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List of Germanic and Latinate equivalents
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List of Germanic and Latinate equivalents

In this list you can find Germanic elements of the English language which have a close Latinate corresponding form. - Please insert new pairs only if you are sure they are Germanic and Latinate respectively (see http://www.m-w.com for checking), and in alphabetic order.

OHG source Germanic Latinate Latin source
engi anger rage, ire rabies; ira
ask inquire in + quaerere
biginnan begin commence com + initiare
bruodar brotherly fraternal fraternus, frater
chalb calf veal vitellus, vitulus
kazza cat-like feline felis
kuo cow beef, bovine
medL capitale
koman come arrive ad + ripa
touwen deadly mortal mortalis
tior deer venison venatio/nis
hunt hound-like canine canis
ero earth soil solum
fater fatherly paternal paternus, pater
furist first primary primus
fuhs fox-like vulpine vulpes
fri + -tuom freedom liberty liber
get obtain ob + tenere
geban give provide pro + videre
gan, gen go depart dispertire
henna hen poultry pullus
hros horse equestrian equestris
jucchen itch irritate irritare
glat gladness joy
cnaen know recognise recognoscere
luba loving amorous amorosus
meet encounter incontrare
muotar motherly maternal maternus, mater
naht nightly nocturnal nocturnus
andar other different differre
pfifa pipe peep pipare
rozzen rot putrefy putrefacere
scaf, lamb sheep, lamb mutton med. L. multo
shutten shut close clausus
scioh shy timid timidus
sicht sight vision videre/visum
swin swine pork porcus
draen throw catapult catapulta
uzaro utterly totally totalis
heil whole entire integer
wunsken wish desire desiderare
\wolf wolf-like lupine lupus
gelo yellow ochre ochra