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List of Koreans
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List of Koreans

This is a list of famous Koreans or famous people of Korean descent. For easy reference, the Hangul spelling of each person's name is provided alongside his or her romanized name.

Note: In Korean names, the family name is placed first (for example, the family name of "Kim Dae-jung" is "Kim"), unless the person has decided to Westernize his or her name.

Table of contents
1 Artists and Performers
2 Businesspeople
3 Celebrities
4 Film-makers
5 Historical Figures
6 Poets
7 Politicians
8 Religious Leaders
9 Scholars
10 Scientists and engineers
11 Athletes

Artists and Performers




Historical Figures



See also: Presidents of South Korea

Religious Leaders


Scientists and engineers


See also: Korean-American, List of people by nationality