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List of geological features on Ariel
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List of geological features on Ariel

This is a list of named geological features on Ariel.


Arielian valleys are called valles. They are named after the good spirits in various mythologies.

Vallis Named after
Leprechaun Vallis Leprechauns, (Irish)
Sprite Vallis Sprite (Celtic)


Arielian chasms are called chasmata. They are named after good spirits in various mythologies.

Chasma Named after
Brownie Chasma Brownies (British)
Kachina Chasma Kachina (Hopi)
Kewpie Chasma Kewpie (British)
Korrigan Chasma Korrigans (Breton)
Kra Chasma Kra (Akan people of Ghana)
Pixie Chasma Pixie (British)
Sylph Chasma Sylph (British)


Arielian craters are named after spirits in the literature and mythology of various cultures.

Crater Named after
Abans Aban (Persian)
Agape Agape (Spenser)
Ataksak Ataksak (Inuit)
Befana Befana (Italian)
Berylune Berylune (Maeterlinck)
Deive Deive (Lithuanian)
Djadek Djadek (Czech)
Domovoy Domovoi (Slavic)
Finvara Finvarra (Irish)
Gwyn Gwyn ap Nudd (Irish)
Huon Huon of Bordeaux (French)
Laica Laica (Incan)
Mab Queen Mab (English)
Melusine Melusine (French)
Oonagh Oonagh (Irish)
Rima Rima (W.H. Hudson)
Yangoor Yangoor (?)

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