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List of intrastate Interstate highways
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List of intrastate Interstate highways

The following United States Interstate Highways do not cross state lines. There is no real violation of any rule here - nothing says an interstate has to truly be inter-state, but it is an amusing violation of the phrase.

Interstate 4 - Tampa, FL (I-275) to Daytona Beach, FL (I-95)
Interstate 12 - Baton Rouge, LA (I-10) to Alton, LA (I-10)
Interstate 16 - Macon, GA (I-75) to Savannah, GA
Interstate 17 - Phoenix, AZ (I-10) to Flagstaff, AZ (I-40)
Interstate 19 - Nogales, AZ (Mexican border) to Tucson, AZ (I-10)
Interstate 27 - Lubbock, TX to Amarillo, TX (I-40)
Interstate 37 - Corpus Christi, TX (US-181) to San Antonio, TX (I-35)
Interstate 43 - Beloit, WI (I-39 & I-90) to Green Bay, WI (US-41)
Interstate 45 - Galveston, TX (TX-124) to Dallas, TX (I-30)
Interstate 49 - Lafayette, LA (I-10) to Shreveport, LA (I-20)
Interstate 73 - Candor, NC (US-220) to Greensboro, NC (I-40 & I-85)
Interstate 86 - West - Heyburn, ID (I-84) to Pocatello, ID (I-15)
Interstate 87 - New York, NY (I-278) to Champlain, NY (Canadian border)
Interstate 88 - West - Moline, IL (I-80) to Chicago, IL (I-290)
Interstate 88 - East - Binghamton, NY (I-81) to Schenectady, NY (I-90)
Interstate 96 - Muskegon, MI (US-31) to Detroit, MI (I-75)
Interstate 97 - Annapolis, MD (US-50) to Baltimore, MD (I-695)
Interstate 99 - Bedford, PA (I-76) to Bald Eagle, PA (US-220)

Of course, Alaska's and Hawaii's interstate highways are fully within that state's boundaries. And Puerto Rico is not a state, but it also has internal highways funded by the Federal Government.


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