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List of Interstates
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List of Interstates

Primary interstates are the major interstate highways of the United States and are assigned a one or two-digit route number. Even route numbers are assigned to east/west routes, with the lower numbered routes being further south (I-10) and higher numbered routes in the north (I-90). Similarly, odd route numbers are assigned to north/south routes, with the lower numbered routes being further west (I-5) and the higher numbered routes being further east (I-95).

Three-digit interstates are spur or loop interstates that usually service large cities and suburbs. The last two digits of a three-digit interstate are always the number of the parent route, the primary interstate where it originated. If the first digit is odd, the interstate is typically a spur route while if the first digit is even, the interstate is typically a loop route. Three-digit interstates are covered in their parent route's article.

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2 Hawaiian Interstates
3 Alaskan and Puerto Rican Interstates
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Primary Interstates

Interstate 4 - Tampa, FL (I-275) to Daytona Beach, FL (I-95)
Interstate 5 - San Ysidro, CA (Mexican border) to Blaine, WA (Canadian border)
Interstate 8 - San Diego, CA to Casa Grande, AZ (I-10)
Interstate 10 - Santa Monica, CA to Jacksonville, FL (I-95)
Interstate 12 - Baton Rouge, LA (I-10) to Alton, LA (I-10)
Interstate 15 - San Diego, CA (CA-15) to Sweetgrass, MT (Canadian border)
Interstate 16 - Macon, GA (I-75) to Savannah, GA
Interstate 17 - Phoenix, AZ (I-10) to Flagstaff, AZ (I-40)
Interstate 19 - Nogales, AZ (Mexican border) to Tucson, AZ (I-10)
Interstate 20 - Kent, TX (I-10) to Florence, SC (I-95)
Interstate 24 - Pulley's Mill, IL (I-57)to Chattanooga, TN (I-75)
Interstate 25 - Las Cruces, NM (I-10) to Buffalo, WY (I-90)
Interstate 26 - Colonial Heights, TN (I-81) to Charleston, SC
Interstate 27 - Lubbock, TX to Amarillo, TX (I-40)
Interstate 29 - Kansas City, MO (I-35 & I-70) to Pembina, ND (Canadian border)
Interstate 30 - Fort Worth, TX (I-20) to Little Rock, AR (I-40)
Interstate 35 - Laredo, TX (Mexican border) to Duluth, MN (MN-61)
Interstate 37 - Corpus Christi, TX (US-181) to San Antonio, TX (I-35)
Interstate 39 - Normal, IL (I-55) to Wausau, WI
Interstate 40 - Barstow, CA (I-15) to Wilmington, NC (NC-132)
Interstate 43 - Beloit, WI (I-39 & I-90) to Green Bay, WI (US-41)
Interstate 44 - Wichita Falls, TX (US-287) to St. Louis, MO (I-55)
Interstate 45 - Galveston, TX (TX-124) to Dallas, TX (I-30)
Interstate 49 - Lafayette, LA (I-10) to Shreveport, LA (I-20)
Interstate 55 - La Place, LA (I-10) to Chicago, IL (US-41)
Interstate 57 - Miner, MO (I-55) to Chicago, IL (I-94)
Interstate 59 - Alton, LA (I-10 & I-12) to Lookout Mountain, GA (I-24)
Interstate 64 - St. Louis, MO (I-270) to Chesapeake, VA (I-264 & I-664)
Interstate 65 - Mobile, AL (I-10) to Gary, IN (I-90)
Interstate 66 - Middletown, VA (I-81) to Washington, D.C (US-29)
Interstate 68 - Morgantown, WV (I-79) to Hancock, MD (I-70)
Interstate 69 - Indianapolis, IN (I-465) to Port Huron, MI (Canadian border)
Interstate 70 - Cove Fort, UT (I-15) to Baltimore, MD (I-695)
'''Interstate 71 - Louisville, KY (I-64) to Cleveland, OH (I-90)
Interstate 72 - Hannibal, MO (US-61) to Champaign, IL (I-57)
Interstate 73 - Candor, NC (US-220) to Greensboro, NC (I-40 & I-85)
Interstate 74 - Bettendorf, IA (I-80) to Cincinnati, OH (I-75)
Interstate 75 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL (FL-826) to Sault Ste. Marie, MI (Canadian border)
Interstate 76 - West - Denver, CO (I-70) to Big Spring, NE (I-80)
Interstate 76 - East - Westfield Center, OH (I-71) to Camden, NJ (I-295)
Interstate 77 - Columbia, SC (I-26) to Cleveland, OH (I-90)
Interstate 78 - Bordnersville, PA (I-81) to New York City, NY
Interstate 79 - Charleston, WV (I-77) to Erie, PA (PA-5)
Interstate 80 - San Francisco, CA (US-101) to Fort Lee, NJ (I-95)
Interstate 81 - Dandridge, TN (I-40) to Fisher's Landing, NY (Canadian border)
Interstate 82 - Ellensburg, WA (I-90) to Hermiston, OR (I-84)
Interstate 83 - Baltimore, MD to Harrisburg, PA (I-81)
Interstate 84 - West - Portland, OR (I-5) to Echo, UT (I-80)
Interstate 84 - East - Scranton, PA (I-81) to Sturbridge, MA (I-90)
Interstate 85 - Montgomery, AL (I-65) to Petersburg, VA (I-95)
Interstate 86 - West - Heyburn, ID (I-84) to Pocatello, ID (I-15)
Interstate 86 - East - Erie, PA (I-90) to Elmira, NY (NY-17)
Interstate 87 - New York, NY (I-278) to Champlain, NY (Canadian border)
Interstate 88 - West - Moline, IL (I-80) to Chicago, IL (I-290)
Interstate 88 - East - Binghamton, NY (I-81) to Schenectady, NY (I-90)
Interstate 89 - Concord, NH (I-93) to Highgate Springs, VT (Canadian border)
Interstate 90 - Seattle, WA to Boston, MA
Interstate 91 - New Haven, CT (I-95) to Derby Line, VT (Canadian border)
Interstate 93 - Canton, MA (I-95) to St. Johnsbury, VT (I-91)
Interstate 94 - Billings, MT (I-90) to Port Huron, MI (Canadian border)
'''Interstate 95 - Miami, FL (US-1) to Houlton, ME (Canadian border)
Interstate 96 - Muskegon, MI (US-31) to Detroit, MI (I-75)
Interstate 97 - Annapolis, MD (US-50) to Baltimore, MD (I-695)
Interstate 99 - Bedford, PA (I-76) to Bald Eagle, PA (US-220)
Interstate 238 - Hayward, CA (I-580) to San Lorenzo, CA (I-880)

Hawaiian Interstates

The interstate highways in Hawaii are signed with the standard Interstate shield, with the letter "H-" prefixed before the number. They are fully controlled-access routes built to the same standards as the mainland Interstate routes.

Alaskan and Puerto Rican Interstates

The Federal Highway Administration funds four routes in Alaska and three routes in Puerto Rico under the same program as the rest of the Interstate Highway system. However, these routes are not required to meet the same standards as the mainland routes:

"Highways on the Interstate System in Alaska and Puerto Rico shall be designed in accordance with such geometric and construction standards as are adequate for current and probable future traffic demands and the needs of the locality of the highway." [1]

Alaska's "interstates" are signed as state routes -- and the state route numbers do not coincide with their official interstate designation [1].

Like Alaska, Puerto Rico signs its "interstates" as territorial routes, and the numbers do not match their official interstate designations. However, many of the territory's routes are access-controlled toll roads. [1]

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