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List of Governors of Alabama
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List of Governors of Alabama

The following is a list of the territorial and state governors of Alabama.

Table of contents
1 Governor of Alabama Territory
2 Governors of the State
3 Notes
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Governor of Alabama Territory

William Wyatt Bibb, served 1817-1819

Governors of the State

Name: Served: Party: Note:
William Wyatt Bibb 1819-1820 Democratic 1
Thomas Bibb 1820-1821 Democratic 2
Israel Pickens 1821-1825 Democratic
John Murphy 1825-1829 Democratic
Gabriel Moore 1829-1831 Democratic
Samuel B. Moore 1831 Democratic 3
John Gayle 1831-1835 Democratic
Clement C. Clay 1835-1837 Democratic
Hugh McVay 1837 Democratic 4
Arthur P. Bagby 1837-1841 Democratic
Benjamin Fitzpatrick 1841-1845 Democratic
Joshua L. Martin 1845-1847 Democratic
Reuben Chapman 1847-1849 Democratic
Henry W. Collier 1849-1853 Democratic
John A. Winston 1853-1857 Democratic
Andrew B. Moore 1857-1861 Democratic
John Gill Shorter 1861-1863 Democratic
Thomas H. Watts 1863-1865 Democratic
Lewis E. Parsons 1865 Provisional 5
Robert M. Patton 1865-1867 Republican
Wager Swayne 1867-1868 Military 6
William H. Smith 1868-1870 Republican
Robert B. Lindsay 1870-1872 Democratic
David P. Lewis 1872-1874 Republican
George S. Houston 1874-1878 Democratic
Rufus W. Cobb 1878-1882 Democratic
Edward A. O'Neal 1882-1886 Democratic
Thomas Seay 1886-1890 Democratic
Thomas G. Jones 1890-1894 Democratic
William C. Oates 1894-1896 Democratic
Joseph F. Johnston 1896-1900 Democratic
William D. Jelks 1900 Democratic 7
William J. Samford 1900-1901 Democratic
William D. Jelks 1901-1907 Democratic
Russell Cunningham 1904-1905 Democratic 8
B. B. Comer 1907-1911 Democratic
Emmet O'Neal 1911-1915 Democratic
Charles Henderson 1915-1919 Democratic
Thomas Kilby 1919-1923 Democratic
William W. Brandon 1923-1927 Democratic
Charles McDowell 1924 Democratic 9
Bibb Graves 1927-1931 Democratic
Benjamin M. Miller 1931-1935 Democratic
Bibb Graves 1935-1939 Democratic
Frank M. Dixon 1939-1943 Democratic
Chauncey Sparks 1943-1947 Democratic
James E. Folsom, Sr 1947-1951 Democratic
Gordon Persons 1951-1955 Democratic
James E. Folsom, Sr 1955-1959 Democratic
John Patterson 1959-1963 Democratic
George Wallace 1963-1967 Democratic
Lurleen Wallace 1967-1968 Democratic 10
Albert Brewer 1968-1971 Democratic
George Wallace 1971-1979 Democratic
Jere Beasley 1972 Democratic 11
Forrest H. "Fob" James, Jr 1979-1983 Democratic
George Wallace 1983-1987 Democratic
H. Guy Hunt 1987-1993 Republican
James E. Folsom, Jr 1993-1995 Democratic 12
Forrest H. "Fob" James, Jr 1995-1999 Republican
Don Siegelman 1999-2003 Democratic
Robert R. Riley 2003- Republican


  1. William Wyatt Bibb was appointed as territorial governor; he was then elected first governor in 1819.
  2. William Wyatt Bibb died in 1820, and his brother Thomas Bibb, then president of the state senate, filled the unexpired term.
  3. In 1831, Governor Moore was elected to the United States Senate, and Samuel Moore, the president of the state senate, filled the unexpired term.
  4. In 1837, Governor Clay was appointed to the United States Senate, and Hugh McVay, the president of the state senate, filled the unexpired term.
  5. Lewis Parsons was appointed provisional governor by the Union occupation.
  6. Wager Swayne was appointed military governor during Reconstruction.
  7. William Sanford was out of state for 26 days at the beginning of his term seeking medical treatment, so William D. Jelks was acting governor.
  8. Russell Cunningham was governor for nearly a year when governor William D. Jelks was out of state for medical treatment.
  9. William W. Brandon was out of state for 21 days in 1924, and since the state constitution require the lieutenant governor to act as governor if the governor is out of the state for 20 days, Charles McDowell served two days as governor.
  10. Lurleen Wallace, wife of George Wallace, died in 1968. Albert Brewer, the lieutenant governor, filled the unexpired term.
  11. While campaigning for President of the United States in 1972, George Wallace was shot in an assassination attempt. After a few months of recovery in a Maryland hospital, Wallace resumed his duties as governor. Lieutenant Governor Jere Beasley served as governor for a month after Wallace had been out of the state for more than 20 days, as per the constitution.
  12. H. Guy Hunt was removed from office upon conviction of illegally using campaign and inagural funds to pay personal debts. Lieutenant Governor James E. Folsom Jr filled the unexpired term.

Until 1845, the term of state officials was one year, from then until 1901 it was two years, and since 1901 it has been four years.

External link

The Alabama Department of Archives & History's List of Alabama Governors