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List of geological features on Mercury
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List of geological features on Mercury

This is a list of geological features on Mercury. There is a separate List of craters on Mercury.

Table of contents
1 Craters
2 Ridges
3 Valleys
4 Plains
5 Scarps
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Mercurian ridges are called dorsa, and are named after astronomers who made detailed studies of the planet.

Ridge Named after
Antoniadi Dorsum Eugène Antoniadi
Schiaparelli Dorsum Giovanni Schiaparelli


Mercurian valleys are called valles, and are named after radio telescope facilities.

Valley Named after
Arecibo Vallis Arecibo Observatory
Goldstone Vallis Goldstone Observatory
Haystack Vallis Haystack Observatory
Simeiz Vallis Simeiz Observatory


Mercurian plains are called planitiae, and most are named after mythological names associated with Mercury.

Plain Named after
Borealis Planitia Means 'Northern Plain'
Budh Planitia Hindi word for planet Mercury
Caloris Planitia Means 'Hot Plain'
Odin Planitia Odin
Sobkou Planitia
Suisei Planitia Suisei, Japanese messenger god
Tir Planitia Norse word for planet Mercury


Mercurian scarps are called rupes and are named after the ships of famous explorers.

Scarp Named after
Adventure Rupes Ship of Captain Cook
Astrolabe Rupes Ship of Jules Dumont d'Urville
Discovery Rupes Ship of Captain Cook
Endeavour Rupes Endeavour, Ship of Captain Cook
Fram Rupes Fram, ship of Fridtjof Nansen, Otto Sverdup and Roald Amundsen
Gjoa Rupes Ship of Roald Amundsen
Heemskerck Rupes Ship of Abel Tasman
Hero Rupes Ship of Nathaniel Palmer
Mirni Rupes Ship of Fabian von Bellingshausen
Pourquoi-Pas Rupes Ship of Jean-Baptiste Charcot
Resolution Rupes Resolution, ship of Captain Cook
Santa Maria Rupes Ship of Christopher Columbus
Victoria Rupes Ship of Ferdinand Magellan
Vostok Rupes Ship of Fabian von Bellingshausen
Zarya Rupes Zarya, a Russian experimental schooner
Zeehaen Rupes Ship of Jules Dumont d'Urville

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