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List of fictional institutions
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List of fictional institutions

This is a list of fictional institutions, that is, fictional organizations from fictional literature and entertainment that are not companies, governments, nor schools.

For those categories, see:


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Table of contents
1 Research institutes
2 Jails and prisons
3 Hospitals
4 Inter-political alliances
5 Political parties
6 Government/international agencies
7 Terrorist/criminal organizations
8 Activist groups
9 Religious organizations
10 Chivalric, brotherly, and secret orders
11 College fraternities and sororities
12 Youth organizations
13 Social and private clubs
14 Rescue or charitable organizations
15 External links

Research institutes

Jails and prisons


Inter-political alliances

Political parties

Government/international agencies

Espionage/spy agencies

Investigative agencies

Defense agencies

Terrorist/criminal organizations

Activist groups

Religious organizations

See List of religions#Fictional religions

Chivalric, brotherly, and secret orders

College fraternities and sororities

Youth organizations

Social and private clubs

Rescue or charitable organizations

External links