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List of French architects
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List of French architects

This entry concerns French Architects.

=Chronological list of French Architects= Some of their major architectural works are listed after each name.

Table of contents
1 Middle Ages
2 Renaissance to Revolution
3 Revolution to World War II
4 Post World War II

Middle Ages

Jean de Chelles (13th century)

Pierre de Montreuil (c.1200-1266) Villard de Honnecourt (14th century) – architecture plans

Renaissance to Revolution

Jacques I Androuet du Cerceau (c. 1510-c. 1585)

Philibert Delorme (or De L’Orme) (1510/1515-1570) Pierre Lescot (1515-1578) Baptiste Androuet du Cerceau (c. 1545-1590) Jacques II Androuet du Cerceau (c. 1550-1614) Salomon de Brosse (1575-1626) Jean Androuet du Cerceau (1585-1649) Jacques Lemercier (1585-1654) – active for Richelieu François Mansart (1598-1666) Louis Le Vau (1612-1670) Claude Perrault (1613-1688) – responsible for establishing French classicism Libéral Bruant (c.1636-1697) Jules Hardouin Mansart (Jules Hardouin; he adopted the name Mansart in 1668) (1646-1708) – responsible for the massive expansion of the palace of Versailles into a permanent royal residence. Robert de Cotte (1656-1735) - brother in law of J.H. Mansart, whom he assisted on numerous projects Jacques Ange Gabriel (1698-1782) – responsible for rococo constructions at Versailles Jacques-Germain Soufflot (1713-1780) Étienne-Louis Boullée (1728-1799)

Claude Nicolas Ledoux (1736-1806) – famous for his mathematical neoclassicism.

Revolution to World War II

Henri Labrouste (1801-1875) – famous for his use of steel

Victor Baltard (1805-1874) – famous for his use of steel and glass Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc (1814-1879) – important theoretician of the 19th century Gothic revival Charles Garnier (1825-1898) – celebrated architect of the Second Empire Hector Guimard (1867-1942) – Art nouveau architect and designer

Auguste Perret (1874-1954) and his brothers Claude and Gustave – important for the first use of reinforced concrete

Robert Mallet-Stevens (1886-1945) – modernist architect influenced by Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier (Charles-Edouard Jeanneret) (1887-1965)

Eugène Beaudouin (1898-1983) – influential use of prefabricated elements

Jean Prouvé (1901-1984) – international style/Bauhaus inspired

Post World War II

Christian de Portzamparc (1944-)

Jean Nouvel (1945-)