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List of IBM products
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List of IBM products

The following is a list of products from the International Business Machines (IBM) office and data processing equipment company, spanning from early-to-mid-20th-century punched card machinery and typewriters, via mainframe computers and minicomputers, to microprocessors, PCss, laptop PCs, and more.

See also: IBM mainframe, IBM minicomputer

Table of contents
1 Non-computer hardware
2 Electronic computers
3 Computer and Calculating device peripherals
4 Computer software

Non-computer hardware

Keypunches and verifiers

Unit record equipment

Calculating devices


Electronic computers

Computers based on vacuum tubes (1950s)

Computers based on discrete transistors (1960s)

Computers based on discrete IC CPUs (1964 to present)

Computers based on microprocessor CPUs (1981 to present)


Computer and Calculating device peripherals

Punched card and paper tape equipment

Printer/plotter equipment and terminals

Electrical/electronic/magnetic/optical storage units

Electromechanical memory units:

Electrostatic memory units: Core memory units:
Disk/drum drive units: Tape drive units: Optical storage units:

Coprocessor units

Input/Output control units

Power supply/distribution units

IBM PC components and peripherals

Computer software

Operating systems

Utilities and languages