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List of Irish counties by area
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List of Irish counties by area

This is a list of counties of Ireland ordered by area. Counties in the Republic of Ireland are shown in normal type, while those in Northern Ireland and listed in italic type.

RankDistrictArea (kmē)
1County Cork7457
2County Galway6148
3County Mayo5585
4County Donegal4841
5County Kerry4746
6County Tipperary4303
7County Tyrone3155
8County Clare3147
9County Antrim2844
10County Limerick2686
11County Roscommon2547
12County Down2448
13County Wexford2352
14County Meath2342
15County Derry2074
16County Kilkenny2061
17County Wicklow2024
18County Offaly1999
19County Cavan1931
20County Westmeath1838
21County Waterford1837
22County Sligo1836
23County Laois1719
24County Kildare1693
25County Fermanagh1691
26County Leitrim1588
27County Monaghan1294
28County Armagh1254
29County Longford1091
30County Dublin921
31County Carlow896
32County Louth820

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