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List of highways in Michigan
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List of highways in Michigan

This lists all roads designated as Interstates, U.S. Highways and State Highways in Michigan

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1 Interstates
2 U.S. Highways
3 State Highways
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U.S. Highways

State Highways

Note that in Michigan, all state highways (not Interstates and U.S. highways) are identified as "M-nn" as opposed to "Route nn" or "Highway nn." This usage dates from 1918, when Michigan's state trunklines were first signed in the field. The state highway route marker is a diamond with a block letter "M" at the top.

Although "M-nn" outside of Michigan could refer to other state, provincial, local, or national highways, local usage in those areas does not mimic the Michigan useage in most cases. In the United Kingdom, "M" refers to motorways, analogous to freeways in the United States. The "M" in the "M-nn" route designation never refers to "superhighway" or "freeway" status in Michigan, however. "M-routes" (Michigan state trunklines) are designated along eight-lane freeways in urban aras, principal arterial highways, and lonely two-lane highways in far-flung rural areas.

No discernible pattern is to be inferred in Michigan's numbering system.

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