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List of Forgotten Realms gods
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List of Forgotten Realms gods

The Forgotten Realms is a fictional setting created by author and game designer Ed Greenwood for the Dungeons & Dragons; role-playing game.

Table of contents
1 Greater Powers
2 Intermediate Powers
3 Lesser Powers
4 Demipowers
5 Dead Powers
6 Beast Cults
7 Elven Powers
8 Dwarven Powers
9 Halfling Powers
10 Gnome Powers
11 Orc Powers
12 Goblin Powers
13 Bugbear Powers
14 Kobold Powers
15 Other Goblinoid Powers
16 Giant Powers
17 Beholder Powers
18 The Lost Gods
19 Interloper Powers
20 Powers of Sea and Sky
21 Myconid Powers
22 Powers of the Scaly Folk
23 Dragon Powers
24 The Dark Powers
25 Faerie Powers

Greater Powers

Intermediate Powers

Lesser Powers


Dead Powers

Beast Cults

Elven Powers

Dwarven Powers

Halfling Powers

Gnome Powers

Orc Powers

Goblin Powers

Bugbear Powers

Kobold Powers

Other Goblinoid Powers

Giant Powers

Beholder Powers

The Lost Gods

Interloper Powers

Powers of Sea and Sky

Myconid Powers

Powers of the Scaly Folk

Dragon Powers

The Dark Powers

Faerie Powers