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List of islands of Wales
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List of islands of Wales

This is a list of the islands of Wales, the mainland of which is part of Great Britain, as well as a table of the largest Welsh islands by area.

NameIsland Group / Location
AngleseyIrish Sea
Bardsey IslandGwynedd
Barry IslandBristol Channel (linked to the mainland during the 1880s)
Caldey IslandPembrokeshire
Cardigan IslandCeredigion
Flat HolmBristol Channel
Gateholm IslandPembrokeshire
Holy Island, AngleseyAnglesey
Midland IslandPembrokeshire
Puffin IslandAnglesey
Ramsey IslandPembrokeshire
St Catherine's IslandPembrokeshire
St Margaret's IslandPembrokeshire
St Tudwal's Island EastSt Tudwal's Islands
St Tudwal's Island WestSt Tudwal's Islands
Sheep IslandPembrokeshire
Shell IslandGwynedd
The SkerriesAnglesey
Skokholm IslandPembrokeshire
Skomer IslandPembrokeshire
Sully IslandVale of Glamorgan
Tusker RockVale of Glamorgan
Ynys BeryPembrokeshire

Largest islands in Wales

IslandArea (sq mi)Area (sq km)
2Holy Island15.2239.44
3Skomer Island1.122.90
4Ramsey Island0.992.58
5Caldey Island0.842.18
6Bardsey Island0.761.99
8Flat Holm0.130.33
9Puffin Island0.110.28
10Cardigan Island0.060.15

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