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List of islands of Scotland
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List of islands of Scotland

This is a list of the islands of Scotland, the mainland of which is part of the island of Great Britain, as well as a table of the largest Scottish islands. Rockall is claimed by the United Kingdom as part of Scotland, but its status is disputed.

NameIsland Group / Location
Ailsa CraigAyrshire
ArranFirth of Clyde
AuskerryOrkney Islands
Bac MórTreshnish Isles
BaleshareOuter Hebrides
BaltaShetland Islands
BarraOuter Hebrides
Bass RockFirth of Forth
BelnahuaSlate Islands
BenbeculaOuter Hebrides
Berneray near BarraOuter Hebrides
Berneray near North UistOuter Hebrides
BiggaShetland Islands
Bottle IslandSummer Isles
BoreraySaint Kilda
BorerayOuter Hebrides
BressayShetland Islands
Brother IsleShetland Islands
BrurayOut Skerries
BurraShetland Islands
BurrayOrkney Islands
ButeFirth of Clyde
Cairn na Burgh BeagTreshnish Isles
Cairn na Burgh MoreTreshnish Isles
Calf of EdayOrkney Islands
Calf of FlottaOrkney Islands
CalvayOuter Hebrides
CampayOuter Hebrides
CannaSmall Isles
Cara IslandInner Hebrides
CavaOrkney Islands
Ceann EarMonarch Islands
Ceann IarMonarch Islands
ClettInner Hebrides
Clettack SkerryPentland Skerries
CollInner Hebrides
ColonsayInner Hebrides
CopinsayOrkney Islands
Corn HolmOrkney Islands
CraigleithFirth of Forth
Cramond IslandFirth of Forth
DamsayOrkney Islands
Danna IslandInner Hebrides
DeaskerMonarch Islands
Dubh ArtachInner Hebrides
DunSaint Kilda
Dún ChannuillGarvellachs
EasdaleSlate Islands
East LingaShetland Islands
EdayOrkney Islands
EgilsayOrkney Islands
EiggSmall Isles
Eileach an NaiomhGarvellachs
Eilean Chaluim ChilleOuter Hebrides
Eilean DubhSummer Isles
Eilean FladdayInner Hebrides
Eilean UibhardOuter Hebrides
Eilean MeadhonachCrowlin Islands
Eilean MórCrowlin Islands
Eilean MullagrachSummer Isles
Eilean TighInner Hebrides
EnsayOuter Hebrides
EriskayOuter Hebrides
ErraidInner Hebrides
Isle of EweHighland
EynhallowOrkney Islands
Fair IsleShetland Islands
FaraOrkney Islands
FarayOrkney Islands
FetlarShetland Islands
FidraFirth of Forth
Fish HolmShetland Islands
FladdaTreshnish Isles
FlarayOuter Hebrides
FlodayOuter Hebrides
Flodday near BarraOuter Hebrides
Flodday near VatersayOuter Hebrides
FloddaybegOuter Hebrides
FloddaymoreOuter Hebrides
FlottaOrkney Islands
FoulaShetland Islands
FudayOuter Hebrides
FuiayOuter Hebrides
GairsayOrkney Islands
Garb EileachGarvellachs
Garb SgeirInner Hebrides
GighaInner Hebrides
GighayOuter Hebrides
GilsayOuter Hebrides
Glas-leac BeagSummer Isles
Glas-leac MorSummer Isles
Glimps HolmOrkney Islands
Gloup HolmShetland Islands
GometraInner Hebrides
GraemsayOrkney Islands
Great CumbraeFirth of Clyde
GrimsayOuter Hebrides
GroayOuter Hebrides
Gruinard IslandHighland
GrunayOut Skerries
GruneyShetland Islands
Haaf GruneyShetland Islands
Harlosh IslandInner Hebrides
HascosayShetland Islands
HearnishMonarch Islands
Helliar HolmOrkney Islands
HellisayOuter Hebrides
HermetrayOuter Hebrides
HildasayShetland Islands
HirtaSaint Kilda
Holm of FarayOrkney Islands
Holm of HuipOrkney Islands
Holm of PapayOrkney Islands
Holm of ScocknessOrkney Islands
Holy Isle, Firth of ClydeFirth of Clyde
Horse IslandSmall Isles
Horse IslandSummer Isles
Horse IsleFirth of Clyde
HousayOut Skerries
HoyOrkney Islands
HundaOrkney Islands
HuneyShetland Islands
InchcolmFirth of Forth
InchkeithFirth of Forth
InchmarnockFirth of Clyde
IonaInner Hebrides
IsayInner Hebrides
IslayInner Hebrides
JuraInner Hebrides
KerreraInner Hebrides
Kili HolmOrkney Islands
KillegrayOuter Hebrides
KirkibostOuter Hebrides
Lady's HolmShetland Islands
LambaShetland Islands
Lamb HolmOrkney Islands
Lamb IslandFirth of Forth
Lewis with HarrisOuter Hebrides
Linga near Muckle RoeShetland Islands
Linga near Shetland MainlandShetland Islands
Linga near YellShetland Islands
Linga HolmOrkney Islands
Lingay near HarrisOuter Hebrides
Lingay near North UistOuter Hebrides
LismoreInner Hebrides
Little BerneraOuter Hebrides
Little CumbraeFirth of Clyde
Little RoeShetland Islands
Little SkerryPentland Skerries
Longa IslandHighland
LongayInner Hebrides
Louther SkerryPentland Skerries
LuingSlate Islands
LungaTreshnish Isles
Lunna HolmShetland Islands
Isle MartinSummer Isles
Isle of MayFirth of Forth
MealastaOuter Hebrides
MingayInner Hebrides
MingulayOuter Hebrides
Moul of EswickShetland Islands
MousaShetland Islands
MuckSmall Isles
Muckle FluggaShetland Islands
Muckle Green HolmOrkney Islands
Muckle OssaShetland Islands
Muckle RoeShetland Islands
Muckle SkerryPentland Skerries
MuldoanichOuter Hebrides
MullInner Hebrides
North HavraShetland Islands
North RonaAtlantic Ocean
North RonaldsayOrkney Islands
North UistOuter Hebrides
NossShetland Islands
Oigh-SgeirInner Hebrides
Oldany IslandHighland
OpsayOuter Hebrides
OrfasayShetland Islands
Orkney MainlandOrkney Islands
OrnsayInner Hebrides
Oronsay, Inner HebridesInner Hebrides
Oronsay, Outer HebridesOuter Hebrides
OrosayOuter Hebrides
OrsayInner Hebrides
Out StackShetland Islands
OxnaShetland Islands
PabayInner Hebrides
Pabbay near BarraOuter Hebrides
Pabbay near HarrisOuter Hebrides
PapaShetland Islands
Papa LittleShetland Islands
Papa StourShetland Islands
Papa StronsayOrkney Islands
Papa WestrayOrkney Islands
PladdayFirth of Clyde
Priest IslandSummer Isles
RaasayInner Hebrides
Isle RistolSummer Isles
RonayOuter Hebrides
RousayOrkney Islands
RumSmall Isles
Rusk HolmOrkney Islands
Rysa LittleOrkney Islands
SamphreyShetland Islands
Sanday, OrkneyOrkney Islands
Sanday, Inner HebridesSmall Isles
SandrayOuter Hebrides
Scalpay, Inner HebridesInner Hebrides
Scalpay, Outer HebridesOuter Hebrides
ScaravayOuter Hebrides
ScarbaInner Hebrides
ScarpOuter Hebrides
ScotosayOuter Hebrides
SeilSlate Islands
SgeotosaighOuter Hebrides
ShapinsayOrkney Islands
Shetland MainlandShetland Islands
ShillayOuter Hebrides
SkyeInner Hebrides
Soay, Inner HebridesInner Hebrides
Soay, Saint KildaSaint Kilda
Soay BeagOuter Hebrides
Soay MorOuter Hebrides
South AscribAscrib Islands
South GruneyShetland Islands
South HavraShetland Islands
South Isle of GletnessShetland Islands
South RonaInner Hebrides
South RonaldsayOrkney Islands
South UistOuter Hebrides
StaffaInner Hebrides
StockayMonarch Islands
StromayOuter Hebrides
StronsayOrkney Islands
StuleyOuter Hebrides
Sula SgeirAtlantic Ocean
SursayOuter Hebrides
Sweyn HolmOrkney Islands
SwithaOrkney Islands
SwonaOrkney Islands
TahayOuter Hebrides
Tanera BegSummer Isles
Tanera MorSummer Isles
TaransayOuter Hebrides
Tarner IslandInner Hebrides
TireeInner Hebrides
TrondraShetland Islands
UlvaInner Hebrides
UnstShetland Islands
Urie LingeyShetland Islands
UyeaShetland Islands
UynareyShetland Islands
VacsayOuter Hebrides
VailaShetland Islands
VallayOuter Hebrides
VatersayOuter Hebrides
VementryShetland Islands
Vuia BegOuter Hebrides
Vuia MorOuter Hebrides
West LingaShetland Islands
WestrayOrkney Islands
WhalsayShetland Islands
WiayInner Hebrides
WyreOrkney Islands
YellShetland Islands

Largest islands in Scotland

IslandArea (sq mi)Area (sq km)
1Lewis and Harris859.192225.30
3Shetland Mainland373.36967.0
6Orkney Mainland206.99536.10
9North Uist135.71351.49
10South Uist128.36332.45

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