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List of geological features on Dione
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List of geological features on Dione

This is a list of named geological features on Dione. Dionean geological features are named after people and places in Roman mythology.


Dionean chasms are called chasmata. They are named after important locations in Roman mythology and history.

Chasma Named after
Larissa Chasma Larissa
Latium Chasma Latium
Palatine Chasma Palatine Hill
Tibur Chasma Tibur


Dionean lineae (bright wispy markings) are named after important locations in Roman history.

Linea Named after
Carthage Linea Carthage
Padua Linea Padua
Palatine Linea Palatine Hill


Dionean craters are named after figures from Greek and Roman mythology, especially the Aeneid.

Crater Named after
Adrastus Adrastus
Aeneas Aeneas
Amata Amata
Anchises Anchises
Anchises Antenor
Butes Butes
Caieta Caieta
Cassandra Cassandra
Catillus Catillus
Coras Coras
Creusa Creusa
Dido Dido
Halys Halys
Ilia Ilia
Italus Italus
Latagus Latagus
Lausus Lausus
Magus Magus
Massicus Massicus
Palinarus Palinarus
Remus Remus
Ripheus Ripheus
Romulus Romulus
Sabinus Sabinus
Turnus Turnus

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