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List of heavy metal musicians
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List of heavy metal musicians

Table of contents
1 Alternative metal
2 Australian war metal
3 Black metal
4 Christian metal
5 Circus metal
6 Death metal
7 Doom metal
8 Early heavy metal
9 Epic metal
10 Glam metal / Hair metal
11 Gothic metal
12 Industrial metal
13 Metalcore
14 Neo-classical metal
15 New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM)
16 Nu metal
17 Oriental metal
18 Power metal
19 Progressive metal
20 Speed / Thrash metal
21 Stoner metal

Alternative metal

Australian war metal

Black metal

Battle metal

Celtic metal

Celtic Battle Metal

Celtic Doom Metal

Celtic Pagan Metal

Folk metal

Forest metal

Medieval metal

Melodic black metal

Nazi black metal

Pagan metal

Symphonic black metal

Tolkien metal

Troll metal

Unblack metal

Vampyric black metal

Viking metal

Christian metal

Circus metal

Death metal

Black death metal

Brutal death metal


Death doom

Death thrash


Gothic death metal

Progressive death metal

Scandinavian death metal

Symphonic / melodic death metal

Technical death metal

Doom metal

Early heavy metal

(Except for Black Sabbath, none of these bands are truly heavy metal.)

Epic metal

Glam metal / Hair metal

Gothic metal

Industrial metal






Neo-classical metal

New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM)

Nu metal

Oriental metal

Power metal

Progressive metal

Speed / Thrash metal

Stoner metal