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List of Hindu sects
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List of Hindu sects

Hinduism like any other major religion has many sects or denominations.

The main sects of Hinduism include:

Table of contents
1 Vaishnavism
2 Shaivism
3 Shaktism
4 Smartism
5 Balinese Hinduism


Vaishnava worship Vishnu and his avatars (especially Rama and Krishna) as the supreme deity. This is the largest Hindu sect.

Vaishnava Sects

Sects which are Vaishnava, but are not mainstream Vaishnava include:


Shaivites worship Shiva as the supreme deity.


Shaktas worship Shakti, the divine Mother, in any one, or many of her forms (Kali, Durga, etc.).


Smartas has free rein to choose whichever Hindu deity they wish to worship. It is a liberal and ecclectic sect.

Balinese Hinduism

Balinese Hindus follow a sect of Hinduism which once flourished on the nearby island of Java. The formal name for the sect which Balinese Hindus follow is called Agama Hindu Dharma.