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List of football clubs in Sweden
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List of football clubs in Sweden

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Table of contents
1 Men
1.1 Allsvenskan (Swedish Premier Division)
1.2 Superettan (First Division)
1.3 Second Division
1.4 Third Division
2 Ladies


Allsvenskan (Swedish Premier Division)

Superettan (First Division)

Second Division

Second Division Norrland (North)

Second Division Östra Svealand (Mid-East)

Second Division Västra Svealand (Mid-West)

Second Division Östra Götaland (South-East)

Second Division Västra Götaland (South-West)

Second Division Södra Götaland (South)

Third Division

Third Division Norra Norrland (Northern North)

Third Division Mellersta Norrland (Middle Norht)

Third Division Södra Norrland (Southern North)

Third Division Norra Svealand (Northern Middle)

Third Division Östra Svealand (Eastern Middle)

Third Division Västra Svealand (Western Middle)

Third Division Nordöstra Götaland (North-Eastern South)

Third Division Nordvästra Götaland (North-Western South)

Third Division Mellersta Götaland (Middle South)

Third Division Sydöstra Götaland (South-Eastern South)

Third Division Sydvästra Götaland (South-Western South)

Third Division Södra Götaland (Southern South)


Damallsvenskan (Ladies' Premier Division)

First Division

Norrettan (North)

Söderettan (South)