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List of grammatical cases
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List of grammatical cases

This is a list of cases as they are used by various inflectional languages that have declension.

Case Usage Example Example language(s)
Abessive case by lack of something without the house Finnish
Ablative case (1) all-round indirect case concerning the house Latin, Sanskrit, Lithuanian
Ablative case (2) movement away from something. away from the house Finnish
Absolutive case subjects of intransitive verbs; object of transitive verbs the house [v.i.]; [v.t.] the house Basque
Accusative case direct object; receives the action directly [verb] the house Finnish, German, Esperanto, Latin, Russian, Serbian, Lithuanian
Adessive case adjacent location near / at / by the house Finnish, Lithuanian
Allative case movement onto something. onto the house Finnish
Comitative case in company of something. with the house Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian
Dative case shows direction or receiver; indirect object for/to the house German, Latin, Russian, Serbian, Hindi, Lithuanian
Dedative case (Respective) related to something. related to the house Quenya
Disjunctive case used when the subject is repeated for emphasis or to itemize a plural subject the house and the car, they're both here French
Elative case out of something. out of the house Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian
Ergative case like nominative, if the subject performs a transitive verb the house [v.t.] Basque, Samoan, Chechen, Inuktitut
Essive case marking a condition as the house Finnish, Middle Egyptian
Genitive case shows relationship, possession of the house Finnish, German, Latin, Russian, Serbian, Greek, Dutch, Lithuanian

Illative case movement into something. into the house Finnish, Lithuanian
Inessive case inside something. inside the house Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian
Instrumental case / Instructive case marking the usage by means of the house Russian, Serbian, Finnish, Sanskrit, Lithuanian
Locative case location at / on / in the house Serbian, Klingon, Sanskrit, Latvian
Nominative case normal subject case, with or without intransitive or transitive verb the house nearly all non-ergative, inflecting languages
Oblique case all-round case concerning the house Hindi
Partitive case used for amounts [three] of the houses Finnish
Possessive case direct possession of something. owned by the house Quenya
Postpositional case when a postposition follows the noun the house in / by / with Hindi
Prepositional case when a preposition precedes the noun in / by / with... the house Russian
Prolative case movement using a surface or way by way of / through the house Estonian, Finnish
Respective case (Dedative) related to something. related to the house Quenya
Terminative case marking the end of a movement or time until / unto the house Estonian
Translative case change of a condition into another [to change] into the house Finnish, Hungarian
Vocative case used for addressing someone House! Latin, Greek, Serbian, Sanskrit, Lithuanian