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List of Intel chipsets
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List of Intel chipsets

This is a list of computer motherboard chipsets made by Intel. It is divided into three main categories: those which use the PCI bus for interconnection (the 4x0 series), those which connect using specialised "Hub Links" (the 8xx and Exxxx series) and those which connect using PCI-Express (the 9xx series). The chipsets are listed in chronological order.

Table of contents
1 4x0 chipsets
2 8xx and Exxxx Chipsets
3 9xx Chipsets

4x0 chipsets

80486 Chipsets

Pentium Chipsets

Pentium Pro/II/III Chipsets

8xx and Exxxx Chipsets

Pentium II/III Chipsets

Pentium 4 Chipsets

Itanium Chipsets

9xx Chipsets

Pentium 4 Chipsets

Note: Officially, no 9xx chipset can have it's FSB adjusted more than 10% outside of "normal" values (i.e. 533MHz and 800MHz). Some manufacturers have manage to circumvent this feature.