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List of Governors of Louisiana
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List of Governors of Louisiana

List of Governors of Louisiana

Table of contents
1 First French Era
2 France to Spain transition period
3 Era of rule by Spain
4 Second French period
5 United States territorial period
6 First period of U.S. statehood
7 American Civil War Era
8 Reconstruction Era
9 Second U.S. Statehood Era

First French Era

France to Spain transition period

Era of rule by Spain

Second French period

United States territorial period

Note: from 1804 to 1812, what would later become the State of Louisiana was known as the "Orleans Territory". The contemporary "Louisiana Territory" was to the north, and did not including modern Louisiana.

First period of U.S. statehood

William C. C. Claiborne Jeff. Rep.1812-1816
Jacques Villeré Jeff. Rep.1816-1820
Thomas B. Robertson Jeff. Rep.1820-1824
Henry S. Thibodaux Jeff. Rep.1824-1824
Henry Johnson Jeff. Rep.1824-1828
Pierre Derbigny Jeff. Rep.1828-1829
Armand Beauvais Jeff. Rep.1829-1830
Jacques Dupre Jeff. Rep.1830-1831
Andre B. Roman Whig1831-1835
Edward D. White Whig1835-1839
Andre B. Roman Whig1839-1843
Alexandre MoutonDemocratic1843-1846
Isaac JohnsonDemocratic1846-1850
Joseph Marshall WalkerDemocratic1850-1853
Paul O. HebertDemocratic1853-1856
Robert C. WickliffeDemocratic1856-1860
Thomas O. MooreDemocratic1860-1862

American Civil War Era

Governors of Confederate States of America held territory in Louisiana

Governors of Union held territory in Louisiana

Reconstruction Era

James M. WellsRepublican1865-1867
Benjamin FlandersRepublican1867-1868
Joshua BakerRepublican1868-1868

Second U.S. Statehood Era

Henry C. WarmothRepublican1868-1872
P. B. S. PinchbackRepublican1872-1873
John McEneryDemocratic1873-1873
William P. KelloggRepublican1873-1877
Francis T. NichollsDemocratic1877-1880
Louis A. WiltzDemocratic1880-1881
Samuel D. McEneryDemocratic1881-1888
Francis T. NichollsDemocratic1888-1892
Murphy J. FosterDemocratic1892-1900
William W. HeardDemocratic1900-1904
Newton C. BlanchardDemocratic1904-1908
Jared Y. SandersDemocratic1908-1912
Luther E. HallDemocratic1912-1916
Ruffin G. PleasantDemocratic1916-1920
John M. ParkerDemocratic1920-1924
Henry L. FuquaDemocratic1924-1926
Oramel H. SimpsonDemocratic1926-1928
Huey Pierce LongDemocratic1928-1932
Alvin Olin KingDemocratic1932-1932
Oscar K. AllenDemocratic1932-1936
James A. NoeDemocratic1936-1936
Richard W. LecheDemocratic1936-1939
Earl K. LongDemocratic1939-1940
Sam H. JonesDemocratic1940-1944
Jimmie H. DavisDemocratic1944-1948
Earl K. LongDemocratic1948-1952
Robert F. KennonDemocratic1952-1956
Earl K. LongDemocratic1956-1960
Jimmie H. DavisDemocratic1960-1964
John J. McKeithenDemocratic1964-1972
Edwin W. EdwardsDemocratic1972-1980
David C. TreenRepublican1980-1984
Edwin W. EdwardsDemocratic1984-1988
Buddy RoemerRepublican1988-1992
Edwin W. EdwardsDemocratic1992-1996
Mike Foster, JrRepublican1996-2004
Kathleen BlancoDemocratic2004-