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List of Indian Intelligence agencies
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List of Indian Intelligence agencies

India has a number of intelligence agencies both for domestic and military. The most well known are the Research and Analysis Wing, India’s external intelligence and the Intelligence Bureau, the internal intelligence.

Research and Analysis Wing

The RAW was formed in 1968 and is used to covertly carry out India’s external strategies. The RAW has its espionage agents in India’s neighbouring countries especially in Pakistan and China. Although its budget is not known, some estimates peg it at $ 160 million having around 10,000 agents.

Intelligence Bureau

The IB is said to be the world’s oldest intelligence bureau established in 1947. The IB is India’s domestic intelligence. The IB is shrouded in secrecy and its main operations are not known. Some of the known tasks entrusted to the IB are clearances to diplomats and judges before they take oath; clearances to civilians who apply to obtain HAM radio licences.

Joint Cipher Bureau

The Joint Cipher Bureau closely works with the IB and RAW. They are entrusted with the tasks of cryptanalysis and cryptology of sensitive data.

All India Radio monitoring service

The AIRMS monitors all radio broadcasts made by Indian as well as foreign which can be received by India.

Joint Intelligence Committee

The JIC is entrusted with the tasks of coordinating intelligence between all the agencies government as well as military.

Signals Intelligence Directorate

The Signals Intelligence directorate is part of the Indian army’s intelligence and runs the Central Monitoring Organisation which has a large number of stations in the country.

Aviation Research Centre

The ARC is the SIGINT arm of the RAW working in Dehradun,Tissukiya,Assam, Chakratta,near cuttak,Orrisa and Palam Airport delhi. comes under director general of security,RAW.

Directorate of Air Intelligence

The DIA is responsible for air and satellite reconnaissance missions using planes and satellites.

Directorate of Navy Intelligence

This is the Indian Navy’s intelligence arm

Directorate of Military Intelligence

This is the Indian military’s intelligence arm used mostly by the Indian army.

Special Security Bureau

A commando outfit responsible for reconnaissance behind enemy lines