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List of extinct states
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List of extinct states

In the past, many states, countries or territories have been in existence. This page attempts to list them, grouped into a number of categories.

See also: list of countries, list of historical national capitals

Table of contents
1 Ancient Afro-Eurasian civilizations
2 Ancient American civilizations
3 Medieval Ages
4 Modern Times
5 Former colonies, possessions, protectorates and territories
6 Dissolved countries
7 Renamed countries
8 "Independent" Homelands of South Africa
9 Secessionist states
10 Annexed Countries
11 Notes
12 To be classified

Ancient Afro-Eurasian civilizations

Territories that disappeared in ancient history.

Ancient American civilizations

Medieval Ages

Modern Times

Former colonies, possessions, protectorates and territories

These were all colonies, most of which were renamed after their independence.

Dissolved countries

These states are now dissolved into a number of countries.

Renamed countries

These country names have been replaced.

"Independent" Homelands of South Africa

homelands, for black people, were granted "independence" from South Africa. Not recognised by other nations, they were officially re-incorporated in 1994.

Secessionist states

These nations declared themselves independent, but failed to achieve or did not seek permanent independence and were either re-incorporated into the mother country or incorporated into another country.

Annexed Countries

These nations, once separate, are now part of another country.



To be classified

These should probably be included in one of the above categories - to be done.