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List of German language radio stations
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List of German language radio stations

ARD: NDR 1 (Oldies, Evergreens) NDR 2 (Adult Contemporary) NDR Kultur (Classical music, culture) NDR Info (News and information, culture) N-Joy Radio (Youth)

Eins Live (Youth) WDR 2 (Adult Contemporary) WDR 3 (Classical music, culture) WDR 4 (Oldies, evergreens) WDR 5 (News and information, culture Funkhaus Europa

Bremen Eins (Youth) Bremen Vier (Oldies, Evergreens)

Bayern 1 (Oldies, Evergreens) Bayern 2 (Culture, information) Bayern 3 (Adult Contemporary) Bayern 4 (Classical Music) Bayern 5 (News non stop)

MDR 1 (Oldies, evergreens) Sputnik (Youth) JUMP (Adult Contemporary) Figaro (Culture) MDR info (News and information)

FM4 (Youth, part English and part German anguage) ÷1 (Classical Music) ÷3 (Contemporary)