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List of file formats
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List of file formats

This is a list of file formats organized by type, seen on computers. Filename extensions are usually noted in parenthesis if they differ from the format name or abbreviation.

Table of contents
1 Audio file formats
2 Document file formats
3 Spreadsheets
4 Databases
5 Presentations
6 Webpage formats
7 Scripts
8 Raster
9 Vector image formats
10 Object code file formats
11 Function Libraries
12 Page description languages
13 Data exchange
14 Tabulated data
15 Archiving and compression formats
16 Video file formats
17 GIS file formats

Audio file formats

Document file formats

These are ways of storing mainly text




Webpage formats



(see also graphics file formats)

Vector image formats

(see also graphics file formats)

Object code file formats

Function Libraries

object extensions
  • VBX - visual basic extensions
OCX - object control extensions

Page description languages

Data exchange

Tabulated data

Archiving and compression formats

Video file formats

GIS file formats