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List of Formula One Champions
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List of Formula One Champions

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The Formula One World Drivers Championship has been run continuously since 1950 and the Formula One World Constructors Championship has been run continuously since 1958. Michael Schumacher holds the record for having won the most Drivers' Championships with six and Ferrari holds the record for having won the most Constructors' Championships with thirteen.

Year Driver's Champion Driver's team Constructor's Champion
1950Giuseppe FarinaAlfa Romeo
1951Juan Manuel FangioAlfa Romeo
1952Alberto AscariFerrari
1953Alberto AscariFerrari
1954Juan Manuel FangioMaserati & Mercedes
1955Juan Manuel FangioMercedes
1956Juan Manuel FangioFerrari
1957Juan Manuel FangioMaserati
1958Mike HawthornFerrariVanwall
1959Jack BrabhamCooperCooper
1960Jack BrabhamCooperCooper
1961Phil HillFerrariFerrari
1962Graham HillBRMBRM
1963Jim ClarkLotusLotus
1964John SurteesFerrariFerrari
1965Jim ClarkLotusLotus
1966Jack BrabhamBrabhamBrabham
1967Denny HulmeBrabhamBrabham
1968Graham HillLotusLotus
1969Jackie StewartMatraMatra
1970Jochen RindtLotusLotus
1971Jackie StewartTyrrellTyrrell
1972Emerson FittipaldiLotusLotus
1973Jackie StewartTyrrellLotus
1974Emerson FittipaldiMcLarenMcLaren
1975Niki LaudaFerrariFerrari
1976James HuntMcLarenFerrari
1977Niki LaudaFerrariFerrari
1978Mario AndrettiLotusLotus
1979Jody ScheckterFerrariFerrari
1980Alan JonesWilliamsWilliams
1981Nelson PiquetBrabhamWilliams
1982Keke RosbergWilliamsFerrari
1983Nelson PiquetBrabhamFerrari
1984Niki LaudaMcLarenMcLaren
1985Alain ProstMcLarenMcLaren
1986Alain ProstMcLarenWilliams
1987Nelson PiquetWilliamsWilliams
1988Ayrton SennaMcLarenMcLaren
1989Alain ProstMcLarenMcLaren
1990Ayrton SennaMcLarenMcLaren
1991Ayrton SennaMcLarenMcLaren
1992Nigel MansellWilliamsWilliams
1993Alain ProstWilliamsWilliams
1994Michael SchumacherBenettonWilliams
1995Michael SchumacherBenettonBenetton
1996Damon HillWilliamsWilliams
1997Jacques VilleneuveWilliamsWilliams
1998Mika Häkkinen;McLarenMcLaren
1999Mika Häkkinen;McLarenFerrari
2000Michael SchumacherFerrariFerrari
2001Michael SchumacherFerrariFerrari
2002Michael SchumacherFerrariFerrari
2003Michael SchumacherFerrariFerrari