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List of Governors General of Canada
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List of Governors General of Canada

The following is a list of the Governors and Governor Generals of Canada and the previous territories and colonies that now make up the country. For the governors of New France see: Governor of New France.

Table of contents
1 Governors from the Conquest to the union of the Canadas
2 Governors General of the Province of Canada
3 Governors General of Canada since Confederation
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Governors from the Conquest to the union of the Canadas

Name Term Sovereign
Jeffrey Amherst 1760-1763 George III
James Murray 1764-1768
The Lord Dorchester 1768-1778
Sir Frederick Haldimand 1778-1786
The Lord Dorchester 1786-1796
Robert Prescott 1796-1807
Sir James Henry Craig 1807-1811
Sir George Prevost 1812-1815
Sir John Coape Sherbrooke 1816-1818
The Duke of Richmond 1818-1819
The Earl of Dalhousie 1820-1828 George IV
The Lord Aylmer 1830-1835 William IV
Archibald Acheson, 2nd Earl of Gosford* 1835-1837
Sir John Colborne* 1837-1838 (acting)
(*) Acheson resigned in November 1837 during the Patriotes Rebellion. Colborne was raised to commander in chief of British forces and acting governor-general to put down the 1837 Rebellions and restore order in both Upper Canada and Lower Canada. He remained in place until Lord Durham's arrival.

Governors General of the Province of Canada

The Earl of Durham1838-1840Victoria
The Lord Sydenham1840-1841
Sir Charles Bagot1842-1843
The Lord Metcalfe of Fernhill1843-1845
The Earl Cathcart1846-1847
The Earl of Elgin1847-1854
Sir Edmund Walker Head1854-1861
The Viscount Monck of Ballytrammon1861-1867

Governors General of Canada since Confederation


The Viscount Monck of Ballytrammon1867-1869Victoria
The Lord Lisgar1869-1872
The Marquess of Dufferin and Ava1872-1878
The Marquess of Lorne1878-1883
The Marquess of Lansdowne1883-1888
The Lord Stanley of Preston1888-1893
The Earl of Aberdeen1893-1898
The Earl of Minto1898-1904
Edward VII
The Earl Grey1904-1911
George V
HRH The Duke of Connaught and Strathearn1911-1916
The Duke of Devonshire1916-1921
The Viscount Byng of Vimy1921-1926
The Viscount Willingdon of Ratton1926-1931
The Earl of Bessborough1931-1935
The Lord Tweedsmuir of Elsfield1935-1940
Edward VIII
George VI
Sir Lyman Poore Duff*1940 (acting)
The Earl of Athlone1940-1946
The Earl Alexander of Tunis1946-1952

(*) As Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Duff was technically the first Canadian to serve as Governor General, though he only did so in an acting capacity for a few months following Lord Tweedsmuir's death.


Vincent Massey1952-1959Elizabeth II
Georges Vanier1959-1967
Robert Taschereau 1967 (acting)
Roland Michener1967-1974
Jules Léger1974-1979
Edward Schreyer1979-1984
Jeanne Sauvé1984-1990
Ramon John Hnatyshyn1990-1995
Roméo LeBlanc1995-1999
Adrienne Clarkson1999-

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List of Former Governors General - Government of Canada

Lists of viceroys
Federal Governors General - Governors of New France
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