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List of Green party issues
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List of Green party issues

This list of Green party issues aims at giving an overview about Wikipedia articles that have to do with Green parties.

Table of contents
1 Overview articles
2 Organizations
3 Values and Principles
4 Persons
5 Miscellaneous Terms and Topics
6 "False Friends"
7 See also

Overview articles




* * *

Africa and Asia

The Americas

* * *


Values and Principles


Persons that were or are important in and for Green parties around the world. See also:

Peter Camejo (USA)
  • Daniel Cohn-Bendit (France / Germany)
  • Bertrand Delanoë (France)
  • Vera Dua (Belgium, Groen!)
  • René Dumont (France)
  • Indulis Emsis (Latvia)
    Joschka Fischer (Germany)
    Jim Harris (Canada)
    Petra Kelly (Germany)
  • Fritz Kuhn (Germany)
  • Renate Künast (Germany)

  • Winona LaDuke (USA)
  • Alain Lipietz (France)

  • Noël Mamère (France)

  • Ralph Nader (USA)

  • Claudia Roth (Germany)

  • Otto Schily (Germany; later switched to SPD)
  • Peter Singer (Australia)
  • Bart Staes (Belgium, Groen!)

  • Jürgen Trittin (Germany)

  • Jason West (USA)

  • Miscellaneous Terms and Topics





    Green anarchism

    Green economics

    Non-Violence / Pacifism

    Social Justice

    "False Friends"

    "Green" articles that don't relate in any way to Green politics or parties

    See also

    General articles and other lists similar to this one