernstein of Craigweilof Craigweil in the County of West SussexAlexander Bernstein 
16 May 2000 (a.m.)Baron Fyfe of Fairfieldof Sauchie in the County of ClackmannanshireGeorge Lennox Fyfe 
16 May 2000 (p.m.)Baron Coeof Ranmore in the County of SurreySebastian Newbold Coe 
5 June 2000Baron Jordanof Bournville in the County of West MidlandsWilliam Brian Jordan 
7 June 2000 (a.m.)Baroness Noakesof Goudhurst in the County of SussexSheila Valerie Masters 
7 June 2000 (p.m.)Baron Hodgson of Astley Abbottsof Nash in the County of ShropshireRobin Granville Hodgson 
12 June 2000Baron Morganof Aberdyfi in the County of GwyneddKenneth Owen Morgan 
2 October 2000Baron Luceof Adur in the County of West SussexRichard Napier Luce 
20 October 2000Baron Ashcroftof Chichester in the County of West SussexMichael Anthony Ashcroft 
15 January 2001Baroness Boothroydof Sandwell in the County of West MidlandsBetty Boothroyd 
2 June 2001Baron Chanof Oxton in the County of MerseysideMichael Chew Koon Chan 
4 June 2001Baron Bestof Godmanstone in the County of DorsetRichard Stuart Best 
5 June 2001Baron Bhatiaof Hampton in the London Borough of RichmondAmirali Alibhai Bhatia 
16 June 2001Baron Rookerof Perry Barr in the County of West MidlandsJeffrey William Rooker 
18 June 2001Baroness Greenfieldof Ot Moor in the County of OxfordshireSusan Adele Greenfield 
19 June 2001Baron Hannay of Chiswickof Bedford Park in the London Borough of EalingDavid Hugh Alexander Hannay 
20 June 2001Baroness Morgan of Huytonof Huyton in the County of MerseysideSally Morgan 
22 June 2001 (a.m.)Baron Sheldonof Ashton-under-Lyne in the County of Greater ManchesterRobert Edward Sheldon 
22 June 2001 (p.m.)Baron Temple-Morrisof Llandaff in the County of South Glamorgan and of Leominster in the County of HerefordshirePeter Temple-Morris 
23 June 2001Baron Moserof Regents Park in the London Borough of CamdenClaus Adolf Moser 
25 June 2001Baroness Howarthof Breckland of Parson Cross in the County of South YorkshireValerie Georgina Howarth 
26 June 2001Baron Ouseleyof Peckham Rye in the London Borough of SouthwarkHerman George Ouseley 
27 June 2001 (a.m.)Baron Guthrie of Craigiebankof Craigiebank in the City of DundeeCharles Ronald Llewelyn Guthrie 
27 June 2001 (p.m.)Baron Condonof Langton Green in the County of KentPaul Leslie Condon 
28 June 2001 (a.m.)Baroness Finlay of Llandaffof Llandaff in the County of South GlamorganIlora Gillian Finlay 
28 June 2001 (p.m.)Baron Browne of Madingleyof Cambridge in the County of CambridgeshireEdmund John Phillip Browne 
29 June 2001 (a.m.)Baroness Howe of Idlicoteof Shipston-on-Stow in the County of WarwickshireElspeth Rosamund Morton Howe 
29 June 2001 (p.m.)Baron Sutherland of Houndwoodof Houndwood in the Scottish BordersStewart Ross Sutherland 
30 June 2001Baron Adebowaleof Thornes in the County of West YorkshireVictor Olufemi Adebowale 
2 July 2001 (a.m.)Baron Grocottof Telford in the County of ShropshireBruce Joseph Grocott 
2 July 2001 (p.m.)Baron Clark of Windermereof Windermere in the County of CumbriaDavid George Clark 
3 July 2001 (a.m.)Baron Morris of Aberavonof Aberavon in the County of West Glamorgan and of Ceredigion in the County of DyfedJohn Morris 
3 July 2001 (p.m.)Baron Fowlerof Sutton Coldfield in the County of West MidlandsPeter Norman Fowler 
4 July 2001 (a.m.)Baron Pendryof Stalybridge in the County of Greater ManchesterThomas Pendry 
4 July 2001 (p.m.)Baron Campbell-Savoursof Allerdale in the County of CumbriaDale Norman Campbell-Savours 
5 July 2001 (a.m.)Baron MacGregor of Pulham Marketof Pulham Market in the County of NorfolkJohn Roddick Russell MacGregor 
5 July 2001 (p.m.)Baron Corbett of Castle Valeof Erdington in the County of West MidlandsRobin Corbett 
6 July 2001Baron Jonesof Deeside in the County of ClwydStephen Barry Jones 
9 July 2001Baron King of Bridgwaterof Bridgwater in the County of SomersetThomas Jeremy King 
10 July 2001Baron Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdonof Norton-sub-Hamdon in the County of SomersetJeremy John Durham Ashdown 
11 July 2001Baron Fearnof Southport in the County of MerseysideRonald Cyril Fearn 
12 July 2001Baron Heseltineof Thenford in the County of NorthamptonshireMichael Ray Dibdin Heseltine 
13 July 2001Baroness Goldingof Newcastle-under-Lyme in the County of StaffordshireLlinos Golding 
14 July 2001Baroness Michie of Gallanachof Oban in Argyll and ButeJanet Ray Michie 
16 July 2001Baron Radiceof Chester-le-Street in the County of DurhamGiles Heneage Radice 
17 July 2001Baron Kilclooneyof Armagh in the County of ArmaghJohn David Taylor 
18 July 2001Baron May of Oxfordof Oxford in the County of OxfordshireRobert McCredie May 
19 July 2001Baron Maclennan of Rogartof Rogart in SutherlandRobert Adam Ross Maclennan 
20 July 2001Baron Maginnis of Drumglassof Carnteel in the County of TyroneKenneth Wiggins Maginnis 
30 July 2001Baron Brooke of Sutton Mandevilleof Sutton Mandeville in the County of WiltshirePeter Leonard Brooke 
28 August 2001Baron Livsey of Talgarthof Talgarth in the County of PowysRichard Arthur Lloyd Livsey 
30 October 2001Baron Black of Crossharbourof Crossharbour in the London Borough of Tower HamletsConrad Moffat Black 
1 November 2002Baron Carey of Cliftonof Clifton in the City and County of BristolGeorge Leonard Carey 
18 November 2002Baron Wilson of Dintonof Dinton in the County of BuckinghamshireRichard Thomas James Wilson 
16 June 2003Baron Boyceof Pimlico in the City of WestminsterMichael Cecil Boyce 
17 June 2003Baron Cullen of Whitekirkof Whitekirk in East LothianWilliam Douglas Cullen 
9 January 2004Baron Triesmanof Tottenham in the London Borough of HaringeyDavid Maxim Triesman 
1 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Kalmsof Edgware in the London Borough of BarnetHarold Stanley Kalms 
1 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Draysonof Kensington in the Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaPaul Rudd Drayson 
2 June 2004 (a.m.)Baroness Falkner of Margravineof Barons Court in the London Borough of Hammersmith and FulhamKishwer Falkner 
2 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Tunnicliffeof Bracknell in the County of BerkshireDenis Tunnicliffe 
3 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Bhattacharyyaof Moseley in the County of West MidlandsSushantha Kumar Bhattacharyya 
3 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Gardenof Hampstead in the London Borough of CamdenTimothy Garden 
4 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Howard of Risingof Castle Rising in the County of NorfolkGreville Patrick Charles Howard 
4 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Hart of Chiltonof Chilton in the County of SuffolkGarry Richard Rushby Hart 
7 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Leitchof Oakley in FifeAlexander Park Leitch 
7 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Gould of Brookwoodof Brookwood in the County of SurreyPhilip Gould 
8 June 2004 (a.m.)Baroness Henigof Lancaster in the County of LancashireRuth Beatrice Henig 
8 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Carter of Colesof Westmill in the County of HertfordshirePatrick Robert Carter 
9 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Snapeof Wednesbury in the County of West MidlandsPeter Charles Snape 
9 June 2004 (p.m.)Baroness Morris of Boltonof Bolton in the County of Greater ManchesterPatricia Morris 
10 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Truscottof St James's in the City of WestminsterPeter Derek Truscott 
10 June 2004 (p.m.)Baroness Wall of New Barnetof New Barnet in the London Borough of BarnetMargaret Mary Wall 
11 June 2004 (a.m.)Baroness Prosserof Battersea in the London Borough of WandsworthMargaret Theresa Prosser 
11 June 2004 (p.m.)Baroness Morgan of Drefelinof Drefelin in the County of DyfedDelyth Jane Morgan 
14 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Laidlawof Rothiemay in BanffshireIrvine Alan Stewart Laidlaw 
14 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Rosserof Ickenham in the London Borough of HillingdonRichard Andrew Rosser 
15 June 2004 (a.m.)Baroness Neubergerof Primrose Hill in the London Borough of CamdenJulia Babette Sarah Neuberger 
15 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Roberts of Llandudnoof Llandudno in the County of GwyneddJohn Roger Roberts 
16 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Giddensof Southgate in the London Borough of EnfieldAnthony Giddens 
16 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Ranaof Malone in the County of AntrimDiljit Singh Rana 
17 June 2004 (a.m.)Baroness Murphyof Aldgate in the City of LondonElaine Murphy 
17 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Maxtonof Blackwaterfoot in Ayrshire and ArranJohn Alston Maxton 
18 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Ballyedmondof Mourne in the County of DownEdward Enda Haughey 
18 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron McKenzie of Lutonof Luton in the County of BedfordshireWilliam David McKenzie 
21 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Dykesof Harrow Weald in the London Borough of HarrowHugh John Maxwell Dykes 
21 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Broersof Cambridge in the County of CambridgeshireAlec Nigel Broers 
22 June 2004 (a.m.)Baroness Young of Hornseyof Hornsey in the London Borough of HaringeyMargaret Omolola Young 
22 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Vallance of Tummelof Tummel in Perth and KinrossIain David Thomas Vallance 
23 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Steinbergof Belfast in the County of AntrimLeonard Steinberg 
23 June 2004 (p.m.)Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnburyof Yarnbury in the County of WiltshireJane Bonham Carter 
24 June 2004 (a.m.)Baroness Chapmanof Leeds in the County of West YorkshireNicola Jane Chapman 
24 June 2004 (p.m.)Baroness McDonaghof Mitcham and of Morden in the London Borough of MertonMargaret Josephine McDonagh 
25 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Young of Norwood Greenof Norwood Green in the London Borough of EalingAnthony Ian Young 
25 June 2004 (p.m.)Baroness Royall of Blaisdonof Blaisdon in the County of GloucestershireJanet Anne Royall 
28 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Rowlandsof Merthyr Tydfil and of Rhymney in the County of Mid-GlamorganEdward Rowlands 
28 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Haworthof Fisherfield in Ross and CromartyAlan Robert Haworth 
29 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Cameron of Dillingtonof Dillington in the County of SomersetEwen James Hanning Cameron 
29 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Georgeof St Tudy in the County of CornwallEdward Alan John George 
30 June 2004 (a.m.)Baron Griffiths of Burry Portof Pembrey and Burry Port in the County of DyfedLeslie John Griffiths 
30 June 2004 (p.m.)Baron Kerr of Kinlochardof Kinlochard in Perth and KinrossJohn Olav Kerr 
1 July 2004 (a.m.)Baroness D'Souzaof Wychwood in the County of OxfordshireFrances Gertrude Claire D'Souza 
1 July 2004 (p.m.)Baron Allianceof Manchester in the County of Greater ManchesterDavid Alliance