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List of flowers
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List of flowers

The flowers produced by flowering plants (Division Magnoliophyta) are of great interest to gardeners, florists, botanists, and nature lovers the world over. The following List of flowers provides a listing with links to garden flowers (and others with spectacular blooms) whose pictures and descriptions are found at Wikipedia. You can also see collected images of some of these blooms on the flower album page.

Table of contents
1 Annuals and biennials
2 Perennials
3 See also

Annuals and biennials

An annual is a plant that will germinate, flower, and die within a single year or season. Annuals are typically planted in early Spring to provide a bright display of color in the garden, and their bed then cleared out by late Fall (Autumn) after the plants are spent.

A biennial plant is a plant that takes between twelve and twenty-four months to complete its lifecycle.


A perennial is a plant that lives for several years and may not even flower in its first year.

Herbaceous plants

Included here are herbaceous (non-woody) plants of generally small stature or low growing habit.

Creepers and vines

Bulbs and tuberous plants

Flowering herbs

Flowering trees and shrubs

Pond flowers

See also