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List of Kings of the Picts
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List of Kings of the Picts

This list is based on the Pictish Chronicle, which has survived in a late copy, and did not record the dates the kings reigned. The dates given are based on guesswork and inference from contemporary records.

Reign Name Name Variations Notes
c.400 to c.402 Uuradach Uetla Feradach Finlegh
c.402 to ? Gartnait Duiperr
? to ?413 Talorc mac Achiuir
?413/424 to ?451/453 Drust mac Erp Drest
?451/453 to ?455/457 Talorc mac Aniel
?455/457 to c.465/468 Nechtan Morbet mac Erp Celchamoch
c.465/468 to c.495/498 Drust Gurthinmoch Drest
c.495/498 to c.510/513 Galam Erilich Galanan
c.510/513 to c.530/533 Drust mac Gigurum Drest
c.510/513 to 525/529 Drust mac Uudrost Drest mac Hudrossig
c.530/533 to c.537/540 Gartnait mac Gigurum
c.537 to c.539/541 Cailtram mac Gigurum Caltarni
c.539/541 to c.550/552 Talorc mac Murtholoic Talorg
c.550/552 to c.551/553 Drust mac Munait Drest mac Moneth
c.551/6 to 556 Galam Cennalath
Gwynedd Dynasty?
c.555/556 to 586/7? Brude mac Maelchon Bridei
586/7 to ?597 Gartnait mac Domelch Garnard mac Donath or Gartnard
?597 to ?617 Nechtan Nectu
?617 to 631 Cinioch mac Lutrin
631 to 635 Gartnait mac Uuid Gartnait mac Fothe; Garnard or
Nechtan mac Uuid (Nechtan III)
635 to 641 Brude mac Uuid Bridei mac Fothe
641 to 653 Talorc mac Uuid
Bernicia Dynasty
653 to 657 Talorcen mac Eanfrith Talargan
Dalriada Dynasty?
657 to 663/4 '''Gartnait mac Donuel
663/4 to 671/2 Drust mac Donuel Drest Expelled
Strathclyde Dynasty?
671/2 to 692/3 Brude mac Bile Bridei
692/3 to 696/7 Taran mac Entfidich Tarain Expelled
696/7 to 706 Brude mac Derile Bridei mac Derelei
706 to 724 Nechtan mac Derile Nechton mac Derelei 1st Reign; retired to a monastery
724 to 726 Drust Drest
726 to 728 Alpin mac Eochaidh Elpin
728 to 728 Onuist mac Urguist Oengus mac Fergus 1st Reign
728 to 729 Nechtan mac Derile Nechton mac Derelei 2nd Reign
729 to 761 Onuist mac Urguist Oengus mac Fergus 2nd Reign
761 to 763 Brude mac Urguist Bridei mac Fergus
Lorne Dynasty
763 to 775 Ciniod mac Uuredech
775 to 780 Alpin Elpin
781 to 785 Talorcen mac Drostan Talorgen
?780 to 781 Drust mac Talorcan Drust
?781/785 to ?787 Talorcen mac Oengus Talorgen
?785/787 to 789 Conall mac Tagd Canaul mac Tang Deposed by Constantine
789 to 820 Constantine
820 to 834 Oengus
834 to 837 Drust Drest
837 to 839 Uen Ewen
839 to 842 Uurad Ferat
842 to 842 Brude Bridei
842 to 842 Kineth
843 to 845 Brude Bridei
845 to 848 Drust Drest

Drust was the last ruler of the Picts. Kenneth MacAlpin became King of the Scots and Picts in 848. His kingdom became known as Alba.