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List of islands of England
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List of islands of England

This is a list of the islands of England, the mainland of which is part of the island of Great Britain, as well as a table of the largest English islands by area.

NameIsland Group / Location
AnnetIsles of Scilly
Bridgemarsh IslandEssex
Brownsea IslandPoole Harbour
BryherIsles of Scilly
Burgh IslandDevon
Burnt IslandIsles of Scilly
Burntwick IslandRiver Medway
Canvey IslandThames Estuary
Coquet IslandNorthumberland
Crow IslandIsles of Scilly
English IslandIsles of Scilly
Foulness IslandEssex
GorreganIsles of Scilly
Great ArthurIsles of Scilly
Great GaninickIsles of Scilly
Great GannillyIsles of Scilly
Green IslandIsles of Scilly
Guther's IslandIsles of Scilly
GwealIsles of Scilly
Havengore IslandEssex
Havergate IslandSuffolk
Hayling IslandChichester Harbour
Hedge-end IslandEssex
Horsea IslandPortsmouth Harbour
Horsey IslandEssex
Inner FarneFarne Islands
Little ArthurIsles of Scilly
Little GaninickIsles of Scilly
Little GannillyIsles of Scilly
Looe IslandCornwall
LundyBristol Channel
MenawethanIsles of Scilly
Merrick IslandIsles of Scilly
Mersea IslandEssex
Northey IslandEssex
Orford NessSuffolk
Osea IslandEssex
Pewit IslandEssex
Plumb IslandIsles of Scilly
Portsea IslandHampshire
Potton IslandEssex
Puffin IslandIsles of Scilly
RosevearIsles of Scilly
Round IslandIsles of Scilly
St AgnesIsles of Scilly
St Helen'sIsles of Scilly
St Martin'sIsles of Scilly
St Mary'sIsles of Scilly
St Michael's MountCornwall
SamsonIsles of Scilly
Isle of SheppeyThames Estuary
Skipper's IslandEssex
Staple IslandFarne Islands
Steep HolmBristol Channel
Stony IslandIsles of Scilly
TeanIsles of Scilly
Thorney IslandChichester Harbour
Toll's IslandIsles of Scilly
TrescoIsles of Scilly
Two Tree IslandThames Estuary
Wallasea IslandEssex
Isle of WalneyCumbria
Whale IslandPortsmouth Harbour
White IslandIsles of Scilly
Isle of WightEnglish Channel

Largest islands in England

IslandArea (sq mi)Area (sq km)
1Isle of Wight147.09380.99
2Isle of Sheppey36.3194.04
3Hayling Island10.3626.84
4Foulness Island10.0926.84
5Portsea Island9.3624.25
6Canvey Island7.1218.45
7Mersea Island6.9618.04
8Isle of Walney5.0112.99
9Isle of Grain4.9612.85
10Wallasea Island4.1110.65

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