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List of grape varieties
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List of grape varieties

This is a list of varieties of cultivated grapes whether used for wine, or eating fresh or dried (raisin, currant, sultana).

Table of contents
1 Vinifera grapes
2 Hybrid wine grapes
3 Non-vinifera grapes
4 External links

Vinifera grapes

red varieties white varieties

Hybrid wine grapes

Hybrid grape varieties or "hybrids" is in fact the popular term for a subset of what is properly known as hybrids, intra-specific crossings, between one species of the genus vitis and another. The scientific definition of a hybrid grape is any crossing (intra- or inter-specific) of two grape varieties. In keeping with the popular definition, however, the ones listed below are inter-specific hybrids.

Non-vinifera grapes

Major Vitis labrusca varietal wine grapes

Major Vitis labrusca varietal table grapes

Vitis aestivalis wine grape

Vitis riparia wine grape rootstock and hybridization source

Vitis rotundifolia

Non-vinefera hybrids

External links