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List of geological features on Iapetus
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List of geological features on Iapetus

This is a list of named geological features on Iapetus. Most Iapetian geological features are named after characters and locations in the Chanson de Roland.


There is one named Iapetian regio (area of distinct albedo difference).

Regio Named after
Cassini Regio Giovanni Cassini


There is one named Iapetian terra (large land mass).

Craters Named after
Roncevaux Terra Battle of Roncevaux Pass


This is a list of craters on Iapetus.

Terra Named after
Almeric Almeric
Baligant Baligant
Basan Basan
Berenger Bérengier
Besgun Besgun
Charlemagne Charlemagne
Geboin Geboin
Godefroy Godefroy
Grandoyne Grandoyne
Hamon Hamon
Lorant Lorant
Marsilion Marsilion
Milion Milon
Ogier Ogier the Dane
Oliver Oliver
Othon Othon
Roland Roland
Turpin Turpin

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