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List of highest points of Canadian provinces and territories
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List of highest points of Canadian provinces and territories

This is a list of the highest points of the Canadian provinces and territories, by height.

Province or territory Peak Range or other region Height
Yukon Mount Logan St. Elias Mountains 5 959; m
British Columbia Fairweather Mountain St. Elias Mountains 4 663; m
Alberta Mount Columbia Canadian Rockies 3 747; m
Northwest Territories Unnamed peak, 61°52' 127°42' † Mackenzie Mountains 2 773; m
Nunavut Barbeau Peak Ellesmere Island 2 616; m
Newfoundland and Labrador Mount Caubvik * Torngat Mountains 1 652; m
Quebec Mont D'Iberville * Torngat Mountains 1 652; m
Saskatchewan Cypress Hills 1 468; m
Manitoba Baldy Mountain 832 m
New Brunswick Mount Carleton 817 m
Ontario Ishpatina Ridge 693 m
Nova Scotia Unnamed location, 46°42' 60°36' Cape Breton Highlands 532 m
Prince Edward Island Unnamed location, 46°20' 63°25' Queen's County 142 m

† The highest named peak in the Northwest Territories is Mount Sir James MacBrien, 2 762; m, also in the Mackenzie Mountains.

* This peak, which lies on the border between the two provinces, is known as Mount Caubvik in Newfoundland and Labrador and Mont D'Iberville in Quebec.

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