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List of Finnish rulers
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List of Finnish rulers

This is a list of rulers of Finland, that is, the Kingss, ruling Dukes and Queen of Sweden with Regents and Viceroys of the Kalmar Union, the Grand Dukes of Finland (identical with the Tsars of Russia), up to the brief Kingdom of Finland at independence in 1918. This includes:

The kingdom was superseded by the Republic of Finland with the republican constitution of 17 July, 1919.

Table of contents
1 Swedish rulers
2 Russian rulers
3 Time of independence
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Swedish rulers

Swedish influence in Finland was considerable in pre-Christian times. The Vikings were known to Finns both due to their participation in commerce and plundering. Finland's nearly 700-year association with the Kingdom of Sweden began in 1154 with the introduction of Christianity by King Eric IX of Sweden (Saint Eric).

The Houses of Sverker and Eric

The House of Folkung

Regents of the Kalmar Union and Viceroys (Riksföreståndare)

The House of Vasa

The House of Palatinate

The House of Hesse

The House of Holstein-Gottorp

Russian rulers

The House of Romanov

Time of independence

(Regents are listed under Presidents of Finland)

The House of Hesse

See also