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List of heads of London government
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List of heads of London government

General Purpose Authorities

Chairmen of the Metropolitan Board of Works

Leaders of the London County Council

The post of Leader was only officially recognised in 1933. This table takes into account the usual convention in British local government that the Leader is the Chairman of certain important committees.

Leaders of the Greater London Council

Chairman of the London Residuary Body

Mayor of London

Special Purpose Authorities

Chairmen of the London School Board

Leaders of the Inner London Education Authority

Although ILEA was created in 1964 and came into its powers in 1965, the post of Leader did not exist until April 1967. For the period 1964-67 the de facto Leadership was shared between the Chairman of the Education Committee, James Young, and the Chairmen of the Authority, Harold Shearman (from 1964-1965) and Ashley Bramall (1965-1967).