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List of Hebrew names
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List of Hebrew names

Main article: Hebrew name

Table of contents
1 Maintenance Notes
2 List

Maintenance Notes

This list includes any Hebrew name that is known to be used as a personal name in any cultural or religious tradition. This includes but is not limited to all existing traditions used by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. If the gender of the name is not listed, it is of (as yet) undetermined gender.


For linguistic consistency, as long as a name has an attestable or logical Hebrew form, then Hebrew form in Hebrew alphabetical order is preferred in all cases, even if none of the people who use the name are active speakers of Hebrew.

Standard Hebrew and Tiberian Hebrew

With respect to all varieties of Hebrew and to the different religious and cultural traditions that involve Hebrew, Standard Hebrew and Tiberian Hebrew are preferred for the transliterations of the names. Standard Hebrew is important because it is the modern internationally-standardized form of the language, as well as one of the official languages of the State of Israel. Likewise, Tiberian Hebrew is important because it is one of the oldest attestable forms of the language that specifies specific vowels. An example of how they are different and uniquely useful: the transliteration for עברית is ʿIvrit in Standard Hebrew and ʿIḇrṯ in Tiberian Hebrew.

Convention of List Items

For clarity, the current convention for list items is:

Adding names

Please expand and/or correct this list if you can. If a name does not exist in this list and you do not know all the details of the name, you can add it in an incomplete form, and other editors can review the name and expand and/or correct the name with the details they know. If you do not know the alphabetical order of a name, place the name at the bottom of the list; please do not use English alphabetical order, as it will clutter the list.

Hebrew names in other languages

If a name of ultimate Hebrew origin exists in another language, but has in some way been modified to reflect circumstances such as a different gender, "pet form", diminutive ("little") state, or hypocoristic (shortened/nickname) state, etc., then the name probably does not belong in this list. In most of these cases, the name has become inseparably integrated with the grammar of the host language, and no longer has a distinct Hebrew counterpart. If there are name lists on Wikipedia for the host language, then such a name probably belongs in that particular list.


א lef

ב Bet

ג Gmel

ד Dlet

ה He

ו Vav

ז Zyin

ח Ḥet

ט Tet

י Yod

כ Kaf

ל Lmed

מ Mem

נ Nun

ס Smeḫ

ע ʿyin

פ Pe

צ Ẓade

ק Qof

ר Reš

ש Šin & Sin

ת Tav

New & Unsorted

No justifiable Hebrew meaning: See also:
Hebrew name, name, Hebrew language