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List of Federal Chancellors of Switzerland
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List of Federal Chancellors of Switzerland

List of Federal Chancellors of Switzerland (Bundeskanzler, Chancelier fédéral, Cancelliere della Confederazione)

In Switzerland, the Federal Chancellor (Bundeskanzler, Chancelier fédéral, Cancelliere della Confederazione) is elected by the Swiss parliament. He or she heads the Federal Chancellery, the general staff of the seven-member executive Federal Council, the Swiss government. The Chancellor participates in the meetings of the seven Federal Councilors with a consultative vote and prepares the reports on policy and activities of the council to parliament. The chancellery is responsible for the publication of all federal laws.

From-To Federal Chancellor Born-Died Party Canton
1848-1881Johann Ulrich Schiess1813-1883 Appenzell Outer-Rhodes
1882-1909Gottlieb Ringier1937-1929 Aargau
1910-1918Hans Schatzmann1848-1923FDP/PRDAargau
1919-1925Adolf von Steiger1859-1925FDP/PRDBerne
1925-1934Robert Käslin1871-1934FDP/PRDNidwalden
1934-1943George Bovet1874-1946FDP/PRDNeuchâtel
1944-1951Oskar Leimgruber1886-1976Konservative VolksparteiFribourg
1951-1967Charles Oser1902-1994FDP/PRDBasel-City
1968-1981Karl Huber1915-2002CVP/PDCSt. Gallen
1981-1991Walter Buser1926-SPS/PSSBasel-Country
1991-1999François Couchepin1935-FDP/PRDValais
2000-Annemarie Huber-Hotz1948-FDP/PRDZug

Prior to 1848:
From-To Born-Died Canton
1803-1830Jean Marc Samuel Isaac Mousson1800-1849Vaud
1830-1847Karl Nikolaus von Flüe AmRhyn1776-1861Lucerne

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