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List of extinct animals
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List of extinct animals

Table of contents
1 Prehistoric extinctions
2 Historic extinctions
3 Common Era Extinctions (Mammals and birds)
4 Endangered Species
5 No Longer Considered Extinct
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Prehistoric extinctions

Dinosaurs, and a large number of historical orders are extinct, probably wiped out by meteor or asteroid strikes, in various Epochs. It is, however, generally accepted that birds are descended from a subgroup of dinosaurs - hence dinosaurs are not extinct.

Historic extinctions

Common Era Extinctions (Mammals and birds)

Europe, complete list

North America, (43 bird species, 39 mammal species in the USA)

Central and South America, incomplete list


Mauritius and neighbouring islands



New Zealand, incomplete list

Endangered Species

See: endangered species

No Longer Considered Extinct

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