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List of geological features on Triton
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List of geological features on Triton

This is a list of named geological features, of various kinds, on Triton.

Table of contents
1 Cavi
2 Craters
3 Dorsa (ridges)
4 Fossae (ditches)
5 Maculae (dark spots)
6 Paterae (irregular craters)
7 Planitiae (plains)
8 Plana (plateaus)
9 Plumes
10 Regiones (regions)
11 Sulci
12 External links



Dorsa (ridges)

Dorsum Named after
Awib Dorsa Nama word for 'rain'

Fossae (ditches)

Tritonian fossae are named after sacred bodies of water.

Fossa Named after
Jumna Fossae Jumna River, India
Raz Fossae Pointe du Raz, Brittany
Yenisey Fossa Yenisey River, Siberia

Maculae (dark spots)

Tritonian maculae are named after water spirits from various mythologies

Macula Named after
Akupara Macula Akupara, Hindu
Doro Macula Doro, Nanais people of Siberia
Kikimora Macula Kikimora, Slavic
Namazu Macula Namazu, Japanese
Rem Macula Rem, Egyptian
Viviane Macula Viviane, British
Zin Macula Zin, Niger

Paterae (irregular craters)

Tritonian paterae are named after sacred waters and sea monsters from various mythologies

Patera Named after
Dilolo Patera Lago Dilolo, Angola
Gandvik Patera Gandvik, Norse
Kasu Patera Lake Kasu, Zoroastrianism
Kibu Patera Kibu Island, Mabuiag people of Melanesia
Leviathan Patera Leviathan, Hebrew

Planitiae (plains)

Tritonian plains are named after watery realms in various mythologies

Planitia Named after
Ruach Planitia Ruach, French
Ryugu Planitia Ryugu, Japanese
Sipapu Planitia Sipapu, Pueblo
Tuonela Planitia Tuonela, Finnish

Plana (plateaus)

Tritonian plateaus are named after legendary islands.

Planum Named after
Abatos Planum Abatos, Egyptian
Cipango Planum Cipangu, Marco Polo's name for Japan
Medamothi Planum Medamothi, French


Volcanic plumes on Triton are named after water spirits in various mythologies.

Plume Named after
Hili Hili, Zulu
Mahilani Mahilani, Tongan

Regiones (regions)

Tritonian regions are named after images from various mythologies.

Regio Named after
Bubembe Regio Bubembe Island, Baganda people of Uganda
Monad Regio Monad, Chinese
Uhlanga Regio Uhlanga, Zulu


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