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List of fictional U.S. Presidents
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List of fictional U.S. Presidents

Since the office of President of the United States is somewhat hallowed, fiction writers often choose to 'invent' a president in their stories to prevent a real one from being possibly insulted and/or their story from becoming 'dated' over time.

Presidents are listed in alphabetical order by the first letter in their last name.

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President Barbara Adams


President Robert Baker
President Josiah Bartlet President Tom Beck President Becker President Bennett President Richard Benson President Thomas "Tug" Benson President Blake


President Carlson
President James Cassidy President Monroe "Eagle" Cole President Calvin Craig President Culpepper President Johnny Cyclops


President Rufus Daggett
President James Dale President Tom Dering President Matt Douglas President Charles Carter Durant President Roger Durling


President Walter Emerson
President Jackson Evans


President John Fields President James Foster
President William Foster President Robert "Bob" Fowler


President Jeremy Haines President Judson C. "Judd" ("Major") Hammond
President William Haney President Jonathan Hayes President Paul Hollister President Harley M. Hudson


President Florentyna Kane
President John F. Kennedy Jr President Joseph Kennedy President Tom Kimball President Russell P. Kramer President Robert Kinsey


President Lassiter
President Manfred Link President Lockwood President Lex Luthor President Jordan Lyman


President Mackenzie
President Leslie McCloud President Thomas McKenna President McKenna President James Marshall President Ted Matthews Dave Kovic/President Bill Mitchell President Horace C. Mitchell President Maxwell Monroe President Thomas D. Moss President Merkin Muffley President Fillmard Millmore


President Gary Nance
President Jack Neil President D. W. Newman President "Chuck" Norris


President A. Thorton Osgood II


President David Palmer
Jack "Kill the Commies" Preston


President Lawrence Ivor Randolph President Allen Richmond
President Chet Roosevelt President Paul Roudebush President Jack Ryan


President Newton Sanders
President Adam Scott President Andrew Shepherd President Bubba Shrub President Lisa Simpson President Bruce Springsteen President Arch Stanton President David Stevens President Patrick J. Sullivan


President Samuel Arthur Tresch
President Donald Trump


President Margaret Valentine


President Glenallen Walken
President Thomas J. Whitmore President Widmark President Joseph Wilson President Berzelius "Buzz" Windrip

Unnamed presidents

President "Russ" (no last name given) in: Advise and Consent
Unnamed President in: Fail-Safe Unnamed President "Bobby" (no last name given) in: Being There Unnamed President in: Superman II Unnamed President in: Escape from New York Unnamed President in: Dreamscape Unnamed President in: Amazing Grace and Chuck Unnamed President in: The Pelican Brief Unnamed President in: Canadian Bacon Unnamed President in: Love Actually Unnamed President in: Wag the Dog (1997) Unnamed President in: The Illuminatus! Trilogy


1President Bartlet's comments are meant to make him sound erudite, but frequently misfire – in the example cited, for instance, there has never been a king of Liechtenstein (it is a principality, ruled by a prince); the Prince in 1871 was Johannes II, who was unmarried, and had no daughter; and the United States has no ambassador to Liechtenstein (the Ambassador to Switzerland serves Liechtenstein's needs). It is unclear if this is an "intentional" error (intended to show that Bartlet is sometimes mistaken) or an unintentional error on the part of the writers of The West Wing.

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