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List of GNU packages
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List of GNU packages

This is a list of the software packages developed for or maintained by the Free Software Foundation for GNU, a free UNIX compatible operating system whose development started in 1984. Many of these software packages are today included as part of typical GNU/Linux distributions.

Table of contents
1 Base system
2 Development
3 Graphical Desktop
4 Applications and utilities
5 Scientific software
6 See also
7 External links

Base system

  1. GNU Bash - the GNU UNIX compatible shell
  2. GNU fileutils - contains UNIX compatible commands: chgrp, chown, chmod, cp, dd, df, dir, du, ln, ls, mkdir, mkfifo, mknod, mv, rm etc.
  3. GNU textutils - contains UNIX compatible commands: cat, cksum, head, tail, md5sum, nl, oc, pr, tsort, join, wc, tac, [[paste] etc.
  4. GNU shellutils - contains UNIX compatible commands: basename, chroot, date, dirname, echo, env, groups, hostname, nice, nohup, printf, sleep etc.
  5. GNU cpio - archiving program
  6. GNU diffutils - contains utilies to compare files
  7. GNU findutils - contains search utilities
  8. GNU finger - user information
  9. GNU fontutils - font management utilites
  10. GNU tar - tape archiving program (tar)
  11. GNU grep - search for strings in files
  12. GNU troff - document processing system (groff)
  13. GNU zip - compression program (gzip)
  14. GNU inetutils - contains UNIX compatible commands: ftp, telnet, rsh, rlogin, tftp
  15. GNU readline - library useful for reading command lines
  16. GNU screen - a terminal multiplexer
  17. GNU texinfo - documentation system for producing online and printed manuals
  18. GNU time - program for setting the computer clock
  19. GNU GRUB - GRand Unified Bootloader
  20. GNU Hurd - a microkernel-based set of servers that perform the same function as a UNIX kernel


  1. GNU build system - contains Autoconf, Autogen, and Automake
  2. GNU binutils - contains the GNU assembler (as) and the GNU linker (ld)
  3. GNU make - the Make program for GNU
  4. GNU Compiler Collection - optimizing compiler for many programming language, including C, C++, Fortran, Ada, and Java.
  5. GNU debugger - an advanced debugger (gdb)
  6. GNU libc - POSIX compliant C library for GNU/Hurd and GNU/Linux
  7. GNU pth - software threads for UNIX compatible OSes
  8. GNU libtool - Shared library support
  9. GNU m4 - Macro processor
  10. GNU Gettext - internationalization library
  11. DotGNU - replacement for Microsoft .NET
  12. GNU Classpath - libraries for Java
  13. GNU bison - parser generator intended to replace yacc
  14. Guile - embeddable Scheme interpreter
  15. BFD - object file library
  16. GNU MDK - a development kit for programming in MIX

Graphical Desktop

  1. GIMP - the GNU Image Manipulation Program is a bitmap image editor that rivals Photoshop
  2. GTK+ - the GIMP ToolKit, contains the GTK, GDK, and glib set of libraries (used by the GIMP and GNOME)
  3. GNOME - the GNU Network Object Model Environment, the official GNU Desktop
  4. GNUstep - implementation of the OpenStep libraries and development tools for graphical applications

Applications and utilities

  1. GNU Alexandria - package of the GNU system that makes use of GNU Bayonne to provide a means to deliver access to electronic content and services for the blind over the public telephone network from a GNU/Linux server
  2. GNU Anubis - outgoing mail processor that sits between the MUA (Mail User Agent) and the MTA (Mail Transport Agent)
  3. GNU Aspell - spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell
  4. GNU Accounting Utils - set of utilities providing stats on users and processes for GNU/Linux (last, ac, accton, lastcomm, sa, dump-utmp, dump-acct)
  5. GNU bayonne - Multi-line telephony services
  6. GNU Emacs - the Emacs editor of the GNU operating system
  7. GNU parted - Partitionning program
  8. GNU wget - advanced file retrieval from networks and the Internet
  9. GNUnet - decentralized, peer-to-peer communication network designed to be resistant to censorship
  10. GNU Robots - small but addictive game for computer programmers

Scientific software

  1. GNU Octave - a program for numerical computations similar to MATLAB
  2. GSL - the GNU Scientific Library
  3. GMP - arbitrary precision numerical calculation programming library
  4. Maxima - a computer algebra system

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