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List of liberal U.S. Republicans
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List of liberal U.S. Republicans

Although now mostly associated with conservative political philosophy, the United States Republican Party has long had a liberal wing.

In the late 20th century, those in this wing were often called Rockefeller Republicans, a reference to the former New York governor and vice president Nelson A. Rockefeller.

Liberals in the Republican party were competitive with the conservative wing of the party from the Progressive era until the 1980s, when Ronald Reagan's presidency marked the triumph of the conservative wing. During the 1960s, the two wings of the party were epitomized by liberal Rockefeller and conservative Barry M. Goldwater.

This is not always a cut-and-dry issue. Senator John S. McCain III is considered liberal on many issues, and voted against the George W. Bush Administration's proposed energy and prescription drug legislation, as well as the Federal Marriage Amendment, but he is considered the political protégé of Goldwater and identifies himself as a staunch conservative. McCain could be identified as a classical conservative, a group which views modern social conservatives and neoconservatives as dangerous radicals.

List of liberal or "Rockefeller" Republicans