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List of Finnish television channels
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List of Finnish television channels

This is a list of television channels broadcasting to Finnish- and Swedish-language audiences in Finland. Typically, non-Finnish content is subtitled, retaining the original language soundtrack. Non-Finnish programming intended for children is, however, usually dubbed into Finnish. Regardless of the intended audience, many shows receive a Finnish title which is used in programme schedules.

Table of contents
1 Terrestrial Analogue Stations
2 Terrestrial Digital Stations
3 Analogue Cable Channels
4 Satellite Channels
5 Regionalized versions of transnational television networks
6 Defunct Stations
7 External links

Terrestrial Analogue Stations




Terrestrial Digital Stations



Analogue Cable Channels

Satellite Channels

Regionalized versions of transnational television networks

Channels regionalized for
Finland or the Nordic Countries.

Defunct Stations

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