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List of Kings of Numidia
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List of Kings of Numidia

An ancient kingdom located in the region of North Africa now occupied by Algeria

The Kingdom existed from the 3rd to 1st Centuries BC.

The Kingdom of Numidia was established as a client kingdom by Rome following the Second Punic War. It was annexed by Rome in 46 BC, and then, after a brief period of restored independence, in 25 BC.

Table of contents
1 Kings of Eastern Numidia
2 Kings of Western Numidia
3 Kings of Numidia

Kings of Eastern Numidia

Reign Incumbent Notes
ante215BC to 202 Sifax  
202 to ? Vermina  
? to ? Archobarzane  

Kings of Western Numidia

Reign Incumbent Notes
? to ? Zelalsen
? to 207BC Gayya  
207 to 206 Ozalces  
206 to 206 Capussa  
206 to 206 Lacumazes  
206 to ?202 Massinissa  

Kings of Numidia

Reign Incumbent Notes
202BC to 148BC Massinissa Hitherto king of Western Numidia
8 to 118 Micipsa  
148 to 145 Gulussa  
118 to 118 Adherbal  
Hiempsal I  
118 to 112 Adherbal  
  118 to 106 Jugurtha
106 to 88 Gauda  
88 to 60 Hiempsal II  
60 to 46 Juba I  
46 to 30 Roman Republic Suzerainty  
30BC to 25BC Juba II  

From the end of the Kingdom, Numidia was ruled by the following powers:-

25BC to 395 Roman Empire, becoming
395 to 429 The Western Roman Empire